Tracey Mallett’s Booty Barre Review

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Tracey Mallett’s Booty Barre Beginners and Beyond is designed to be a lower body workout for beginners to slightly intermediate. This workout is meant to be done in your home without a ballet bar, while still providing you with the same experience as a professional ballet dancer. This is particularly beneficial for those who already have an interest in dancing, and want to learn more about how to use it to keep themselves fit. We will take a closer look at this product to show you more about it so you can decide whether or not you want to buy it.

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Tracey Mallett’s Booty Barre Beginners and Beyond is a home workout that mimicks that of a ballerina. No barre is necessary, though it could be helpful. On this DVD, you will get a six minute warm up, a 27 minute standing toning workout, and a two minute stretching segment to cool down, for a total of 35 minutes. There is also a bonus section, lasting 14 minutes, to help you work your abs and thighs. This is a lower body workout, so most people will need to choose something else to ensure they are working their upper body just as well to get a full body experience. There is also an 11 minute long tutorial to show you how to make the most of the moves and how they are effective in helping you slim down and tone your body.

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  • Tracey Mallett’s Booty Barre Beginners and Beyond is available for less than $20.
  • This can give you an effective lower body workout from the comfort and privacy of your own home.


  • Tracey Mallett’s Booty Barre Beginners and Beyond is not suited to those who want a full body workout.
  • To fully participate in this program, you will need to purchase dumbbells.
  • This is a short workout, so you could easily get bored with it if you worked with it every day.
  • There is no mention of diet.


Tracey Mallett’s Booty Barre Beginners and Beyond is an ideal choice for those who enjoy dance style workouts, and want to focus on lower body. Losing weight requires a full body workout, and a balanced diet. This means you will have to use another workout routine in conjunction with this one, perhaps on alternating days, to work your upper body, too. In addition to exercise, for weight loss, you will have to pay close attention to your diet, to make sure you are eating fewer calories overall, and more nutritious foods. For people who want to pack a bit of extra punch to their weight loss routine, there are many clinically proven safe and effective weight loss supplements to choose from, many including either an appetite suppressant or fat burner, if not a combination of the two ingredients.

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