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Ultracontour is a body shaping system created by MedixSysteme. The French company uses ultrasound technology to contour the body and create a leaner looking result. The official website was last updated in 2006 and there are various issues on the front page that lead us to believe the website is no longer used by the company.

According to the information on the website, within 21 days, the user who completes three sessions will see a measurable reduction in their body fat. For viewers who have questions about the procedure, there is contact information available on the website including direct phone numbers (international calls), mailing address and email address.


The Ultracontour ultrasound machine.

Product Features

The fat cells are the focus of the Ultracontour system. The dual ultrasounds focus on the subcutaneous fat cells causing them to shrink in as little as three sessions. Only one session can be completed every week, so the three sessions needed to see a change are covered over 21 days of treatment. These treatments can only be completed in a physician based setting with the Ultracontour machine. There is no information leading us to believe these sessions can occur in the United States. There are clinics using the technology in South America, Europe, CIS, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

No information on price is given on the website nor is there any information from scientific research supporting the use of ultrasound to reduce the look of body fat. The Ultracontour program is a fat reducing program and not a weight loss solution. The process is closer to cosmetic than long term weight reduction.

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  • Marked reduction in visible fat according to the clinics self imposed studies.
  • There is an official website with contact information.


  • There is no official proof that ultrasound reduces fat.
  • The website has not been updated in more than two years.
  • All contact information is based in France.
  • The process is not available for users in the United States.


Losing weight is about reducing the amount of fat in the body, not about reducing the look of fat in the body. There are many programs that aim to spot reduce fat and none of these programs are true weight loss solutions. Just because the fat on the body appears smaller or smoother does not mean the fat is no longer there.

In order to lose weight, the plan that often works best is a combination of exercise, a healthy diet and a supplement with a fat burner and appetite suppressant. With these components, a weight loss plan will actively reduce the amount of fat on the body and not just spot slim an area.

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    if i use this machine & i lost fats will be fat again, as my doctor told me that it will never back as this machine detroys the fat cells so please i need your feedback urgently


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    hamilton ferreira

    I would like to receive information techniques of the appliance
    ‘ultracontour’ thank you