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The official website for Velashape tells us that Velashape is “a medically proven solution to cellulite.” The manufacturers say that with Velashape it is now easier to reshape your body, improve your lifestyle and feel better about yourself. The manufacturers claim that Velashape’s revolutionary technology can help achieve body contouring, through circumferential reduction. The Velashape treatment consists of several strangely named technologies, including Bi Polar Radio Frequency, Infrared Light Energy and Vacuum and Mechanical Massage. The treatment are administered by professionals in a participating office.

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The manufacturers tell us on the official Velashape website that Velashape is a solution to cellulite that has appeared on part of the user’s body due to age or pregnancy. They say that the combination of the Bi Polar Radio Frequency, Infrared Light Energy and the Vacuum and Mechanical Massage will increase the body’s water drainage and reduce (or at least shrink) the size of actual fat cells. They say that the result of this circumferential reduction is that your cellulite will be diminished.

The official website shows before and after photos of users who have had the Velashape treatment, and it also has positive testimonials from those that have used the system. The manufacturers of Velashape say that, when having your Velashape treatment, you will feel as if you are having a deep tissue massage. Velashape treatments are available in the United States and the UK. The official website has a search engine that allows you to find a clinic in your region that offers Velashape treatments. The Velashape website tells us that you will need four initial treatments, and then a maintenance treatment once per month. It says that you will notice a difference six to eight weeks after the last treatment. We are told that the cost of the treatment will range from person to person and will depend on the degree of cellulite, the amount of body fat, and your individual response to the treatment.

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  • The official website says that Velashape has been approved by the Food and Drugs Administration as a safe treatment.
  • There is an official website for Velashape.
  • There is no surgical procedure involved.


  • The website does not tell us an exact cost for the treatment (it sounds pretty expensive.)
  • If you live outside of the United States or the UK, it seems that you will not be able to access the treatment.
  • There do not seem to have been any long term controlled standardized tests carried out.
  • The website says you will need to continue having once a month maintenance treatments, which could become tedious and pricey.


We all dream of a solution to cellulite, and certainly the information given on the official Velashape website is impressive. Although it is approved by the Food and Drugs Administration for safety, this is not the same as an approval of efficacy. While it looks like there is some serious cutting edge technology going on with Velashape, the fact remains that this is not a treatment for those who wish to lose weight. If you have some cellulite patches that you find troubling, you could do worse than consult your physician to find out pricing details, but if you’re looking to drop real weight you’d probably be better off with a more traditional weight loss supplement.

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  • 1

    These topics are so conunsifg but this helped me get the job done.


  • 2

    I spent a lot of money on this treatment. Button line: It does not work 🙁


  • 3

    i used the velashape for my love handels, i have them since i was a child, i am 40 now, will this treatment eliminated this or reduced? can i do it twice a week?


  • 4

    I have received 8 treatments in the uk and the results simply excellent.As a nurse i had completed my research and decided to have a non surgical velashape treatment completed on my thighs and bottom.The treatment was very thorough the results I am ecstatic with.The cost was £1200.00 and I do have to have maintenance treatments but for me it is the only thing that has ever worked.I received my treatment by Hayley at Tracey Bell Liverpool Uk ….Excellent treatment,excellent staff and a very very good result .Velashape and cellulite ..the Tracey Bell Clinic certainly got rid of mine



    What were your maintenance treatments like? How many treatments did you do before you initially seen results? I am on my third now.


  • 5

    i am alicensed esthtician & wantto learn how to use the machine. Any training in New jersey? Can my salon rent one?


  • 6

    Where I can bye Vela Shape because living in Montenegro..
    Thanks Marija


  • 7
    Joanna Lundt

    I have had the VelaShape treatments and have noticed a improvement in cellulite along with tightening of the
    skin, however the biggest improvement was with my saddle bags. I got great results, and now have one and am now offering it at my medispa. I don’t offer anything that I don’t see results from. VelaShape along with anything else, you have to be a good candidate for it,to achive results. What makes a good candidate is someone who has problem area’s stage one or two cellulite and who is maybe 10 to 20 pounds over weight. It is important to exercise and eat well and yes you do need maintenance to keep the results. Spiderveins can happen but usually will not with a skilled operator. Lastly the VelaShape2 does not pull on the skin as its precessor did and it is 20% more effective. Thanks for letting me share, Joanna



    Hi Joanna, currently I do exercise ( but not as much as I used to) & am reasonably careful about my eating. It has been next to impossible to lose the extra pounds ( getting older – 52 is just making it that much harder ). So now I am seeking out some help to start shedding some of the most stubborn extras that just won`t budge. what is the best way for me to find someone in my area? (New-west B.C. )& what should I expect to pay?


  • 8

    Has the treatment been known to cause (due to the suction/vacuum used)spider veins to become more pronounced?



    I have had 6 Vela treatments and I could definitely tell you that the suction has caused tiny spider veins on my thighs.


    Joanna Lundt

    Janice I am not sure which VelaShape they used for your treatment, but the newer model VelaShape 2 is much more gentle(with regards to suction) but 20% more effective. If the operator is skilled you should not be getting spider veins.



    I had 3 treatment of velashape and after the 2nd and 3rd i experienced extensive areas of painfull bruising. It is impossible for me to continue the treatment evry week. what do you recommend?


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