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The Walkvest is a weighted fitness vest created by Debbie Rocker. The vest comes with a variety of weights to increase the overall weight of the person wearing the vest during a workout. The website offer celebrity supporters including Oprah Winfrey, Valerie Bertinelli and Rachel Ray. The vest aims to help burn more calories than a traditional workout, add more muscle to the body, help the body to burn more fat, increase core conditioning and build bone density.

The Walkvest is distributed by Walkvest, Inc. Debbie Rocker is a former athlete and a world record holder in cycling. She is a fitness expert and has ties to the creation of the spinning phenomenon that has taken the gym world by storm in recent years.

The Walkvest website offers testimonials from people who have used the Walkvest in daily life and fitness. The testimonials are provided with quotes only, there are no before and after pictures.


The Walkvest package comes complete with the Walkvest and 4 pounds of weighted bars. The weights included are 8 _ lb bars. For people who are a bit more secure in their fitness level, additional weight can be purchased to increase the weight of the best during workouts.

Product Features

The Walkvest features include 4 lbs of weighted bars and a Walkvest to start out. The Walkvest is sized according to small, medium, large and extra large. A 20 minute CD is included in the package to help those who want to workout to stay on the fitness regime. The initial package retails for just under $70.00. Additional weights can be purchased as well as workout CDs ranging from beginning workouts to advanced workouts. The fitness CDs provide from 20 minutes of exercise to 45 minutes depending on the level of workout. There is also a book offered by Debbie Rocker called Training for Life.

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  • The weighted vest is an easy way to increase the level of exercise.
  • The testimonials are supportive of the product.
  • The product is created by a fitness expert.
  • The Walkvest is easy to wear over workout clothing.
  • There are additional weights that can be used to increase fitness level even more.


  • There are no weight loss tips included with the Walkvest package.
  • The Walkvest assumes working out is already a part of the daily regime.
  • There are no nutritional tips included with the workout.
  • The workout comes in CD form only, not MP3 download.
  • There are no before and after pictures with the testimonials.


The Walkvest fitness vest is a great choice for people who are already on a fitness regime and want to increase the level of activity. The vest comes with a CD which is not the traditional music choice today and there are no samples of the information provided on the CD. The initial 4 pounds provided with the vest is not substantial and the largest size for the vest is an XL.

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    I am your size and 5’2″. I ordered a medium and it fit well. I actually wish i could tighten the top belt tighter but ive got it at the smallest it will go. Size Small vests are no longer available.


  • 2

    How do i know what size to order? I’m 150 lbs and a 36 D