Yerba Mate Canarias Review

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Herbal teas have become quite the rage for weight management. These teas are an alternative to morning beverages like coffee, and many of them do contain caffeine. As you may know, caffeine is a stimulant and diuretic, and it can help boost the metabolism, increases energy levels, and even suppress appetite. This is why so many diet pills and energy drinks contain serious levels of caffeine. The product we will look at more closely in this piece is Yerba Mate Canarias, which is available on Amazon for $7.99 per 2.2-pound bag. This tea is imported from Brazil.


  • Yerba Mate

Product Features

Yerba Mate Canarias is described as a unique tea that can be used like any other herbal tea. The flavor is stated to be sweet and bitter, and all you need to make this beverage is hot water. This tea can be made in a coffee press, since it is in leaf form. According to the manufacturer, Yerba Mate Canarias promotes good health, provides nutrition, and wakes you up. Since Yerba Mate contains caffeine, this tea may help kick-start your metabolism, give you an energy boost, and curb your appetite.

The only ingredient mentioned for Yerba Mate Canarias is Yerba Mate leaves. These are natural, and come from a tree that is found in South America. Some specific countries are Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Bolivia. This tree leaf has been used for centuries, and offers antioxidants to help fend off harmful free radicals. You will find some customer feedback pertaining to Yerba Mate Canarias on dealer websites like Amazon. There are a number of other diet teas and weight loss supplements that contain Yerba Mate Leaf as well. However, no clinical research is presented to support Yerba Mate Canarias.

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  • The Yerba Mate in this tea may help boost metabolic rates.
  • This herbal tea can be purchased in 2.2-pound bags.


  • There are some customer complaints about the company‚Äôs customer service.
  • This tea needs to be made, unlike bottled and canned teas.
  • Some people may have allergic reactions to Yerba Mate Canarias.


If you are on the lookout for an herbal tea, then Yerba Mate Canarias is one to consider. After all, you can buy it by the bag on websites like Amazon, and it does not cost a lot. However, you need to consider why you would be using this herbal tea. While it is probably an okay alternative to coffee, this does not mean it will help you with weight loss. More importantly, there is no clinical research presented on Yerba Mate Canarias that links it to fat loss or weight management. Luckily there are other weight loss products to choose from.

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