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Those who market and sell Zeta Cap, say that it is a safe alternative to Gastric bypass surgery. Gastric bypass surgery involves stapling the stomach in a surgical context to allow the person concerned to lose weight. This is a procedure that doctors are performing more frequently every year as obesity is on the rise. The manufacturers of Zeta Cap say that the Zeta Cap capsules work in the same way as Gastric bypass surgery by blocking the stomach with a natural balloon, which makes you feel full. They claim that the ingredients in Zeta Cap will absorb the water that you take with the capsules, and form a blocking gel inside your stomach within minutes. They claim that the effect is that you will feel as if you have eaten a full meal, and thus will no longer feel hungry and will lose your desire to eat in large quantities. The makers of Zeta Cap claim that within a time period of ninety days, you will have lost your desired weight.

List of Ingredients

The ingredients in Zeta Cap consist of, Xanthun Gum, Chinese Red Ginseng Root, Panax Ginseng Root, Siberian Ginseng, Astragalus Root, Cayenne Fruit, Echinacea Root, Fo Ti Root, Gurana Seed and Golden Seal Root.

Product Features

Zeta Cap is available for purchase online and costs $75 for ninety capsules. One to two capsules should be taken before each meal with eight ounces of water. You do not need a physician’s prescription to purchase Zeta Cap. Registered dieticians have expressed concern about Zeta Cap as they say that obstructing the stomach, other than under medical supervision, can have dangerous consequences. Reported side effects of Zeta cap include feelings of bloating, constipation and stomach and bowel irritation. However, there have been no controlled standardized trials of Zeta Cap that assess any dangerous side effects of this product. Although the manufacturers focus on the fact that all the ingredients in Zeta Cap are natural many of them, such as Gurana root, have the same stimulant potency as caffeine. This means that you may feel rather stressed and anxious when taking Zeta Cap.

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  • Testimonials by users of this product seem to suggest that it may procure some form of weight loss.
  • You can order it in line.
  • The ingredients in Zeta Cap are natural ingredients.


  • There is no money back guarantee.
  • There have been no standardized controlled tests to assess the safety of Zeta Cap.
  • There have been reported side effects of this product such as bloating, and constipation.
  • Zeta Cap’s stomach-blocking approach to weight loss has caused some concern within the medical community.
  • Money-back guarantees or free product trial samples are both not mentioned.


Many people have voiced concerns about Zeta Cap as they say that obstructing the stomach without medical supervision can have serious consequences. The manufacturers to date have not shown any evidence from controlled standardized tests that usage of this product is 100% safe. We would suggest that you should exercise extreme caution when using this product, at least until it has been around long enough to see what possible continued-use effects might be. The manufacturers state that taking Zeta Cap is safer than Gastric bypass surgery, but they have little if any evidence to back up this claim.

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    Francie McLaughlin

    Help me get this fat away. I want be happy with my self. I what 100+ off for my health so I can see my grankids grow up .PLEASE HELP ME NOW


  • 2

    Zeta caps are very effective , I took them for about 3-4 months and lost about 75lbs . no side affects just you get full EXTREMLY fast and don’t eat Nearl as much as you would


  • 3

    Pls tell me how n where can I buy this?


  • 4

    I took this medication and it worked for me.. It makes you feel full so you dont eat as much. I also never had any of the side effects that are listed above.



    Who much did u lose? How much time?


  • 5

    what is the cost and does it work


  • 6
    toni cavazos

    who ever used zetacap let me know if it turly work for you


  • 7

    i would like some feedback from people that have taken it?


  • 8

    Do you have any feedback from people that have taken it?


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