richard banks

Richard Banks, CSNSDirector of Digital Content

Richard Banks, an ISSA-Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, is an avid athlete with more than 15 years of experience with dieting, weight loss, bodybuilding, and nutrition.

He’s dabbled in low-carb and high-carb bodybuilding, HIIT and extreme fitness programs, including the complete Insanity and P90X collection.

Before working at Dietspotlight, Richard researched and authored articles on all things health and weight loss for more than a decade. He’s worked in a professional capacity with:

  • Yahoo! Voices
  • Yahoo! Business
  • Yahoo! Finance
  • eHow
  • Demand Studios

Richard’s also worked as a volunteer basketball and track & field coach. He supports local community organizations like Communities in Schools and HopeChest, a non-profit supporting women and children affected by abuse.

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