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Start of Something Special

The team came together in 2008 with the idea of providing information on nutrition that’s engaging, informative and easy to understand. As one of the web’s largest and fastest-growing health websites, we’re in the process of fulfilling that mission.

At our core is an extensive library of clear, thoroughly researched articles about weight loss and nutrition. Many of our articles reference at least ten authoritative sources. DietSpotlight also features over 100,000 comments and questions across a range of topics related to diet and nutrition.

The operation of DietSpotlight is funded by the sale of our high-quality products, which include Dietspotlight Burn, an integrative system that helps people achieve key weight-loss milestones and realize physical, mental and spiritual balance. Customized to a client’s BMI, activity level, age and gender, the program includes personalized meal plans, streaming workouts, all-natural supplements with ingredients backed by science, peer-to-peer accountability and access to nutritionists and success coaches. We also sell Pronabolin, an all-natural testosterone booster with ingredients supported by science.

However, we are about more than just offering health information and products. The team members at are dedicated to giving back to local communities.

A cause close to our hearts is fighting childhood hunger, so we started the Feed a Child initiative. Only 2% of children in developing countries are considered nourished. That leaves 98% whose basic nutritional needs are unmet.

Our initiative is simple. For every product we sell, we give a meal to a child in need.

Hunger Hits Home

It’s easy to be blind to the idea that hunger is a problem all over the world. We were approached by a team member when we started the Feed a Child program and she told a story that not only broke our hearts, but also reinforced why Giving Back is important.

“It’s funny how when you’re a kid you don’t think about being hungry. I remember a time when my parents sat my brother and I at the dinner table and placed a single, personal-sized pizza (the frozen kind) in front of us. I looked at my dad and asked if he wanted a piece. He smiled and said he wasn’t hungry. It wasn’t until much later in life I realized that’s all the food we had.”

It wasn’t long after that when we were told another story about the struggles of poverty and childhood hunger.

“We were living in an abandoned house that the time. We had nothing to eat and only the clothes we were wearing. There was a fruit tree in the neighbor’s yard. We snuck over and picked some fruit. That was dinner that night.”

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Recognizing the World’s Talent

Eating right is a healthy lifestyle change, but some people just don’t know what foods will work best for them. That’s where nutritionists and dietitians come in – the unspoken heroes of the nutrition world. These experts work incredibly hard to provide information and preventative measures to improve the health of people in their communities and across the globe.

At Dietspotlight, we aim to find the best nutrition professionals around the world, the people who go that extra mile to ensure the health of those who need them most.

Out of the 68,000 registered nutritionists and dietitians, we found the icons of the healthy eating world. Their dedication, hard-work ethic, and knowledge of nutrition, these individuals deserve recognition.

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Cultivating Future Generations

A free and prosperous society is based on the free exchange of ideas and knowledge. Since 2013, has been encouraging students to exercise their freedom of ideas and work out solutions to health issues that still exist and in need of fresh perspectives. The Dietspotlight Essay Scholarship has received submissions from the brightest students from across the country, and is proud to invest in the future leaders of our country.

As you’ll see, we offer thousands of in-depth weight-loss reviews, as well as comments and questions from readers just like you. We invite you to comment on any diet or weight-loss products you may have tried, and to correct any reviews that may be out of date. Our staff tries to keep all diet reviews current, but sometimes we miss things, and we love it when readers help us. Please note we do moderate and edit the comments we receive. Additionally, if you have a question about a diet product or weight-loss program, try posting the question on the product review. DietSpotlight’s readership is incredibly well informed and, if you get a reply, it will be emailed to you. In addition, you may be interested in attending one of our workshop events.

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