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Launched in 2008, DietSpotlight.com is one of the web’s largest weight-loss resources, with thousands of articles and countless user reviews and comments. The operation of this website is made possible by the sale of our products, which include Leptigen and Pronabolin. It should be noted we don’t make a penny from a vast majority of the visitors to the site. This is in line with our overarching mission of helping people live healthier lives. We’re able to create reviews, edit content and maintain the site because a small percentage of people opt to try Leptigen, Pronabolin or one of our other products.

Also in alignment with our mission, we give away scholarships of up to $5000 per college student to exceptional men and women majoring in health-related fields.

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As you’ll see, we offer thousands of in-depth weight-loss reviews, as well as comments and questions from readers just like you. We invite you to comment on any diet or weight-loss products you may have tried, and to correct any reviews that may be out of date. Our staff tries to keep all diet reviews current, but sometimes we miss things, and we love it when readers help us. Please note we do moderate and edit the comments we receive. Additionally, if you have a question about a diet product or weight-loss program, try posting the question on the product review. DietSpotlight’s readership is incredibly well informed and, if you get a reply, it will be emailed to you.

If you would like to contact a member of our team directly, please email support@dietspotlight.com.

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