Cleanse Diet Reviews


Since the dawn of the natural health and wellness initiative, health-conscious individuals have become enamored with the process of detox and cleanse in the human body.

The obsession with the detox and cleanse process is not without merit because this process has helped humans to heal themselves and promote a general sense of well being for many years.

With the recent resurgence of detox and cleanse related products, services, and meal plans, many people are wondering if the hype surrounding the natural healing process has been legitimately earned.

Does the detox and cleanse process work?

How can this process help with weight loss?

Are the products associated with detox and cleanse necessary to cleanse the body?

These questions and much more will be examined and answered in this complete guide to the detox and cleanse process, which will include product examinations.

Let’s get started!

What is a Detox and Cleanse?

Detox and cleanse is a process by which the human body naturally expels toxins and other unwanted material that has been ingested or inhaled from the internal organs and systems.

The human body naturally uses organs like the liver, blood, and excrement systems to eliminate unwanted toxins and poisonous substances.

Although the body naturally functions in this way, an abundance of toxic substances in the body can cause the natural cleansing effect to be drastically slowed or eliminated altogether.

Because the standard diet in many modern countries now contains foods that the human body has historically not been introduced to (saturated fats, synthetic oils, bleached flour and sugar, ect.).

Modern humans have submitted their bodies to an onslaught of toxic substances that difficult for the body to eliminate.

Because the natural detoxification and cleansing process is drastically reduced by modern diets, a change in the activity levels of humans in general.

And an increase in the effect of electric and digital signals on the human body, many attempts have been made to support and enhance the detoxifying and cleansing effect that the body naturally engages in.

A detox and cleansing system combines naturally cleansing ingredients to bring about a cleansing reaction in the body’s organs and blood stream. Organic fruits, vegetables, roots, and herbs are often used to cause these reactions.

What Are Detox and Cleanse Benefits?

The detox and cleansing process provides a host of benefits to individuals who choose to complete it. [1]

A good detox and cleanse may promote regular bowel movements, weight loss, clear skin, the elimination of diet-related illnesses, and a host of other benefits.

These benefits can range from increased energy and mood stabilization to the dissipation of diseases like diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure.

Superficial detox and cleanse benefits like rapid weight loss, hair growth, and nail growth often motivate those participating in the detox and cleansing process to continue the process.

This study of the effect of detox cleansing of the bowel discusses many of the benefits associated with the process. [2]

How to Get Started With a Detox and Cleanse

Detox and cleanse protocols are relatively simple to begin but can be difficult to maintain long enough to experience positive results.

To begin a detox and cleanse process, a specific detox program must be selected and the materials for it must be purchased.

Detox and cleanse protocols exist in the form of herbal teas, encapsulated supplements, organic juice protocols, vegetable smoothie regiments, and more!

After selecting a protocol to participate in, the individual must complete the program, which usually restricts the use of other foods, beverages, medicines, and other items that are regularly ingested.

During the detox and cleanse, the individual should start to experience physical results like increased bowel movements and other elimination processes which prove that the body is detoxing.

After the protocol is completed, the person who completed the cleanse should feel lighter and healthier.

Difference Between Detox and Cleanse for Different Organs

Most of the detox and cleanse programs and products that are currently available are the market seek to target one organ or appendage over another during a detox cleanse. [3]

The most prominent detox cleanses available are liver cleanses, kidney cleanses, blood cleanses, and colon cleanses.

Each of these detox cleanses use specific organic ingredients to cause a cleansing effect in the body.

Detox and Cleanse Diet According to Targeted Organ

Here are the various ways that targeted detox and cleanse programs can affect the human body.

Detox and Colon Cleanse

This cleanse primarily targets the large and small intestines and the colon by promoting effective elimination.

While individuals who eat the standard western diet typically eliminate only a few times every week, healthy bowels eliminate waste on a daily basis.

Chronic colon blockage is one of the leading causes of colon cancer in western countries, so colon cleanses have become extremely popular.

The ingredients in these cleanses are comprised of foods and substances known to promote bowel movements like caffeine, fiber and certain herbs.

Detox and Liver Cleanse

Liver detox and cleanse protocols are aimed at assisting the liver with its natural detoxification process.

Because the liver exists to process unwanted substances that come into the body, the introduction of gentle foods and cleansing liquids helps this organ to take a rest from processing daily toxins so that it can eliminate past toxins.

This cleanse typically causes a fluctuating moods or detox cleanse emotions.

Detox and Kidney Cleanse

Kidneys are another organ that detox cleanses seek to target.

Because the kidneys regulate blood pressure, proper pH balance, and eliminate waste, detox cleanses combine organic ingredients to properly flush these organs.

This detox can cause euphoria and other feelings of well being as toxins are eliminated.

Detox and Blood Cleanse

Kidney cleanses can often be paired with blood detox cleanses.

When other organs of the body are bombarded with toxic chemicals, foods, and other substances, the blood can become polluted because it is not thoroughly cleansed.

Blood detoxes seek to combine herbs like cilantro with organic substances to eliminate heavy metals and other poisons in the blood stream.

This detox is typically combined with another, but can also be found as a separate protocol.

Detox and Cleanse Fasting

Although detox cleanses can be used in combination with meals, they are typically combined with the process of fasting.

Fasting is a period where individuals forgo eating food or consuming water.

By combining detox cleanses with the fasting process, people seeking the cleansing effect can help the body through the detox process in a more efficient manner.

Fasting intermittently during the detox and cleanse process allows the body to rest from its usual daily activities.

The processing and digestion of food is an activity that the body spends a large percentage of its energy on and this process is eliminated during the fasting process.

While it is resting, the body has an opportunity to purge itself of unwanted waste, bacteria, and toxic substances as a result of the detox protocol.

Benefits of Detox and Cleanse

While many benefits are associated with detox and cleanse protocols, the following list represents the benefits that most people will find most relevant to general welfare.

  • Rapid weight loss
  • Regulate bowel system
  • Relief from bloating and nausea
  • Reduction in inflammation

The benefits of a detox cleanse varies from individual to individual, but the ones listed here are fairly consistent in all cases.

Detox and Cleanse Diets

There are also many diets to choose from if you wish to include food in your detox and cleanse protocol.

Detox and cleanse diets range from complete menus with foods from every food group to very minimal diets that only include raw vegetables.

When choosing a detox diet, it is important to evaluate the specific detox cleanse ingredients used in the menu to determine if the utilized foods will yield the results you wish to experience.

The detox cleanse ingredients in any menu will seek to promote the release of toxins from a specified organ or to promote a full body cleansing process.

While complex diets may not offer speedy results, they often provide consistent results and promote a lifestyle change for people who choose to use them.

Liquid diets or raw veggie detox and cleanse diets offer speedy results, but may not support long-term habit changes.

Detox Cleanse and Bodybuilding Effects

Many people who are interested in recreational or professional body building are often concerned about the detox cleanse bodybuilding effects.

Because these individuals need to consume a lot of daily calories to promote muscle growth and durability, detox cleanses may cause difficulty because they promote caloric restriction.

However, bodybuilders should not assume that detox cleansing protocols are impossible to complete while participating in the sport.

Cleansing systems like the vegetable smoothie detox can be customized to include a large amount of plant-based protein and extra calories to help the athlete maintain daily caloric requirements.

Bodybuilders can add cleansing foods like avocados, seeds and nuts, and coconut oils to increase the caloric and organic based fat content in the detox and cleanse drinks.

Side Effects of Detox and Cleanse

Detox cleansing protocols can also have negative or uncomfortable side effects.

While these effects should be examined by medical professionals and can be difficult to live with, they are often caused by the phenomenon known as the healing crisis.

During this process, the body is responding to the detox cleanse by releasing all the toxins that have been stored in the blood, colon, liver, and kidneys for years.

The hasty release of all these toxins can cause symptoms that are commonly associated with respiratory diseases like the flu. Some of these side effects include:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach Cramps
  • Constipation
  • Headaches
  • Irritability

During this process, people participating in the cleanse should increase their intake of water to help flush out the toxins.

Detox and Cleanse Pills

Detox protocols are frequently available in capsule form to promote easy digestion and to eliminate difficult tastes.

Detox and cleanse pills are the preferred method of detox by many people and are relatively simple to include in a healthy diet.

These pills are often comprised of the extracts of organic herbs and roots and seek to promote elimination of fecal matter and toxins from the blood and organs.

Detox and Cleanse Tea

Detox protocols are also available in the form of soothing teas.

Detox and cleanse tea is almost always comprised of herbal roots that can be steeped in hot water and enjoyed with a combination of honey or agave nectar.

These teas promote immune support and elimination and typically do not yield strong healing symptoms.

Those seeking to utilize detox and cleanse for weight loss could benefit greatly from the incorporation of detox teas into their daily regiment.

Detox and Cleanse Recipes

There are also many recipes available that incorporate organic foods and herbs to help with the detoxification and cleansing process.

A detox cleanse soup, for instance, is made up of soothing and healing roots like ginger root or turmeric.

These roots, when steeped, provide a detox cleanse soup broth that is both soothing and cleansing to internal organs.

Detox Cleanse Is it Safe?

After learning many details about the process of detoxification and cleansing, many people have several questions regarding the safety of the process.

After all, many wellness blogs and news outlets have questioned the safety of limiting food for the purposes of participating in cleanses.

Many food critics have questioned the validity of consuming vegetables and fruits in a concentrated manner.

Those considering cleansing should rest assured that virtually all the detox and cleanse products available on the market today are safe and effective.

The process of cleansing the body is also safe and causes only temporal negative side effects.

Every modern study that has been conducted on the process of detoxification and cleansing the system with foods, herbs, and spices has shown that the process yields positive physical, mental, and emotional results.

Detox and Cleanse for Weight Loss

Obviously, one of the key reasons that most people attempt to cleanse the body at all is to lose weight rapidly.

Weight loss is simply a byproduct of clean and healthy internal organs.

Because excessive weight gain is caused by an increase in substances that pollute the body like sugars, fats, and oils, systems that detox and cleanse naturally restore the proper fat eliminating processes in the human body.

Detox and cleanse side effects also include the elimination of sugar and fried food cravings.

Detox and Cleanse Programs

One exciting aspect of the detox and cleanse process is the fact that nearly everyone can be completed at home.

Those who are interested in completing a detox and cleanse at home need only to choose the protocol that best fits their daily lives and circumstances.

A detox and cleanse diet plan can be adjusted to include recipes that suit your schedule.

These detox and cleanse recipes can also be customized to suit the picky tastes of small children for optimal family inclusion.

A detox cleanse eating plan or detox cleanse pills include instructions that determine the amount of time that the cleanse should last.

Even detox cleanse homemade protocols include suggestions about time limits for each cleanse. Cleanses are typically completed in 1, 3, 5, or 7-day increments.

By choosing the length of time that you are willing to detox before purchasing a cleanse, you can drastically improve your chances of completing it.

1-Day Detox Cleanse

A 1-day detox cleanse helps promote elimination. People who select single day cleanses typically are beginners.

3-Day Detox Cleanse

A 3-day detox cleanse supplement help people lose weight before starting a diet plan.

5-Day Detox Cleanse

A 5-day detox cleanse contain essential herbs. However, a five-day cleanse are for those familiar to a cleanse supplement.

7-Day Detox Cleanse

A 7-day detox cleanse supplement for those that are a bit more experienced with a detox cleanse.

Detox and Cleanse Diet Plan and Preparation Detox Cleanse Before Diet

A detox and cleanse eating plan is a process that does not utilize fasting, so the results are more difficult to produce.

For this reason, it is important to begin a natural detox and cleanse diet with a liquid or supplemental cleanse to prepare the body for the diet.

These preparations can help with cravings, mood swings, headaches, and other negative consequences associated with dietary cleanses.

Detox and Cleanse Naturally

There are also several ways to detox and cleanse in natural and holistic ways.

Detox and cleanse soup, detox cleanse homemade smoothies and juices, and detox cleanse eating plans can all be developed from homegrown, organic produce and can be created from the comfort of home.

Because detox and colon cleanse products can become rather pricey, it is often more practical to develop these products at home.

Natural detox and cleanse diet protocols can also be enhanced by the development of a homemade detox cleanse enema using organic coffee extract.

Detox and Colon Cleanse Diet

Detox and colon cleanse pills and products can be a difficult field to navigate if you aren’t sure of what you desire in a product.

Powerful and effective detox and cleanse drinks and products can often be passed over if they are associated with a detox and colon cleanse diet.

Cleanse purchasers often make the mistake of assuming detox and colon cleanse plus a reputable cleansing system will not yield positive results about weight loss and energy increase.

Detox and colon cleanse products, however, are appropriate for customers who wish to experience rapid weight loss.

Because the human body can hold nearly 40 lbs in fecal matter, food-based detox and colon cleanse plus detox and colon cleanse pills can promote elimination that leads to drastic weight loss.

Bottom Line of Detox and Cleanse

All in all, detox and cleanse body effects are effective and safe, as evidenced in this study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. [4]

Individuals who seek to experience the detox and cleanse difference, but are fearful of the side effects need not concern themselves.

The negative effects of the implementation of a detox cleanse eating plan or supplement are temporal and do not compare to the increased stamina, energy, weight loss, and well-being users experience following the cleansing process.

Those who implement detoxification protocols truly experience the detox and cleanse body results and can experience the detox and cleanse difference!