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Abs Diet Review- Does This Fitness Program Work?

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By Summer Banks Jun 28, 2017

We’ve heard a lot of buzz about the Abs Diet, so we did one of our in-depth reviews, examining the side effects, ingredients, customer-service quality and scientific research. We also looked at dozens of user responses and comments from all over the web. At this point, we compressed all of the facts and details we found to give you the bottom line.

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What is Abs Diet?

To start with, the Abs Diet is actually a book that was written by David Zinczenko. The ingredients or components include regular exercise, 12 specific super-foods, frequent small meals, whole-body strength training and targeting the abdominal muscles in several ways.  It’s available via the official website and dealer sites like Amazon. This approach is supposed to help you flatten your stomach in six weeks and stay lean for the rest of your life. You are expected to avoid processed sugars, concentrate on eating whole grains, drink milk and find a balance with carbohydrates and proteins.

The Abs Diet has been around since at least 2004. At this point there are several different books available that embrace this approach. These include a text for men, one for women, a cookbook, an ultimate nutrition handbook, 6 minute meals for 6-pack abs, and an eat right every time guide. There are also some instructional DVDs available, but read on…

Rehashed Information – “Is It Worth It?”

One concern we have is with rehashed information. According to our Research Editor, “Many customers have stated that the Abs Diet book provides a lot of basic info that you can get anywhere. Naturally this makes the text less exclusive. Especially if the advice is simply provided online for free.”

One person commented, “I was not impressed. Nothing new here. It is common sense with a lot of basic information.”

Then again, a different dieter said, “Read most of the book and most of the advice is simple to follow. It just doesn’t motivate me.”

Another posted, “I thought that this book was short and to the point, but I was a bit disappointed.”

Discouraging Comments – “Another Issue”

Another issue is discouraging customer comments. In fact, one person reported, “I followed this plan religiously for over 8 weeks and I gained 7 pounds, mostly around my belly and face. I bought everything on the shopping list, some items were never even used in the recipes. This book contradicts itself several times about eating before working out, or eating after working out.”

But, a different individual said this, “Book was okay, but thought I would learn additional workouts.”

“Not bad. No Abs Diet side effects to worry about. Some ideas I will agree with. It’s decent overall,” mentioned another.

The research we’ve conducted has shown if there’s some specific part of a fitness program or testosterone supplement that is quite difficult or concerning (rehashed information, discouraging comments, high price) the probability of lasting results is rather low. This means if the Abs Diet does in fact fail to provide new and fresh ideas, this could be problematic.

The Science – “Solid?”

Unfortunately we did not find any research presented on the official website to support the Abs Diet. The again, this approach does involve both diet and exercise. Therefore this method should help some people with weight management and getting fit. However, at DietSpotlight, we like to see some solid science provided with the product or fitness program we’re reviewing.

The Bottom Line: Does Abs Diet Work?

So, should you order a copy of the Abs Diet? Well, we like that this diet and fitness program offers some advice on eating healthier and exercising the abdominals. It’s also nice to see that some success stories are posted on the official website. However, we have some doubts about this method because there is no documented research presented. Furthermore, we’re a bit concerned about the discouraging customer comments we found posted on the web.

If you really want to strengthen your abdominals, tighten your core, lean down and improve your workouts, we recommend you choose a product that’s supported by documented research, is easy to use anywhere and is backed by encouraging customer reviews.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Pronabolin. This formula offers nine ingredients, which are shown to help improve lean muscle mass, boost vitality, elevate testosterone levels and increase workout performance. We have not spotted any negative user comments, and customer feedback on the web shows people are seeing real results.

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What You Should Know

Are you working out your abs? It seems like the core is the most focused on part of the body when it comes to weight loss and getting fit. This is why there are so many diet plans for the tummy and midsection, as well as fitness DVDs that focus on the abdominals. It is true that many people carry a lot of excess body fat in the midsection and tummy region. This unfortunately leads to type 2 diabetes, certain types of cancer, as well as heart problems. Therefore it is wise to trim down your tummy area, and keep it fit as you grow older. One method that addresses the midsection is The Abs Diet. You can take a peek at the official website, and see what this weight loss and fitness method has to offer. Ingredients:
    Not applicable.

Product Features

The Abs Diet is supposed to help you nourish your mind and body, stay youthful, beat stress, reduce cravings, maintain a healthy physique, improve energy levels, and enhance your sex life. There are no dietary supplements involved with this weight loss system. Instead, the Abs Diet is a lifestyle change that involves a new diet plan and regular exercise. On the official website you will find some helpful tools, expert advice, a few success stories, and all of the Abs Diet products. The Abs Diet products include the Abs Diet for Men book, Abs Diet for Women book, Abs Diet Cookbook, Abs Diet Eat Right Every Time Guide, Abs Diet Ultimate Nutrition Handbook, Abs Diet 6 Minute Meals for 6-Pack Abs, Abs Diet Get Fit Stay Lean Plan, The Abs Diet Workout DVD, The Abs Diet Workout 2 DVD, and The Abs Diet for Women Workout DVD.


  • A few success stories are posted on the website.
  • The website provides several tools for weight loss.
  • There is a separate Abs Diet for women and men.


  • No convenient supplements are used with the Abs Diet.
  • The actual prices are not posted for these products and books.
  • Some people may not want to read more books on weight loss.
  • There are more promising diet products available.


If you are not interested in completely changing your diet and lifestyle, then the Abs Diet may not be ideal for you. After reviewing the official website, it is clear that this weight loss and fitness method is geared toward everyone. This is why there are so many products offered to assist with this approach. On the other hand, you will not be able to take a daily weight loss supplement when committing to The Abs Diet. Lastly, it is unfortunate that the prices of these products are not posted for everyone to review.
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