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Accutrim Beads Review

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  • Rating: 3.8. From 9 votes.
By Summer Banks Feb 21, 2017

What You Should Know

Accu-Trim Beads are a weight-loss bead that has based itself on a variation of the Chinese practice of Acupuncture. Accu-Trim beads claim to use the same principals as Acupuncture without the needles. Accupuncture and Acupressure teaches that there is energy flowing throughout your body at all times and that there are certain points on your body, that when stuck or pressed on, work with certain parts or organs of the body that will regulate the way they work. They also claim that science has mapped out these energy flows that are called meridians.

The makers of this product claim that, since in the Far East the ear is considered “The Gateway to Health” because of it’s many acupressure points, the Accu-Trim Bead is placed on your ear for maximum benefits. The main benefit claimed is weight loss.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable.

Product Features

AccuTrim Beads are apparently sold by Accu-Trim Centre, but there is no company history or information on the website. You can make a toll-free call and speak to someone, but they don’t tell you who they are or if they are qualified to give medical or weight loss advice over the phone to a client they do not know. There is an article on the website that claims that Accu-Trim Centre did perform a clinical trial involving men and women, but the article itself does not give us time or date of place of this clinical trial, nor who actually wrote the article. We do not know if it’s an actual third party verification of such.

Accu-Trim Beads are not a supplement, so there are no ingredients. From the pictures on the website we have deduced that they are small silver beads that are placed on your ears and worn throughout the day to help with cravings and metabolic function. Since there is no real clinical research placed on the website, we’re not exactly sure how these beads works, besides being in a place on the body that is supposed to have health benefits according to the Chinese practice of Acupressure and Acupuncture. It’s a lot of promises for a product that is actually quite expensive. It also doesn’t seem to tell you whether or not you use one bead each day or if you reuse the same bead.

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  • You can purchase the product directly from the website.
  • There are no pills to take or diets to follow.
  • The product is worn on the ear and is discreet.
  • Small in size.


  • We found no information about the company that would give us a solid background in research or development.
  • There is a lack of clinical evidence listed on the website to verify it’s claims.
  • The website does not encourage a healthy lifestyle that includes good food choices and exercise as part of your daily regime.
  • The product is expensive.


Accutrim Beads are certainly a different approach to weight loss. If you’ve had positive experiences with acupuncture in the past, it could be something to look into. However, most dieters will probably opt for something a little more proven and a little less “new age.”

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Rating: 3.8. From 9 votes.
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I ll like to order the Accu-trim bead is still available ?

Does the bead diet play with your emotions or have any side affects

I sent in a money order for accu-trim beads and I never received my order.what should I do.. I have the receipt for the money order

I tried this diet for a month to fit into a dress for a wedding back in 2005. It worked exactly as promised. The weight stayed off for a long time until I went to a retreat and ate three large meals a day…for several months. I never did the re-enter program though. I was impressed so I am doing it again now.

My problem was being post menopause, it took me 4 months plus exercise with a trainer and a healthy diet of 6 small meals a day it took me 4 months to lose any weight. Eventually, over time, that came back and I am not a big eater or obese person. In fact most of my life I’ve been between 116-122 lbs at 5′ 3″.

I do feel the diet it too restrictive…and I don’t mind slowing the weight loss down to just 10-12 lbs a month. But for me, at my age, so-called normal balanced diets aka conventional dieting has not worked fast enough for me.

Also I did have a friend who did it who has been overweight most of her life, whose results I saw. That’s what convinced me to try it.

All you can do is try it. The first week is the hardest, but it gets easier. This time I am going all the way and plan to do the re-enter program as well. Then following eating less after.

However, I have been a normal eater most of my life. I don’t really eat a lot. So I needed this diet to help my body lose the weight.

I used to weigh well over 200 lbs until I changed my diet (gave up all meat except seafood). I got down to about 175 lbs but I couldn’t get any lower no matter how much I exercised and how balanced my meals were. As usual, I was very skeptical, but accupuncture and accupressure were pretty much the only things I hadn’t tried. So I figured I’d give it a whirl. Like Susan said above on 05/27/10, all you have to do is adhere one bead to the back of your ear just above the lobe and toward the outer edge away from your head. It reminds me of a little square piece of cloth Band Aid with a small metal bead in the middle. I put mine on after I showered at night and left it on until my shower the next night. The adhesive seemed to let go easier if it came off in the shower, but it the stickiness was practically nonexistent after that. I ordered the 15 pack and lost about 12 lbs while using the beads and a few more in the weeks after I stopped using them (residual?). I got down to 160 lbs and, even with consciously trying, I haven’t been able to go above 160 lbs except once or twice when I totally pigged out (but the food was good). But after the food digested my weight went back down. I don’t think anyone else noticed the weight loss because it was so gradual, but I noticed; especially when I put on my clothes and they weren’t tight anymore. I’m still amazed, not only because it actually worked, but also because I’ve been unable to do any exercising for almost 12 months due to an injury. I thought the weight and inches would pile on again – but they haven’t. I’m on some pretty heavy-duty medications and haven’t had any side effects. I’m definitely going to order more beads to help me lose the last 30 lbs once I’m allowed to get back to my workouts. It will be the first time in my life that I won’t be overweight or severely obese.

Hi Corey.
I am morbidly obese due to medical issues. My medical issues are over however the weight will not come off no matter how much I cut my intake or exercise. Do you personally think these beads would help me. Due to medical bills I really need to watch my budget and I haven’t met a medical specialist yet that can give me an answer. Thanks and please be honest. Suzieq


I didn’t lose any weight on this and am sending my order back today. When I called they said it was no problem to return and my credit card would be debited within 72 hours. Did you receive your refund yet?

Does this affect the use of any medications?

I just recieved my beads yesturday 3/12/11.I started with my left ear,you can leave on 12 to 24 hrs then switch ears.rotate avery day.always on a clean ear.the key is to apply a little pressure like rub in a circular motion for a couple seconds but not to hard only 5 to6 times aday.or like when you are hungriest .I know this because Ive had accupuncture before& after the needles the Dr.put 3 tiny little beads on the back of my ear .I had to leave it. on for a week.my problem went away. He said it was medicine. So Im excited to see if this works as well,its only been 2 days.I ordered 75 beads.answer to your ? you probably could reuse them, so dont throw away .the 3extra holes, on the strip,just move them up for later………………..so u know how many days you’ve done

Hi Shana, are the Accu-Trim beads working. Tried others never worked. Please be honest.

I have just received my Accu-Trim beads and would like to know exactly where to attach them to my ear. Does it matter which ear or do you have to put them on both?

Hi Brenda, i was reading you review on Accu-Trim. you were just starting them. Can you let me know if you have lost any weight.

Where can I purchase adhesives for accutrim beads?

I have just order the product and once I receive and start using it I will provide feedback. I hope it is as easy as Susan stated. I wish she would post again to let us know how she did.

I have order the product a while back, but not used it yet. ready to give it a try, i read the instructions an am unclear to where to place the disc. Is it INSIDE the ear, just over the earlope, or in the back of the ear over the earlope?

did you end up trrying it. Did it work for you? And how effectivley

Since you are the only one that seems to be using the beads, I really appreciate your feedback and also that you explain quite well the placement of the bead. I will buy them and hope they work for me also.

I’ve been using the Accu-Trim Beads for one week. WOW! What a difference! I’ve already lost weight and inches. I initially purchased 45 beads and plan on purchasing another 45 when I’m close to the end of the last packet. The key to using these beads: Place the strip just above the ear lobe and a bit towards the edge of the ear (the edge of the ear, away from the head, directly above the ear lobe). I have 40 pounds to lose. I’ll post again as I continue to lose weight.

I am on my 15th bead. The firste 3 days I lost a pound a day, but since then not an ounce.
As the beads don’t contain any medication, I wonder why one can not use the bead, which is a little round piece of metal with a little piece of metal protruding from the middle of it, over and over again?
The only person who commented that it worked for her sounded very much like the ad I got in the mail, so….

i was interested in purchasing, i wanted to know if it deliver as promised concerning weight loss

It’s been a month since your last entry. Are you still using the Accu-Trim Beads? How much weight and inches have you lost so far?

How do I return unused product for full refund as advertised? I never lost a single pound!

Are these ok if on thyroid medicine.

i received a mailing from the accu-trim centre promoting their product and was going to order but found your website and read the reveiw-my question is how is the bead or the adhesive affected by water such as showering and if this weight loss program works so well why aren’t they the top weight loss product in the world–the advertisement said i could eat what i wanted and no exercise and still lose a max of up to 185lbs–i only need to lose 30 pounds but someone whose eating habits consists of 3-5k calories a day is not going to cut their eating habits or make healthy choices by having a pressure bead behind their ear–furthermore the clinicals that they submit it mostly medical pieces on the art of accupuncture and how it relates to the body none of which are any earlier than 2000–and they give a “guarantee for life” that you won’t put the weight back on-does this mean you must wear the beads for the remainder of you life in order to offset the reweight gain–if thats the case then i can use a round spot band aid or adhesive tape and some small buckshot purchased from sporting goods to not only lose weight but to keep it off

I bought these Accu-Trim Beads back in 2011, and I lost 30lbs and was very pleased with the results. I ate what I wanted and never put weight back on. Now March 2014 I have put on 6 lbs but that is because it has been a terrible winter and I have spent a lot more time indoors, so eating more. Not liking the extra pounds on me, so may have to get some more.

I have heard that a snapper button will do just as well. The problem is how to stick it on the back of your ear. How comfortable is it? They say to use a new bead daily, probably due to the stickiness being lost. The hard bead should be the same harness, the “pressure” of the stickiness is the difference. If it looses the pressure due to the stickiness weakening it won’t work. Attaching a snapper button to your ear would be just as difficult.