Updated: 01/17/2018

Earth Clinic Review - 6 Things You Need to Know

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What is The Earth Clinic?

The Earth Clinic is specially designed as a resource to document user experiences, errors and successes with various health supplements, vitamins and so on. It is a moderated user community that includes recommendations and reviews as well as information on specific supplements, remedies and advice for certain ailments.

The Earth Clinic began its life in 1999 and has since grown to become a resource for hundreds of members. Its central offices are located in Atlanta though it boasts correspondents around the globe. While this website began as a resource for alternative healing it has become much more popular for the home remedies posted by various users at the site.

One of the positive aspects of this site is that they are not selling anything to you, and many of the listed cures will help save money compared to traditional treatments. However, due to the fact that much of the information is submitted via its users this means that not all cures are guaranteed to work, nor have they been verified by medical experts. They are based on trial and error and the experience of various users.


The site contains unbiased testimonials on various supplements, including details on all ingredients. Hundreds of supplements are reviewed at Earth Clinic.

Product Features

This site is extremely useful for anyone interested in holistic and natural remedies for common illnesses or ailments. Due to the fact that it is well established, it contains information on over 300 diseases and conditions, and allows you to add your own thoughts if you have any experience or suggestions for other users.

If you come to Earth Clinic with a specific problem such as being overweight, you then simply search for what you are looking for. It allows you to search according to the ailment itself or the remedy used to treat it. However, make sure to realize that these remedies are not usually posted by medical experts.


  • The Earth Clinic website has been around for almost 10 years.
  • The website is well moderated so strange remedies get deleted fairly quickly.


  • Most of the remedies you will find on the Earth Clinic website aren’t medically proven to work.
  • The diet category doesn’t seem to have much information available.
  • You must be careful using home remedies as they may actually aggravate certain conditions.


The Earth Clinic website has many holistic remedies as well as recipes for foods that are said to treat specific diseases. This website has a lot to offer those looking for alternative treatments for colds, arthritis, and other common ailments but doesn’t have much going for it in the weight loss and dieting areas.

This website is definitely interesting to read through but we don’t recommend anything from this site to help you lose weight. You may want to try a weight loss supplement that contains some thermogenic ingredients instead.

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Earth Clinic

What are the ingredients in Earth Clinic?

The ingredients that Earth Clinic uses are a variety of different herbs , vitamins, minerals and supplements.

What are the side effects of Earth Clinic?

The side affects reported from the use of Earth Clinic remedies are good health, medical recovery, and peace of mind.

How do I know if Earth Clinic is right for me?

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Does Earth Clinic work?

Users agree that Earth Clinic works. Many customers praise Earth Clinic for helping with their healing process and finding quick easy all natural remedies to make their lives more comfortable.

What is the price of Earth Clinic?

The prices for Earth Clinic ingredients vary based on the state and the season. Most ingredients are easily affordable by the consumer, and range from free home grown ingredients to an on average price of eight dollars at health food stores or online.

Where can I buy Earth Clinic?

Your local super market carries many ingredients for the Earth Clinic remedies. You can also purchase ingredients online.

How should I take Earth Clinic?

Earth Clinic has simple instructions on how to prepare healthy drinks and teas, or put additives in your foods.

How do I contact Earth Clinic customer service?

Go to www.earthclinic.com click the contact us icon on the top left side. Here you will be able to leave reviews, ask for help , and contact the company.

Can I return Earth Clinic ?

Many of the ingredients for Earth Clinic remedies can only be returned if the ingredient is unopened. Returns are also based on store policys.

What are the most common complaints about Earth Clinic?

Most of the complaints about Earth Clinic are due to technical issues or posting problems on the website, and are unrelated to the effectiveness of the remedies listed on the website.

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5 Earth Clinic Reviews

  • I have a lot of swelling on each side of my collar bone
    Evelyn (Verified User)

    I have a lot of swelling on each side of my collar bone and it isn’t hard a lot of people tell me it is stress. I worry about it,can you tell me what it is.

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Evelyn! Please make sure to consult with your physician and let them know about the swelling you are experiencing.

  • Pat

    I have a question on the back and leg pain I have.

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Pat! Please make sure to consult with your physician and let them know about the the back and leg pain you are experiencing.

  •  Trying to figure out how it works
    jorge valdiviezo

    a lot of people is enter to earth clinic i have sick in i wal like to now how it wooksfor mi