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Phase 2 Review- Does This Carb Controller Really Work?

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By Summer Banks Jun 26, 2017

You’re about to learn everything you need to know about Phase 2. We at DietSpotlight did some serious research and created a detailed review, examining the ingredients, side effects, scientific studies and overall customer care. Plus we scanned through all sorts of dieter comments and user responses from around the web. At last, we compacted all of the facts to give you the bottom line.

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What You Need To Know

First off, Phase 2 is a “carbohydrate blocker.” It contains one key ingredient – phaseolus vulgaris extract (also known as white kidney bean extract), which is supposed to help “delay the digestion” of starches. It should be taken twice a day, prior to the heaviest meals. Note that there are several different versions or brands of this formula.

Phase 2 has been researched for weight-loss since 2001 and there are some clinical studies to support this supplement. The ingredient is completely natural and both women and men can take this formula, but read on…

Side Effects – “A Consideration?”

The first issue we see is with Phase 2 side effects. According to our Research Editor, “Some people have complained of reactions after taking the supplement. That’s not what dieters are looking for.

One user stated, “Not for me, caused immediate stomach problems.”

“Gave me serious abdominal pains and gas. No thanks,” revealed another customer.

Another Concern – “User Complaints”

We noticed a number of user complaints regarding Phase 2 weight-loss pills. One person commented, “I do not notice a difference. I took the whole bottle.”

“Took as designated for two-plus weeks, product did nothing for me or my wife,” said another user.

We’ve found, through years of research, that what seems small, like a side effect, can shut down chances of long-term success. If Phase 2 does cause stomach issues, among others, that’s enough to ruin a dieter’s experience.

“What About Solid Science?”

We at DietSpotlight like to see some documented science that supports the weight-loss product and its marketing claims. Fortunately there are some clinical studies presented on the official website that support Phase 2 pills. This is encouraging, but there are other ingredients that could improve results dramatically.

The Bottom Line – Does Phase 2 Work?

We just bought some Phase 2 – well, maybe not. First of all, we like that these pills are easy to come by and there are some clinical studies, but we have a few reservations because some users have complained of side effects. Also, we’re concerned about discouraging customer reviews.

If you’d like to drop more pounds, we encourage you to choose a product that is backed by all sorts of positive customer reviews, does not cause any unpleasant side effects and sells at an affordable price.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. Its formula is a powerful blend of four key ingredients, which have been shown in published scientific research to help ignite metabolism and improve fat loss. We have not discovered any talk of harmful side effects and customer comments around the web reveal people are seeing substantial results.

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Previous Phase 2 Review (Updated August 23, 2009):

What You Should Know

Think about what it is you need your diet product to do for you. Maybe you want the supplement formula to increase your endurance, speed up your metabolism, heighten thermo genesis, or just burn away unwanted fat. Well, it is important to learn about any weight loss product before choosing it to assist you. This is why we are going to scrutinize the product known as Phase 2. It is an over-the-counter supplement that can be acquired with ease in several local stores.

One factor that stands out on the official Phase 2 website is the link to clinical studies. The makers of this diet product, Pharmachem Laboratories, wants you to know that there are clinical study results presented to back up claims made about this product. However, you should also notice that the only core ingredient used in Phase 2 is Standardized Phaseolus Vulgaris Extract, which is added to restrict or delay carbohydrate absorption.

List of Ingredients

Standardized Phaseolus Vulgaris Extract, Cellulose (plant fiber), and Vegetable Stearate.

Product Features

Phase 2 is a supplement formula suitable for dieters 18 and older. This product aims to control or block carbohydrates from being absorbed into the body and stored as fat. Phase 2 is pitched as an all-natural formula that does not contain stimulants. Essentially users are supposed to take this supplement daily (two capsules is a serving) in order to delay carbohydrates from being digested and absorbed into the small intestine. By restricting these calories from starches, weight should be reduced over time. Phase 2 is commonly sold in stores like Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart, GNC, and The Vitamin Shoppe, as well as through online dealers. The official website provides customers with healthy recipes, an FAQ section, and several testimonials from past users of Phase 2.


  • This is an all natural weight loss product.
  • There are no harmful stimulants incorporated into Phase 2 capsules.


  • This supplement does not endeavor to curb hunger of burn off fat.
  • Phase 2 does not boost the user’s thermo genesis or core heat.
  • There is no 100% guarantee provided with this dietary supplement.
  • This weight loss pill may lead to excessive gas in some users.


Unlike most weight loss products available over the counter, Phase 2 solely endeavors to control or restrict carbohydrates that are consumed. While some dieters may appreciate this, be sure to keep in mind that this dietary formula does not suppress hunger, burn off calories and fat, or boost energy levels. Furthermore, if you are seeking out a weight loss product that actually heightens thermo genesis, this is not it. Finally, there is no guarantee or refund offered with Phase 2, which may concern some dieters.

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Rating: 3.4. From 8 votes.
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