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Positive Changes Review - 6 Things You Need to Know


The goal of Positive Changes is behavior modification through hypnosis. We’re intrigued, so we took a closer look at the program details, cost and scientific research. Additionally, we took into account the experiences of hundreds of dieters. Then, we compiled the details to give you the facts you need.

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What is Positive Changes?

Firstly, Positive Changes is a weight-management program. The plan consists of hypnosis as a way to promote weight-loss. You’ll visit a clinic for an evaluation and then schedule follow-up appointments. One benefit is that the services are performed by trained individuals.

Positive Changes has been around since 1987, when Dr. Patrick K. Porter started using hypnotism to encourage weight-loss. The services are only available at local clinics. The longevity of the company and the favorable customer comments are positives, but read on…

Price is Worth the Expense

The first issue tackled was the cost of Positive Changes. “There’s rumblings mentioning the price of the program,” said our Research Editor. “But, what’s price tag do you put one life-changing results?”

“They offered me $100 off the $2500 price tag if I signed up on the spot,” said one user.

“I was in the program for one month, and I racked up $3000 in expenses with Positive Changes,” claims another customer.

Despite the high price tag, some members felt the results were worth it. As one said, “This program is a process; you will get out of it what you put into it.”

Another shared, “More than worth the investment.”

Positive Changes Locations are Close to Home

According to Positive Changes reviews, people wanted a location closer to their home. While inconvenient for some, it wasn’t an issue for others. “I lived 45 minutes away, so I spent an hour and a half in the car each week for these meetings,” said one customer.

On the other hand, some customers didn’t think the program was inconvenient. “They got me in right away,” reported a dieter.

“I thought it was going to be an hour and my session was only 30 minutes,” commented another.

Our research shows the connection between convenience and long-term success. Dieters notice results when an office setting, such as Positive Changes, is close to home.

The Science behind Positive Changes

There is research showing that hypnosis can be a positive weight-loss tool. When existing eating habits and exercise patterns change, dieters losing weight. While there’s no research posted on the official website, that’s not necessarily a deal breaker. There’s a wealth of research available, as well as customer testimonials showing the process works.

What Users Are Saying

"”This is one of the only sets of recordings I could find that was not full of crazy new age music and weird subliminal recordings. Just a calm person’s voice to help you stay focused.”"

"”I have used hypnosis tapes in the past to quit smoking. I thought I would try it for weight loss. Usually they talk you into a deeply relaxed state and you do go under if you are open to the experience. This is not hypnosis.”"

"”The guys voice is not convincing, relaxing, hypnotic, or anything you will expect from the title. The script he reads is ok,”"

The Bottom Line – Does Positive Changes Work?

Can Positive Changes help you transform your life? With more than 25 years in the business and a team of professionals looking out for your best interests, there’s a chances. The company does state that results aren’t typical. This is a deterrent for some. But, based on customer testimonials, people notice long-term success and transformative results. There are some that mention the price. But, what’s the value of improving your overall health and wellness?

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Positive Changes Review
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Positive Changes

What are the components of Positive Changes?

The components of Positive Changes are personal coaching and hypnosis therapy

Does Positive Changes work?

How effective Positive Changes weight-loss therapy depends on how you react to this program. Some people see good results with hypnotherapy.

How do I know if Positive Changes is right for me?

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How much does Positive Changes cost?

The actual cost of Positive Changes is not revealed on the company website. Instead, you are encouraged to get a free evaluation.

How should I proceed with Positive Changes?

You need to follow the directions provided by the Positive Changes professionals. You will be expected to visit a Positive Changes hypnosis center near you for regular sessions.

Are there any supplements required with Positive Changes?

No, there are no supplements mentioned.

Will insurance coverage pay for PC weight-loss treatment?

This depends on your insurance coverage. Some corporate wellness programs cover hypnosis therapy for weight-loss.

Positive Changes Ingredients

Positive Changes is a weight-loss program that's based on hypnosis. There are a number of studies listed on the official website.

Positive Changes Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: N/A
Serving Per Container: N/A
Amount per Serving% DV

Other Ingredients: None

We dug deep into the Positive Changes ingredients to give you the details you need.


Positive Changes is a chain of hypnosis centers, that uses the technique to help you achieve your weight-loss goals. It involves listening to tapes every day, and attending private one-on-one sessions with certified counselors. The cost of the one-on-one sessions can quickly add up to $2,000 or more, but the required CDs are affordably priced at around $20 each.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Hypnosis involves the help of a therapist to put your mind into a higher state of consciousness, using a series of mental images and verbal repetition [1]. When you are in a hypnotized state [2], your attention is highly focused, allowing you to be more responsive to suggestion, including the necessary behavior changes required to help you lose weight.

Clinical Research

According to a study published in Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, “The primary hypothesis that hypnosis is an effective treatment for weight loss was confirmed, but the 7 concomitant variables and the use of audiotapes were not significant contributors to weight loss.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, “A few studies have evaluated the use of weight-loss hypnosis. Most studies showed only slight weight loss, with an average loss of about 6 pounds (2.7 kilograms) over 18 months.”

Positive Changes Scientific Abstracts


All 3 of the participants groups had lose 2 to 3% body weight at the three month marker. By 18 months, only the hypnotherapy group still maintained an important (P<0.02), however minor (3.8 kg), MWL (mean weight-loss) when compared to the baseline. After analyzing data from a wide time frame, the hypnotherapy group experiencing a decrease in stress levels had achieved substantially more weight-loss than the rest of the treatments (P<0.003), which did not alter from one another by any significant amount. In conclusion, the controlled study on the use of hypnotherapy had delivered some compelling results in favor of the treatment as an adjunct to dietary advice regarding weight-loss. The benefits of the therapy were minor and insignificant, thus further trials are required with perhaps more intense hypnotherapy in order to validate these findings and peruse stronger tests. [1]

The findings of this study had indicated the efficacy of hypnosis as a weight-loss tool is due to factors which commonly share a minimum treatment condition. This includes weekly participation in a reduction program, positive training expectancy, relaxation training, along with limited dietary counseling. Along with findings from previous studies, there were no links between hypnosis and weight-loss. [2]

A meta-analysis of the effect of hypnosis added to a cognitive behavioral treatment for weight-loss was observed. Extra information was obtained from authors of 2 of the 3 studies, and there were computational inaccuracies in the prior analysis which had been corrected. Along both post-treatment and follow-up periods, MWL (mean weight-loss) was at 6.00lbs (2.72 kg) with no hypnosis and was at 11.83 lbs. (5.37 kg) with treatment of hypnosis. The effect size of the mean was 0.66 SD. At the final assessment, the mean weight-loss was at 6.03lbs (2.74 kg) with no hypnosis and was at 14.88 lbs. (6.75 kg) with. The size of the effect for the difference was 0.98 SD. Further analysis had suggested that hypnosis benefits had substantially elevated over a period of time(r = .74). [3]

This study had looked into the effects of hypnosis as a weight-loss treatment for women. The study was made up of 60 women (age 20 to age 65) who were overweight by at least 20% and who had not been experiencing any other programs, treatments or studies. Experimental trials with hypnosis + audiotapes as well as without the audiotapes were conducted and the control group was studied for weight-loss quickly following the treatments and then once more following a 6 months period. It had been concluded that hypnosis is an effective tool for weight-loss with audiotapes being found insignificant to the contribution to the loss of weight. [4]


Previous Positive Changes Review (Updated May 29, 2014):

What You Should Know about Positive Changes

Positive Changes Hypnosis centers are located throughout the United States are meant for behavior modification and use hypnosis to help people lose weight, stop smoking, and several other issues. The Positive Changes centers were founded by Patrick K. Porter, PhD, in 1987.

List of Ingredients

No ingredients.

Product Features of Positive Changes

The Positive Changes centers have a website that is informative for consumers. There are no prices listed for the services, but CDs and other products are available for sale, at around $20 each. Information is posted about how hypnosis works to change the behaviors in the body, along with positive research posted to back the hypnosis. For those who are interested, the website has a locator so you can find centers that are close to you geographically. Photographs and client testimonials are also available.

Advantages of Positive Changes

  • No negative side effects.
  • No medications or supplements are required.

Disadvantages of Positive Changes

  • Centers may not be located in you area.


Hypnosis is a very interesting alternative treatment for a broad range of medical conditions, and Positive Changes is filling a niche by making this available to to the mainstream. While its always a good idea to find an exercise program that includes aerobics and strength training, this could provide extra motivation to follow through.

Summer Banks Dietspotlight Author
About the Author:

Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

58 Positive Changes Reviews

  • Is there a price break for a married couple?

    Is there a price break for a married couple

  • Any alternative programs?
    jo (Verified User)

    Its seems to me the Postive Changes work for some people.
    no garanteed to loose weight. What programs are their really work , besides the Cds.
    Anyone knows?

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Jo, there is research showing that hypnosis can be a positive weight-loss tool. However, some find it expensive and others too far from home. There’s a weight-loss supplement that can be delivered to your location, that works and is fairly priced, thats Dietspotlight Burn. Maybe you could try.

  • Has anyone had any luck with it in Boise?

    I am wanting to try Positive Changes in Boise, Idaho to lose 25 pounds. Has anyone had any luck with it in Boise?

  • Anyone came to this clinic in Boise,ID
    jennifer williams

    My sister is going to start here in Boise,ID. I talked her about this sight. I hope this does work for her. Anyone came to this clinic in Boise,ID ??

  • James Villagran

    Well first question is why don’t you guys get insurance coverage with Medicare or Medicaid I think you’ll have a lot more people getting that done including myself but on the other hand do you guys offer payment plans that are very reasonable for people can afford payment plans I just wish you can get Medicaid or Medicare to get involve cause I live on check to check and that’s including my social security and I feel I need helpin that way also I have cardiomyopathy high blood pressure sleep apnea and I way around 304 lbs use to way 379 lbs and I also have diabetes please help I really need it I want to be around for my 5 year old baby girl and my wife doctors want me to get faster bypass and I feel that’s notgood going under the knife I’ve heard beautiful things about positive changes and I really need your help please

  • Vancouver Washington
    Kimberly Stoker

    I would like to know if you plan in the near future a Positive Changes in Vancouver Washington???? I think it would work out well ….. Vancouver Washington would be a great fit for Positive Changes……

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Kimberly, we’re hoping they do. Unfortunately we have no say in it though, because we’re not linked to the company. However, we do know about a supplement known to help you lose weigh successfully and quickly, that is Dietspotlight Burn. If interested in learning more, just click.

  • Is this something that health insurance would cover?

    seen the ads but not the prices.Is this something that health insurance would cover?

  • Scott Hausler

    I loved it!

  • John

    Hello Angela, I am curious about your registered hypnotherapist status with the WSDOH. What are the educational and certification requirements for one to become a registered hypnotherapist with the DOH? What are the other certifications you hold? Will you be allowed to practice as a licensed counselor in Washington with an undergraduate degree? Thanks for your input.

  • gorachie

    I just left and the quote for a single/one-time non-smoking session was $499 (April 2016)

  • Positive Changes
    Lynn Sprinkle

    I went to Positive Changes, I think they need a disclaimer on all ads and TV Commercials !!! Those results are not typical.

  • structure for the program.

    I am trying to find out the price structure for the program. I would like to lose at least a 100 pounds. Is this a realistic goal with this program? Again what is the cost?

    • Your Name

      Richard, You might have already gotten a price, but I wanted to lose 120 pounds and it cost me $2727.00. But they say each person is different.

    • LeAnne

      Richard, I feel that it is definitely worth the investment. But you have to be committed. You have to take in their advice and make it your own. I drink half of my body weight in fluid ounces of water every single day, I eat three meals a day that contain 17-25 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I do not need to snack. Very seldom, and that’s ok. I replaced all of the bad-for-you bleached white foods and replaced them with 100% whole wheat and whole grain; I exchanged junk food for fruits and vegetables, and salty snacks such as chips, with salted almonds and pumpkin seeds. I began Positive Changes back in 2014, and I have lost a total of 145 pounds in that entire time. I have fluctuated between 5-8 pounds, but that really has nothing to do with your weight. It’s about how many inches you are loosing and keeping off, over what the scale says. One of my coaches told me, “I would be happy if the scale read 350 pounds if I looked like Bruce Lee.” I never thought of it like that, and it changed my persona. It has now been over 2 years. I still listen to my processes (just not 3x a day) and I look better today than I did when I was 16 years old! And that’s saying something!

      • Jofo

        I will bet your loss is a result of you changing what you ate and increasing water consumption.

      • Becky Hawes

        Dear LeAnne, I think the program is working for us also. My husband has lost about 10 lbs. and I’ve have lost 5. Our problem is we have only been involved for 3 weeks and we can’t get the rest of what we need. I have tried to get hold of the Corporate Office to see if they would just add the Double Voice Sessions on our accounts, plus all the other things we were told we would receive, but we can’t get past the voice message about the Bankruptcy. I know this is asking a lot but, we are wondering if you would consider downloading the other Processes to my email. So we could get the outcome that you have gotten. What we have now is the Starter Kit – – 3 AM – – 3 PM each of us have a Personal Voice Session, “You Time” and the Weight Control and Hypnosis Talk. We would consider paying for this. We love what we have learned so far. We would love to be able to achieve what you have done. Any help you could give us would be greatly appreciated.

  •  Product just wasn’t for me.

    WOW! I was just watching a commercial on “Positive Changes” and have really thought about it for quit a long time! Thanks so much for your comments to help make decision! I live in WA too.

  • Can you tell me if you sell an mp3 player with selp hypnosis on it?
    Nancy P

    can you tell me if you sell an mp3 player with selp hypnosis on it?

  • Pam C.

    Sandra, what location do you go to? I just has a consultation at Beaverton, WA and was not very impressed…it was only a Sales Pitch that asked me for $2727 (they wanted half up front). It felt dishonest…

    • Callie

      Where is Beaverton, WA? Never heard of that town in my state of WA.. Making me question the validity of the rest of your post.

      • Your Name MJC

        I think it was Oregon. I went there the beginning on November 2016 and was quoted $1200 down and $274 X 8 months. This was for the “home” program where you take the glasses home. She made it sound like I could lose a 20″ lbs by May by listening to iPod 3 x a day but it was my responsibility to coordinate putting cd on portable devices. I was angry as I told them on the phone, retired, fixed income and affordable money payments to me meant $45 a month. Social security doesn’t pay for such high dollar amounts and I still would have to come in once a month.

  • Do you deal with small kids as well?
    sophia Carmona

    My Daughter has the sweet tooth with sweets and eating without limits, she is
    only 6 yrs old do you deal with small kids as well? Sophia Carmona

  •  Loved the product.
    LvnLife (Verified User)

    Kara- I’m pretty familiar with the Positive Changes Hypnosis program and it really does work but if she has no commitment then it won’t work. That is the key to the success. You have to be willing to follow the program and if she is not paying for it then she will not feel like she is losing anything if she doesn’t follow through. Just my opinion. I do highly recommend the program though. I had tremendous success with it. Lost 40 pounds.

    • yobabymama

      Lynlife..I am contemplating PC and have struggled with the whole Commitment side of Weight Loss. Every program I have ever tried, I stay on for about 3 days then it’s back to the same o same o. What to do with that “commitment” problem. Any ideas Ya’ll?

      • LvnLife

        I went through the program, it gives you motivation to stay motivated..lol. I know that sounds funny but it really does. Since you start craving foods that are actually good for you, you don’t feel like you are missing out on anything so there is no reason to quit.

  • Can loose weight with it?

    My sister is very overweight and at risk for a heart attack. This is scary because she has a 3yr old to care for but physically can’t. She is on a fixed income. My father is considering taking out a loan to get her into positive changes. She is not motivated to change. I don’t think she will be willing to eat better or work out more. She would be doing the out of town stuff for it as she lives two hours away. I don’t think she will make the comment to listen to the CD’s or complete the readings. I think she would go into with the mentality that its a quick fix and worry it won’t work. Any thought?

    • Julie

      Your sister has to want this for herself. You can’t want it for her.

  •  I have found a better spirit
    Ross (Verified User)

    I went to Positive Changes in Boise, ID. The program for me was to change my negative thought process and relax my anxieties. After paying for the 9 week course, buying and receiving CDs, and reading the books, and FAITHFULLY committed to the program I have found a better spirit, more positive thinking, and recharged with energy. It takes belief, commitment, and work. Nothing comes easy and without effort and pain. I truly think it will work for most people and even if the employees are not always there for you, their heart is in the right place. We all have bad days. Give it a go if you are truly committed to work hard and allow it to enter into your subconscious. Life is too short to live with being unhappy.

  •  My neighbor had fantastic results
    Teresa (Verified User)

    My neighbor went to the program in Boise, ID and had fantastic results. He’s a late 60’s old grump who actually ate a half bag of cookies at our house once. He totally lost his cravings, lost weight down to his high school weight and feels great. I signed up based on his experience. I am looking forward to a good experience.

    • Karen

      Teresa, have you had a good experience? I’m pondering whether to join Positive Changes in Boise, ID.

  • I will get back to my natural weight
    Marcha Dillon

    Positive Changes has been a totally great experience. It’s so much more
    then justlosing weight, it’s about tapping into you higher power! I’ve lost 20 pounds and I’m confident that I will get back to my natural weight

  • Questions about billing or payments

    can you make payments at PCH?

    • Anonymous

      ok so i am think i am going to positive changes in bellueve, wa, i want to lose 110 pounds.. i am a full time student and i also work over time for my job, i just want to make sure my money will be well spent… and the drive it well worth it because i do live in sumner,wa near puyallup and it is about 45 mins away.. THANKS!

  • Want more details about the program

    I have been reading the reviews for Positive Changes and noticed that the program has worked for some but not for others. Isn’t this the same with any other sort of program? I don’t think there is ever going to be something that will work for everyone who tries it. But that is a risk that we all have to take when signing your name on the dotted line.

    I have been researching weather or not Positive Changes is right for me and I have a question for both those who it did work for and those who the program didnt work for.

    For those who are opposed -What made you feel the the strongest about it being a sham? Was it the cost associated with the program or not reaching the goal weight? I am willing to spend the money for the chance that I may be one of the many whom it will work for. I guess I am just trying to wrap my head around why those opposed are so strongly opposed.

    Those who are pro positive changes – What about the program changed your life? Was it just losing wieght or quiting smoking or is there something more to it?

    Thanks for the help!

  •  Very positive result so far!
    Sandy (Verified User)

    I’ve been going to Beaverton for a couple of months now, am losing a little weight, but more importantly, feel like a different person. Very positive (really). I was offered the choice to make payments, and feel that this is a partnership with them to improve my health. Will keep you posted.

  • Doesn't work out

    I’m considering the franchise in Portland, Or. Actually signed up with my down payment last night.

  •  Added some of the request

    Yes, because I asked and they told me they read a scrip but added some of my request. Don’t see aproblem with that!

  •  it really works
    Kim (Verified User)

    I did the program two years ago for anxiety, sleep, and being more easy going. Within a week I was sleeping all night, able to shut off my mind and calm all the worry. I dont think about all the negativity, and I am much easier to be around.
    Even though I wasn’t focused on weight loss, I lost 10 pounds. I felt better about myself and actually picked up old hobbies and friendships. I feel more in control of my emotions and my friends notice. I had a friend who did the weight loss and lost 50 pounds in 6 months.

    It is all about changing behaviors and when you want to make the changes but just need help getting out of your old thinking, it really works.
    Once you want to exercise, you do. I started having someing in my mind that said I was finished with my meal, and I stopped eating. I used to eat a lot. It is not majic, it just works at the subconscious level, where your behaviors are.
    As far as the hypnotists, they are all caring people and I felt like I got the personal attention I wanted. The girls at the front desk are pretty busy but always nice. I was never pressured or asked to buy anything, and neither was my friend.
    If you think about the cost of health care for weight related problems, and medications, food, clothing, etcetera, you will spend way more in the long run and not have the energy and positivity.
    I would recommend it, but you have to have the frame of mind that you are committed and open to the process or you will not see your results. I still listen to my CDs after 2 years, a few times a week and it keeps it fresh in my mind.

  •  Yes, it works
    anotheranonymousemployee (Verified User)

    I have gone to PCH for a long time now. I have even lost a lot of weight. Also from what I see the girls there are very nice. At least in AZ! And the “evaluator” there even gave me enough time to think over the idea of the money. It may be expensive, but like the logo sais. Yes, it works!

  • Bellvue and its really great

    I was looking into signing up for the 9 month program in Bellvue and its really great to find somebody who did the same i am trying to do, i understand customer service might not be their forte, but did you continue listening to the cd’s? and have you had ANY results? i dont mind that the tape tells you how much to eat but does it work? Thanks!

  • This prgram will HELP you

    the protien bars are there because if you eat protien, it will curb your hunger. This prgram will HELP you, not do it for you.

  •  Fantastic company
    Sandie Carr (Verified User)

    Positive Changes is a fantastic company – helped me with my anxiety issues.

  •  I was very happy with the results
    Jen Moore (Verified User)

    I was very happy with the results I got at Positive Changes. Very professional, great service. I recommend the company to anybody for Stop Smoking – I even lost 21 lbs.

  •  compelled
    Mona Lott (Verified User)

    I signed up with PCH back in September 2010, BEFORE I read any reviews. I is expensive. However, in 2 months, I’ve lost 18 pounds so far… it seems to be working for me. After reading all the negative reviews, I feel compelled to add a positive one. Yes, the receptionists certainly could sometimes improve their ‘bedside manners’, but don’t the majority of us take our attitudes to work instead of leaving them at the front door? Yes, the personal sessions are scripted, but I’d rather have a scripted, guided session read to me with personal goals added in, than someone just ‘winging it’ and not adding the special suggestions they (PCH) have developed over time that do work. I had a personal session that I didn’t quite mesh with, and they did everything to fix my issue. So far, I’m quite pleased with the results, the staff and all that PCH has to offer. (Of course, I wish it was all free of charge, but seriously, nothing’s free anymore). Thank You Positive Changes Hypnosis Centers!

    • Jen Bridges

      I really like how you gave realistic feedback. It seems like most people either idealize the program or villianize it. So it ends up not being that helpful. Thanks for the thoughtful reply.

  •  My friend lost over 100lbs in about 9 months.
    friend of successful client

    My friend went to the Bellevue location to lose weight. He lost over 100lbs in about 9 months. He raves about how this has saved his life. My friend paid over $2000 for his program and he says it saved his life.

    • Ms.DiscoMermaid

      The Bellevue, WA location is where I go. The employees are very, very nice, especially the ladies at the front desk. When I listen to the tapes in the morning and evening like Im supposed to I lose weight, when I dont listen to them I fall off the wagon. What eveyone close to me has noticed is that I have much less anxiety. I really believe that the program works. Remember folks, its a tool, not a magic pill!!!

  • Would it treat anxiety?

    Would it treat anxiety?

    • Mary Anne

      Mary, this is wonderful for anxiety. I was in the program for about 1 year. Unfortunately the center in my city was closed. I lost weight (not as much as I had hoped for), but the biggest change was the decrease in overall anxiety. I used to have panic attacks on a regular basis and these have completely disappeared! I have taken out my CDs and stared listening to them again, hopefully I will do better with the weight this time around.

  • Quoted for 9 month program.

    Dana, i went there yesterday and was quoted 2477.00 for a
    nine month program.

  • are you actually hypnotized ever

    are you actually hypnotized ever

  • where did you do your hypnosis

    Fred, where did you do your hypnosis?