Sensa Reviews


Sensa sprinkles are supposed to curb hunger and help with weight-loss. The government has something to say about these claims.

What is Sensa?

Sensa, a product created by Alan Hirsch, quickly became one of the most popular weight-loss supplements on the market. Sensa apparently worked by enhancing the scent of foods and tricking the mind into believing that it was full, therefore triggering appetite suppression which, in turn, reduced the number of calories you consumed; promoting fast weight-loss.

Same as the Sprinkle Diet?

While the original “Sprinkle Diet’ worked out great for the company, they decided to come out with more products to supplement the original Sensa. There were six products in the Sensa line, all were geared to targeting something different to promote healthy weight-loss. The original Sensa was sprinkled on any food as if it were sugar or salt. You also have Sensa Slims which were individual use packets that were easy to keep on you in your purse or pocket.

The FTC and the Fall of Sensa

In January 2014, the FTC won a lawsuit against Sensa that claimed the company made weight-loss promises that were false. Beginning in December of that year, checks were mailed to dieters who purchased the product. More than $26 million was refunded.

Since that time, the official website and affiliate websites have disappeared. The only place you can purchase Sensa appears to be outside retailers like Amazon. Because it is no longer produced by the company, these could be old or fake products.

What Do We Have for You Here?

Here we have reviews on Sensa products. Read through the reviews to find out what to expect and what science says could actually happen. Before jumping in to purchase a product that may or may not work, you can learn everything you need to know.