2017-18 Best Personal Trainers

DietSpotlight Picks the Top Personal Trainers in the Nation.

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Once a second, a person is admitted to the hospital in the United States. That adds up to more than 30 million hospitalizations a year, leaving some hospitals stretching at the seams. Over three million of these admissions are connected to illnesses related to obesity.

Caring for people with obesity cost more than $175 billion in 2016 alone. Men and women fighting with severe obesity live with the possibility of decreases in quality of life and life expectancy.

This all lends to the fact that preventative health has taken a much bigger role than ever before.

The most direct means of fighting and preventing obesity is to seek out motivation, guidance and support from one of our country’s top certified personal trainers or fitness coaches.

For 2017-18, we’ve chosen to celebrate the top personal trainers. This list is not all-inclusive. If there are trainers or coaches in your area, a “superstar” if you will, contact us and we’ll take a look.

Many of the nation’s certified personal trainers and fitness coaches are trained in cardiovascular, HIIT and specialized training and all things metabolism. They aim to share that knowledge with clients, so they know how to exercise, how often to exercise and even how to make healthy dietary choices to achieve their goals and maintain a new, healthier life.

To evaluate personal trainers and coaches, we looked at several dimensions, including:

  • Ability to help clients start and maintain healthy exercise programs for weight loss.
  • Guidance that’s easy to follow.
  • Professionalism and personal interaction with clients.
  • Safe, trusted and researched methods.
  • An effective methodology to fight obesity and support healthy living.
  • Comprehensive take on fitness, incorporating beginner, intermediate and advanced options, along with macronutrient and nutrition advice.

Without waiting for another second, here are our top picks, in no specific order, for 2017-18: