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Dietspotlight.com’s Top 50 Diet Blogs

At Dietspotlight.com, we’ve read hundreds of blogs and websites discussing diets and dieting. We get over 25,000 visitors every day, and readers are always emailing us with their blogs, and with sites they think we’ll like. Check out some of our recent reviews. Out of all of the diet blogs we’ve checked out, these 50 are the ones we keep coming back to for healthy weight loss advice and tips. Some are entertaining, some are serious, and some are inspirational. If you’ve got a blog you think should be on here, drop us a line. Happy reading!


Blog Name

Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss
Diana’s Weight Loss Journey
Eating Bird Food
Curvy Fit Girl
Preppy Runner
The Healthy Apple
Yum Yucky
Runs for Cookies
Run Eat Repeat
Ron’s Weigh
No Thanks to Cake
Dairy of an Aspiring Loser Maintainer
Fit to the Finish
Cranky Fitness
The World According to Eggface
Fit This, Girl!
Beth’s Journey
It Sux to Be Fat
A Journey to Thin
Escape from Obesity
Happy Bubble Girl
My Journey to Fit
Too Hottie for that Body
Believing in Myself!
500 Days to Where I Want to Be
Beautiful Chunk
Just a One Girl Revolution
All the Weigh
Sparky & Slimming
Simply Nathalia
The Miscellaneous Mom
Fat Girl vs World
Brooke: Not on a Diet
Double Chin Diary
A Journey to Thin
Grace Got Healthy
Project Unfluff
Fatso: A Weight Loss Blog
Life of Rhi
My Plus Size Confessions
Xtine Danielle
I’m Done Being the Fat Girl
Trading Cardio for Cosmos
My New Normal
Loretta’s Journey
Half of Gabby
Mama Ames
The Failed Dieter
First Time Mom…and Losing It