Weight-Loss Comparison Chart Explained

How We Review Our Featured Products

Since 2008, we have reviewed over 15,000 diet products and heard from thousands of product users. We have selected rating criteria that our readers find important. We put together this comparison table so that readers can quickly and easily see how a product that they may be interested in compares to the top weight loss products currently on the market.

For more information on how we review products, look at the Dietspotlight Review Process explained.

The criteria we use to rate products are all things that our readers want to know about when choosing a diet or exercise product. They are:

Does the product have effective ingredients? We use research published in peer-reviewed journals and expert analysis to report whether science suggests effectiveness.

Is there a sample offer? Companies, from time to time, extend sample offers to new customers. Sample offers are especially important with supplements as some customers can quickly tell how they will react to the product ingredients.

Are there any testimonials? Customer reviews are a huge source of product information independent of research. We attempt to weed out reviews that are clearly from resellers or those biased in any way.

Does the product or company offer a money-back guarantee? A money-back guarantee is a reinforcement from the company that they believe in the product enough to take the loss if it is returned.

In many cases, we offer details on the return policy including the length of time to return, whether the product can be returned after use, how much money the customer can expect to be refunded and when the return period starts (at time of order, at time of shipment or at time of receipt.)

Featured Supplement Ratings

To rate the supplements listed in the chart, we review some of the most popular brands, based on our research into the four criteria mentioned above. We then average the results across all brands and report those results in the comparison chart.

We do not name the brands evaluated out of respect for the companies. We do, however, update our ratings regularly to reflect changes among popular products and across the four rating categories.