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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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Cape Fear Fitness is a small gym with two locations – Lillington and Southport, North Carolina. Despite the gym’s small size, popularity in the local community continues to grow. The Southport, North Carolina location is the newest of the two and may provide different facilities and customer support than the Lillington location. Cape Fear Fitness is owned by a local Southport, North Carolina couple who practice medicine in the community. The gym offers TRX training, spin classes, Zumba and free weights. You can choose to drop in for a day or purchase various gym memberships.

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  • North Carolina gym with various fitness classes.

Product Features

When reviewing a gym like Cape Fear Fitness, the first thing we look at are the membership prices and gym hours. Cape Fear Fitness offers contract and non-contract pricing. Customers can drop in for a day and pay $8 to use the gym or purchase a contract-free month for about $50. If you sign a one-year contract, you pay $35 a month or $45 a month for unlimited classes. There is also an unlimited membership that includes Zumba classes for $55 a month. These prices are listed for Cape Fear Fitness in Southport, North Carolina. The Lillington gym offers a completely different pricing structure with an initiation fee and monthly bank drafts or a full year payment for gym goers who want to skip the initiation fee.

As for hours of operation and class schedules, both locations leave a little to be desired. Cape Fear Fitness Lillington offers only five classes per week. Cape Fear Fitness Southport, on the other hand, offers multiple classes each day – seven days a week. We are unsure why the two locations have such different schedules.

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  • A gym membership with classes could help improve fitness and weight loss.
  • There are drop in and no-contract options available.
  • The going rate, on-contract, is comparable to other major gyms.


  • Paying $50 a month for gym access may be too expensive for some dieters.
  • Dieters tend to join local gyms as a spur of the moment decision and rarely maintain a fitness schedule.


We like the Southport location of Cape Fear Fitness more than the Lillington location simply because of the class schedule and zero initiation fee. We warn dieters to hold off on signing any contract for the first month or two to gauge whether or not heading off to the gym each day is a choice they are willing to stick with for the long haul.

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