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Cholacol is a weight loss product that helps to keep fat from absorbing into the bloodstream. Many people who have problems with weight either have too much fat in their diet or simply don’t get enough exercise to make up for it. The purpose of Cholacol is to keep extra fat from being metabolized. This can have either good or bad effects, depending on whether only fat is stopped. Fat is a critical nutrient, but if other nutrients are kept from the body, it can lead to malnutrition. If Cholacol is a good product, it would also be expected to have an appetite suppressant as well as a thermogenic ingredient. However, it’s worth mentioning that this product is meant for people who have had their gallbladders removed and are therefore unable to metabolize fat at all. We’ll review Cholacol to be sure it has these things. Many products make claims of being able to help the body to lose weight but aren’t able to follow through. Because of this we think it necessary to see what ingredients are included in Cholacol.


There are two main ingredients used in Cholacol. The first one is Collinsonia, which is an anti-inflammation agent used to help treat intestinal problems. The second ingredient is Bovine Bile Salt. This is retrieved from cow livers, and is used to help break down extra fats and salts that weren’t digested. This makes it easier to pass through the body.

We are pleased that no harmful stimulants or diuretics are included, because there are many weight loss products that do include these. Diuretics are highly unhealthy because they can lead the body to dehydration. If this really intended to be a weight loss product there should be appetite suppressants or the like included as well.

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The website doesn’t allow you to purchase Cholacol directly from it at the time of this review, but there is information about the ingredients and what the product is intended to do. On Amazon and other sites we were able to find it for approximately $12 per 90 capsules.

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  • There are no harmful stimulants included in this product.
  • It may have some weight loss benefits due to being able to absorb fat with proven ingredients.


  • It’s only intended for people who have had gallbladder surgery.
  • There aren’t any customer testimonials on the website that we could find. We feel that these are always important to have to maintain the company’s positive image.
  • No appetite suppressants are included.


This product would have some potential. However, because it’s only meant for people who have had their gallbladders removed it limits the number of people who can safely use it. There aren’t really any side effects listed, but it’s still best to not take the chance. We would recommend a product that has more appetite suppressants and other weight loss ingredients.

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  • 1

    I’ve been having pain symptoms right side stomach below rib cage. Doctor has me going for ultra-sound with possibility of gall bladder based on results. I work with someone who faced with the same 10 years ago started taking this product and the pain went away. Can I start taking Cholacol now and maybe avoid a surgery that I really don’t want? Can you take it without having your gall bladder removed?


    Arnold (Editor)

    Your doctor should access your risks and trade-offs with you. Discuss this product with them.


  • 2
    June Moss

    I was told by my chiropractor to take this and I still have my gall bladder. Is it ok to take this product if I still have
    my gall bladder


  • 3

    Marty, I just started taking this product, Cholacol, and it seemed to upset my stomach somewhat. I was taking two at every meal and last night ended up blocked up. I hear too much bile salts will keep you in the bathroom, but I had the opposite. Can’t find a happy median here post gallbladder surgery. My mom had the old fashioned surgery 40years ago at which time they left in a bile drip. Today they don’t do that thus we all deal with various side effects of the surgery each person differently come to find out.


  • 4

    I started using it in November, now I seem to have a problem getting to the restroom on time. Is this the cause of that? I have had my gallblatter removed.


  • 5

    Where do you find an expiration date for a bottle of product. I see something on the cardboard box 06 14, so is that it??

    One bottle said 4 tablets 15 mins before meals. Another bottle said 2 tablets at meal time.

    One bottle of tablets was solid ‘gray’ and tasteless.

    Another bottle had gray tablets with black spots and tasted horribly instantly.

    Was one of these bottles of tablets, out of date???


  • 6

    I have not had my gall bladder removed but my Dr.(medical doctor and alternate health doctor) said I should try cholacol 11 for abdominal acid (seems my gall bladder may not be functioning 100 per cent) even though the regular gall bladder tests came back normal ordered by my regular physician. It sure does seem like pervacid and other acid blockers don’t seem to be working that well. I also had a barium swallow test and I do have a little bit of a hiatal hernia. Any comments would be appreciated. Thank you.


    Teresa Roberts

    I too have not had my gallbladder removed, but my chiropractor (cross-trained in accupunture & herbs)prescribed Standard Process Cholacol, which I’ve been taking for about a month now, and definitely noticing less indigestion. Also fewer sleep problems in the early morning hours (which can indicate gall bladder and/or liver problems). I am taking one pill each morning. I’ve taken Standard Process for decades and it is an excellent brand. Completely plant-based, therefore easiest for my body to break down & implement.



    Bovine is not a plant.


  • 7
    Dianna Ulrey

    Is it safe to use during pregnancy?


  • 8
    Laura A. Wirt

    I have had my gallbladder removed. Now, my Dr. wants to put me on statin drugs for colosteral in my arteries. None of them agree with me. Would Cholacol help to reduce harmful colosteral? I have used cholacol for 7 years wih good results but have gotten away from the habit of “a pill a day” Can it help with both problems? Thanks



    Im taking cholacol gall bladder gone and have high LDL
    Should help both will get cholesterol checked and bet LDL will be normal


  • 9

    Have been using Cholacol for 6 months now (after gallbladder removal). Works like a charm! I take two before every meal and it prevents my cramping and diarrhea. Great product.


  • 10

    I have used this for years (after having gallbladder removed) and it has helped tremendously. Normally I just take one in the mornings but I have also tried taking it in the afternoon or evenings when I eat something fatty.



    Hey Jenn, have you noticed any side effects of any kind when you first started taking it? Does it cause any physical changes immediately?



    Yes i was nauseated at first so i notice bigger meals take2 tabs before meal
    1 tab if prior nausea
    I was tol by chiropractic. Doc to take 1 tab beta food with cholacol its by standard process


  • 11

    Does Cholacol interact with any drugs that are on the market, such as trandolapril, Amitiza, diltiazem, niacin, metformin?


  • 12

    My daughter had her gallbladder removed 2 years ago. She is 16 years old is it ok for her to use this product.


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