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The Curves 30 Day Diet Plan aims to give dieters a long-term solution to weight loss. The program addresses metabolism, shopping and healthy food choices. Curves is a women’s gym franchise located throughout the United States. The Curves 30 Day Diet is available for all members of the Curves gym free of charge at participating centers.

The Curves gym requires a monthly or yearly membership fee. The gym uses circuit training machines and music that constantly plays to control workouts. The dieter cannot use a machine for more than the designated time if there is a gym member behind them. This makes it hard to work on problem areas.

List of Ingredients

Small meals and controlled food intake for a boost in metabolism.

Product Features

When people gain weight, they tend to eat lots of refined carbohydrates and simple sugars packaged into three large meals every day. The first step in the Curves 30 Day Diet is to add two meals a day and reduce the size of all five meals. While sweets and refined carbohydrates are still allowed on the plan, they are only to be consumed in small amounts.

The plan was researched by Richard B. Kreider, PhD who tested the effects of the 30 Day Diet on weight loss and metabolism. According to his research, dieters lose more weight and there is a measureable increase in metabolism while following the Curves 30 Day Diet Plan.

There is very little information on the weight loss program and definitive foods and meal plans are not shared with website visitors. We assume foods like complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables are allowed on the plan, which is common in most weight loss diets.

The details of the plan focus on three meals and two snacks. Curves provides a list of approved recipes, meals, foods and snacks that the dieter can choose from.

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  • The Curves 30 Day Diet may help a dieter lose weight with regular exercise.
  • The plan is free to gym members.
  • Supports healthy meals and snacks.
  • Dieters are provided with a list of approved foods.


  • The Curves gym membership may be more expensive than some dieters would like to pay.
  • Circuit training may not be enough of a workout for all dieters.
  • No food list is available for dieters wishing to follow the plan.


Curves is known throughout the United States as the gym for women who hate gyms. The circuit training is guided with music that changes every minute or so. The Curves 30 Day Diet may support healthy eating, but without a gym membership the dieter cannot follow the program. We suggest finding a diet program that does not require a gym membership.

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