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The Daily Plate is a comprehensive diet assistance site. The site offers a food diary in which dieters can record everything they eat each day and the nutritional information for the snacks, meals and drinks. The Daily plate also has a calorie calculator to assist in recording calorie information on foods that do not have the information printed on the label.

To round out the comprehensive diet site, they also have a fitness section that tracks how many calories are burned in doing certain activities and allows you to add them to the site’s easy to use fitness log. The Daily Plate features pages that discuss many popular diet plans and post general information about what can be eaten on the diets.


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For users who have questions, or thrive in an environment with personal stories and support, this site has a well populated forum. Discussions in the forum vary from exchanging recipes, discussing fitness regimens and offering support for eating disorders. Users can post meal plans that include caloric information, making dieting easier for some. There are also interactive groups, separate from the forums, which allow users to meet with and talk to other users who fit in a certain category or share interests.

The interactive portions of the site are not staffed by medical professionals. Advice offered on the forums or in the groups is given by users with no medical experience or knowledge. The site does not recommend any particular diet plans or methods to weight loss.

To use The Daily Plate, you will need to sign up at a completely different website called LiveStrong.com. It says it is a free membership but you may be opted-in automatically for some newsletters and site information.

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  • Many recipes are available on The Daily Plate and it shows the calorie content for each one.
  • These websites are completely free to join.


  • You have to sign up through a different website to access The Daily Plate.
  • The Daily Plate is for those who feel they can lose weight with exercise and calorie counting.
  • There isn’t much information on this website about supplements.


Some people will really like The Daily Plate due to its very social nature. You are encouraged to share your goals and progress with other users which may make it easier for some people to stay on task. The forums of this site seem particularly active and full of useful information but it will still come down to individual motivation. Whether or not you choose to participate on The Daily Plate, we highly recommend adding in a powerful weight loss supplement to maximize your results.

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9 User Reviews about Daily Plate

  • 1

    I am using my plate for the first time and I made a huge mistake. I put that I ate 12 port sausages for breakfast. I dont know how I made that mistake . I need to know if there is some way it can be removed and I can put in the correct amount which was only 2 pork sausages.


  • 2

    Beware of the six-month sub which begins after only 5 day free trial. It costs $29.95!



    NO, you don’t have to subscribe after 5 days. That’s only if you want the “Gold” version. The regular (green) version is available indefinitely..


  • 3

    Does daily plate keep your information (diary, food items, exercise) indefinitely?


  • 4

    LOVE IT! The calorie tracker really opened my eyes to just how much I was (over) eating. It’s been just over 4 weeks and I’ve lost 7lbs! The +’s far outweigh any small disadvantges. Almost every food is available and if not, a similar substitute is available. AND – it’s FREE!


  • 5

    On the food dairy, how do I enter a custom food and input the calories, sodium, etc. myself? Publix GreenWise Organic light Vanilla Soy Milk.


  • 6
    juanita whitley

    my daughter and granddaughter have lost weight with your help


  • 7
    juanita whitley

    would like list of food from restrants


  • 8

    I love daily plate. I like that it shows me how to track not only calories, but the balance between carbs/fat/ and protein. I also like that it tracks fiber, sugar and sodium as well. It really helps me stay on track with my eating on a daily basis.