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FitOn App Review - 12 Things You Need to Know

The FitOn App – a free online fitness app that offers 100s of classes taught by celebrity trainers. Is FitOn App free forever, or are they offering a free trial followed by an expensive (and difficult to cancel) subscription? Our researchers logged on to find out.

The team checked out FitOn App reviews, investigated the science behind FitOn workouts, and tried some of FitOn’s streaming workouts to give you the bottom line on this free fitness app.

FitOn App can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is FitOn App?

What is FitOn App

FitOn markets itself as a free fitness app for modern women. Celebrity trainers stream various classes that include yoga, pilates, barre, strength training, cardio, high-intensity interval training, prenatal exercise, and postnatal workouts.

So, is FitOn app free forever, or are they only offering a free trial? The people at FitOn want to make quality streaming workouts from world-class trainers available to everyone. They promise that this free fitness app will remain open, and they will never sell your personal information for advertising purposes.

Users can upgrade to FitOn Pro for a monthly fee. FitOn Pro includes a customized diet plan, recipes, streaming music playlists, and integration with your favorite fitness wearables, and this is what research has to say about fitness apps in general:

  • Sports MedicineMore research is needed to determine the effectiveness of apps focusing on exercise and fitness goals.
  • JMIR mHealth and uHealthApps need to be careful when promoting fitness on apps to be sure healthy behaviors are being advertised.
  • mHealthFitness apps can be useful when the right tools are offered.

Is FitOn App Available Live?

The FitOn App offers both live streaming workouts and prerecorded workouts on demand.

FitOn App Competitors

Camp Gladiator
1st Phorm
Other similar products: Lifesum

Who Created FitOn App?

FitOn was created by Lindsay Cook, a working mom who struggled to find time for fitness. Lindsey loved studio classes, but they no longer fit into her busy schedule. So, she left her job as Vice President of FitBit and raised $4.6 million in equity financing to launch FitOn. FitOn was founded in 2018 in Los Angeles, California.

How to Contact FitOn App Customer Service

You can contact FitOn customer support through the chatbot on their official website. There is a paid version of the FitOn app called FitOn Pro. These PRO members may have access to additional contact information. Besides chatbot, you can also contact FitOn through a support ticket: https://help.fitonapp.com/support/tickets/new Or, Email: ios-support@fitonapp.com. If you need to return a product you can email: shop-support@fitonapp.com.

You can also choose to write to:

8605 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069


How Much Does FitOn App Cost?

You’ll never pay for fitness again with FitOn. FitOn streaming workouts are 100% free. Users can upgrade to FitOn Pro 6months for $23.99 (70% off original $79.99) or FitOn Pro 1 year for $29.99 (70% off original $99.99). The FitOn App cost covers a detailed diet plan, more than 500 recipes, streaming music playlists, and integration with your favorite wearable device.


Is There a Refund Policy?

The FitOn plan is non-refundable, but you can cancel your membership at any time. For their other products you can return or exchange within 45 days of the order receipt date. FitOn other products include Get Your FitOn Mat, Sculpt Resistance Bands, Hydrate Me Bottle, and Get Your FitOn Kit.


How Does FitOn App Claim to Work?

How Does FitOn App Claim to Work

Users enter their information on the FitOn login page, answer a few questions about their fitness goals, and start streaming workouts. This fitness exercise app provides easy-to-follow activities that you can do alone or with your friends. Most workouts require no extra equipment, and you can search for your next video by duration, ability level, intensity, or celebrity trainer.


Customer Reviews Say It All

One way to confirm its effectiveness is to look at the people who use the app. On Google Play, the app has a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5. Not too shabby for a fitness app! The reviews that gave the app less than 3 stars complained about the functionality of the app. Others complained about not getting everything for free.

However, on the Apple app store, the rating is 4.9 stars out of 5. This proves that people are truly enjoying the app despite not being completely free.

Program Details

Details on the FitOn App Program

The FitOn App offers streaming workouts, nutrition advice, and an informative fitness blog. The high-energy activities are taught by world-class trainers and celebrities, like Jonathan Van Ness and Gabrielle Union.

Stream workouts for every situation. Users can choose exercises that they can do in small spaces, with friends or with their kids. Some classes target a specific area, while others offer a full-body workout.

You can use the FitOn App on Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Samsung Smart TVs, LG Smart TVs, and Amazon Firestick.

Tech Integrations

Does it Integrate With Wearables or Health Programs?

The FitOn App supports:

  • Apple Watch
  • Garmin
  • Google Fit
  • FitBit
  • Samsung Watches (with FitOn PRO)
Weight Loss

FitOn App and Weight Loss

FitOn App and Weight Loss

To determine whether the FitOn App can help you lose weight, we investigated the science behind their most popular workouts.


Yoga isn’t only for flexibility. A 2013 study published in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine suggests that yoga is an effective way to maintain a healthy weight and prevent obesity. Another study, published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, found that yoga can reduce mindless snacking and binge-eating by increasing self-awareness and mindfulness.

Strength Training

According to a study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, strength training can increase your resting metabolism. The increase is admittedly small, but including strength training in your exercise regimen may help you reach your goals faster.

Another study published in Current Sports Medicine Reports found that resistance training could have some strong benefits on health.


Cardio is famous for a reason. The evidence, including a study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Medicine, shows that cardio burns more calories in overweight individuals than other exercises. The more you weigh, the more weight you’ll lose with regular cardio sessions.

High-intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) utilizes short bursts of intense exercise coupled with low-intensity activities designed for recovery. A study published in Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism suggests that HIIT burns more calories than cardio or strength training.

Postnatal Exercise

FitOn is a fitness platform designed by women for women, making sense that they include postnatal exercises in their streaming library.


FitOn App Warnings and Side Effects

Beginners should talk to their physician about starting a new FitOn plan and choose low-intensity workouts for the first few weeks.

Pros and Cons

FitOn App Pros and Cons

Did the FitOn App live up to our expectations? We weighed the pros and cons before we came to our final decision.


  • Overwhelmingly positive FitOn App reviews
  • Stream the FitOn App on Roku or your favorite device
  • Never pay for fitness again
  • World-class trainers
  • Easy to use app


  • Users reported difficulty canceling premium memberships
  • Geared towards people who are already in decent shape
  • Users reported problems with the FitOn login
Bottom Line

Bottom Line on FitOn App

A fitness exercise app is a great way to get moving, and we love that the FitOn plan is free, but studio-style classes are not for everyone. Some of the exercises were difficult for beginners, and it’s easy to become discouraged when you’re first starting your journey to better health.

Self-confidence plays a huge role in losing weight and keeping it off. That’s why we often recommend an app that was designed by nutritionists, personal trainers, and behavioral psychologists.

Among the best in weight-loss and lifestyle programs we’ve found is one called Noom. Our research into the app uncovered a clinical study showing that 77.9% of participants, out of more than 35,000, reported weight loss while using the program. With Noom you get a personalized plan, human coaching, a dedicated community of individuals like you, and more.

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FitOn App Review
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FitOn App

Is the FitOn app free?

The FitOn mobile app is free to download. There is an option to upgrade to FitOn Pro 6months for $23.99 (70% off original $79.99) or FitOn Pro 1 year for $29.99 (70% off original $99.99).

How much does FitOn app cost?

Fiton PRO 6months cost $23.99 (70% off original $79.99) while for 1 year it cost $29.99 (70% off original $99.99).

Can I get FitOn on my TV?

Yes, you can stream FitOn on your smart TV. Make sure both your phone and TV are connected to the same WiFi network and choose the “CAST” icon from the FitOn app.

Can people see your weight on FitOn?

No, others cannot see your weight on the FitOn app. The app offers a Private setting so none of your personal information is viewable by others.

How do I delete my FitOn account?

To delete your FitOn account, use a personal computer to login, not a mobile device. Navigate to Settings, then Edit Profile. At the bottom of the page you’ll find the option to delete your FitOn account.

3 FitOn App Reviews

  • FitOn is outstanding!
    Danielle Dubue (Verified Purchase)

    I absolutely love FitOn. It provides the outstanding variety of workouts I love, performed by amazing instructors. So easy to set up your days in advance with workouts you’ll love and stay motivated to keep on doing. And it’s free!!!

  • It is a Win Win for me
    Val (Verified Purchase)

    I like the Fiton App. Helps you decide what exercises you like and you see improvement on your ability to do the exercises the more you dothem so in my mind it works.

  • J (Verified Purchase)

    I’ve been using FitOn since April this year. As a beginner the obvious Pro is structured workouts. Different personalities, timed workouts, assimilation options and some tips helped me get a good start. We can leave reviews for each workout and I like the evolving content. The con is that whether you have 20 or 200 lbs to lose, never having done a workout program leaves some bruising on joints. The majority of workouts are designed for impact in more ways than one. Burpees for example, I mentioned in reviews shouldn’t be in a level one class. The trainers are also pressed for time but they make a good effort to provide some modifications and science behind the moves. Overall, I understand these are celebrity trainers and have a specific clientele. The workouts also reflect a junkie fitness community, searching for intensity and impact. It’s not necessarily the trainers I refer to, but the niche of fitness amaeturs. As beginners go through this journey, it’s important to figure out how far you want to take your fitness level. For me, I want to lose weight but not gain inflammation and overall, develop functional strength. Compared to other apps I’ve checked out, I’ve stuck with it because unlike a personal trainer, this content allows me the comfort of choosing my workout, who’s teaching, streaming is great, a taste of everything. Haven’t tried Pro because I don’t have 200 bucks for a watch and wasn’t too keen on the meal menu.

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