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Daniel Chapter One is a health care company, healing ministry, and producer of over 200 nutritional supplements. Daniel Chapter One was founded by Jim and Tricia Feijo in 1986, as a health store and healing ministry. Mr. Feijo then developed the idea of BioMolecular Nutrition and BioMolecular Nutritional Supplements after noticing special needs of his customers. He believes that patients fighting diseases like cancer have the same energy demands as athletes. Daniel Chapter One nutritional supplements are designed to meet those needs. Mr.Feijo has a background in biology and chemistry, while Mrs. Feijo is a professional homeopath. They lecture around the world, and have a call-in radio show.


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Product Features

Daniel Chapter One is a health care company, healing ministry and producer of over 200 nutritional supplements. The company mission is to promote healthy eating, natural healing, living to glorify God and to serve others. The company website has the nutritional supplement information, extensive history about the company and founders, testimonials, health care petitions, and links to the ministry. All of the products can be purchased through the website, but the product information on the site does not contain specific ingredient information. Some of the products do not have much information about them on the site, including indications for use.

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  • Daniel Chapter One products are purchased directly from the website.
  • Daniel Chapter One has customer testimonials on the corporate website.


  • Daniel Chapter One product ingredients are not disclosed on the website.
  • Daniel Chapter One does not have clinical studies documented on their website.


Daniel Chapter One is a health care company that produces over 200 nutritional supplements. They also state that they are a healing ministry. They offer not only the supplements, but radio shows, articles, and the owners lecture around the world. Customer testimonials are posted on their website, however their products do not have clinical study information published showing the effectiveness of their products. In fact, some of the products for sale do not have descriptions that offer indications for use. The products also do not have published ingredients. Consumers should not ingest products that they do not have a full disclosure of ingredients for. Consumers should always contact their physician before taking a new supplement, especially if they are also taking prescribed medications. These products are marketed as nutritional supplements, not weight loss products.

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5 User Reviews about Daniel Chapter One

  • 1
    Arlette Harcourt

    I was a fairly recent customer but the products I bought from Daniel Chapter One products very efficient and without any noticeable side effects. One in particular had become an essential for my condition and I do not know how to replace it.
    From my experience I gave them a 4 stars rating.


  • 2

    Every Daniel chapter one product I have used had helped me. From curing cacdidiasis that docters had tried to cure for months which was cleared with Daniel chapter one cleared up to help with allergies and weight loss. Shamefully the fda has won in court to shut them down because they will not be quiet about how these things work. 4/7/2015.


  • 3

    we have a christian ministry on the internet and building a website. our ministry is to share God word the holy bible, But most of servive our Lord Jesus Christ..


  • 4
    Nicole Smith

    I have bad breathe and a bad body odor and I have tried everything I can think of… Do u have anything that will help this problem?


  • 5

    Total Scammers!!! Don’t give them your credit card number or the charges will never stop!