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Dexatrim Green Tea Formula has undergone a few changes over the years. When the formula was first introduced it was an ephedra-based fat burner that garnered wonderful weight loss results. This was true of all weight loss products containing ephedra. Ephedra was banned for the final time in 2006, after which all products containing ephedra replaced this ingredient with synephrine or another stimulant. In the case of Dexatrim Green Tea Formula, the ephedra was replaced with green tea, a natural source of caffeine. There are 50 mg of caffeine per caplet and the dieter is instructed to take three caplets per day. This is far less caffeine than many fat burners, but the right amount for weight loss.

List of Ingredients

Green Tea Leaf, Calcium and Asian Ginseng.

Product Features

Dexatrim Green Tea Formula no longer includes ephedra as the main stimulant, but it also contains no appetite-suppressing ingredients. Typically, fat burners will include an appetite suppressant because stimulants increase metabolism and hunger. Dexatrim Green Tea Formula is a source of caffeine, which is proven to stimulate metabolism so the dieter may find they are hungrier after taking the supplement than they were before taking it.

We are thrilled with the 600 mg of green tea included in one caplet. The dieter will take a total of 1,800 mg of green tea every day. This is more than three times the proven amount of green tea. In addition to packing quite a green tea punch, Dexatrim Green Tea Formula is standardized to include 270 mg of EGCG every day.

The calcium is an added benefit, but without vitamin D, zinc and magnesium, very little of the 100 mg included in the formula will be absorbed. This is a huge oversight as calcium is proven to increase fat loss up to 69-percent in animal studies.

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  • Dexatrim is a name that has been around for decades.
  • The formula contains just enough caffeine to boost metabolism.
  • There is more than enough green tea and EGCG in the formula.
  • Cheaper than other fat burners.


  • The ephedra fat burner called Dexatrim Green Tea Formula may still be floating around for sale.
  • There are no appetite suppressing ingredients.


There are more positives than negatives in terms of the Dexatrim Green Tea Formula, but the negatives could be strong enough to stop the dieter from losing weight. Taking calcium without magnesium can lead to constipation. If that occurs, the dieter may gain weight instead of losing weight. Taking calcium also requires zinc and vitamin D for proper absorption, neither of which are included in the formula. The supplement also needs an appetite suppressant to keep hunger at bay.

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