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What You Should Know

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Diet Doc is a weight loss company that claims weight loss is as simple as following an hCG diet program. HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is a reproductive hormone released during pregnancy. After decades of clinical research and study, no weight loss benefits have been found when using an hCG supplement. According to the National Institutes of Health, hCG diet programs like those offered by Diet Doc work because the followers eat 500 calories or less every day.

List of Ingredients

Diet programs and supplements with hCG.

Product Features

The front page of the Diet Doc website introduces visitors to the real people who’ve lost weight using Diet Doc. There are before and after pictures and stories of weight loss nearing 100 pounds. While these weight loss numbers are truly impressive, there is a small star next to one of the claims that reveals just how the dieters lost weight. According to Diet Doc, weight loss on the level of the dieters shown is achieved by following the hCG weight loss program for the complete duration suggested.

The fine print states dieters are allowed to eat between 700 and 1250 calories per day, but there are also exercise requirements on the Diet Doc program. Walking is the suggested basic exercise. Dieters are supposed to walk 30 minutes per day, which can burn up to 200 calories. If you subtract the 200 calories from the 700 calories at the minimum intake for the Diet Doc hCG diet, you get the 500 calorie total intake for the day commonly associated with the Simeons version of the hCG diet.

When we visited the Diet Doc Shop we noticed the recommended dietary intake of 700 to 1000 calories per day. This total is 250 calories less than Diet Doc claims on the official diet page.

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  • Diet Doc supports reducing caloric intake and exercise daily.


  • Diet Doc supports hCG diets and medications/supplements.
  • There is no clinical support for using hCG prescriptions or supplements for weight loss.


Diet Doc is just another hCG diet plan with hCG prescriptions and medications. The before and after photos and weight loss totals are impressive, but anyone who sticks with a very low calorie diet for more than 40 days is going to lose weight. The dieters will also lose muscle mass because hCG diets are notoriously deficient in healthy proteins and fats. Dieters can lose weight by reducing caloric intake to healthy levels and exercising regularly without depleting muscle mass in the process.

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