Firestarter Fat Burner Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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Firestarter Fat Burner is a new fat burning diet supplement that claims to give you all day fat burning power without the crash presented in other pills. It contains several different stimulant ingredients designed to help melt the pounds away. Will it work like it promises to? Is it worth the investment?

List Of Ingredients

Firestarter Fat Burner includes: Ephedra Extract – 30 mg, Acacia Rigidula 98% extract, Phenylethylamines – 105mg, Caffeine – 200mg, Green Tea – 50mg, Synephrine – 25mg, Yohimbine – 2 mg, Theobromine – 50mg, Ginger root – 25mg, Hoodia gordonii – 25mg, Cassia Nomame – 25mg and Griffonia seed – 5mg.

Product Features

Firestarter contains a lot of fat burning ingredients. The ephedra extract, caffeine, green tea, synephrine, yohimbine, and theobromine are all fat burners, though we know there is not enough green tea in the formula for it to be effective. Since the average person needs 1000mg of green tea per day for optimum effect, the 25mg leaves it quite short. The product claims to use time release technology to help avoid the burst of energy followed by a crash. This way, you can get steady energy all day long without having to experience the crash that often leaves you feeling worse than you did before.

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  • This formula contains proven fat burners.


  • Firestarter is composed of a proprietary blend.
  • Though Ephedra extract is safer than the alkaloids that were banned in the United States, they are also much less effective in burning fat. The product website mentions ephedra, but not the difference between what is legal and what was banned.
  • There is not enough green tea in the formula for it to be an effective fat burner.
  • The supplement may be too expensive for some at $50 for 90 capsules, which will last about a month.
  • The main product website lacks information about the company.
  • There is no mention of a money back guarantee.
  • There are no customer testimonials.
  • Those who are sensitive to stimulants should avoid this product.


Though this seems like it would be a good supplement for those who are interested in building a lot of muscle and working out on a regular basis, it likely isn’t the solution the average dieter with a few pounds to lose is looking for. We recommend looking for something that is not as heavy on the stimulants, and is proven to help burn fat or suppress the appetite for best results. Combine the supplement use with a balanced diet and exercise program to lose more weight.

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    Stephen Campbell

    I am now on my second month of using Firestarter 10X by Crossfuel Pure Performance and after trying so many other fat burners in the midst of losing 106lbs over the course of 4 years I have to say this was the best one yet. I truly believed Ripped Freak was number one up until I tried Firestarter but over time I felt some pain in my kidneys as well as jitters and crash from it. Firestarter seems to be very clean and much easier on the body, the thermogenesis effect is much more noticeable and listed ingredients give me more comfort about what I am putting in my body. Firestarter will not disappoint and I plan on sticking with it whenever I plan on pushing past any plateau when cutting. Its great, highly recommended


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