First Endurance Review

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What You Should Know

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First Endurance Optygen is a supplement that is designed to maximize oxygen utilization. Although First Endurance appears to have been designed for cyclists, it might be well suited for other athletes as well.

First Endurance Optygen can be found on various internet sites including and The lowest price at the time of this review was found to be $49.95 for 90 capsules.

List of Ingredients

Chromium as Chelavite amino acid Chelate, Cordyceps CS-4 as Cordyceps Sinensis and Mycelia Biomass, ATPro Matrix as Calcium Pyruvate, Sodium Phosphate, Potassium Phosphate, Ribose, Adenosine, Rhodiola Extract as Rhodiola Rosea Root.

Product Features

This product also claims to increase anaerobic threshold, reduce lactic acid, and help the body to cope with high levels of physical stress. This product is designed to help athletes reach their optimum performance.

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  • This product is based on scientific research and clinical trials.
  • Although some reviews have been negative, most customers of this product have experienced very good results.


  • This product is designed to be used by serious athletes and should not be taken without approval of a doctor, especially for those who are not participating in any form of serious exercise.
  • First Endurance Optygen, like many other exercise supplements, must be used for an extended period of time before the body starts to show any results. Waiting around for the product to begin working can be both very discouraging and expensive.
  • This product is not recommended for year-round use, because the body can become very accustomed to it. This means that any results will most likely go away soon after the use of this product is stopped. The product must also be used consistently throughout the season of training in order for the results to remain.
  • This product will not work for everyone. It has received mixed reviews from customers. One side effect that was mentioned was indigestion. When the use of this product is discontinued, another result will be fatigue.
  • This product is not a weight loss product. It does not advertise itself this way and it should not be used by people who are trying to lose weight.
  • This product is expensive, which might be a frustration to many would-be customers.


First Endurance Optygen is not designed to increase an athlete’s speed, but to help him or her to train at a higher intensity. However, this will not necessarily help a person to lose weight. This product does not in any way advertise itself as a weight loss product and is actually designed for healthy, fit people to use to increase their athletic training. People who are looking for a weight loss supplement should look elsewhere for a pill that will help them to shed pounds.

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