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Freak N Shredded is a fat burning supplement designed to work with a bodybuilder’s metabolism. This supplement will not work for the average dieter. The stimulants in the formula are much stronger than those used in common diet supplements, thus the dieter could suffer from jitters, shakes, nausea and other negative side effects. In addition to the stimulants in the formula, there is a LipoLean Matrix that claims to add 664,125 mg to the formula. There is no way the LipoLean Matrix contains 664,000 mg because 664,000 mg weighs about 1 ½ pounds.

List of Ingredients


  • Trimethylxanthine
  • Synephrine Alkaloid
  • Octopamine Alkaloid
  • 1, 3 Dimethylamylamine HCL
  • LipoLean Matrix

Product Features

The Ultra Voltage Complex, which contains four stimulants, is the main set of ingredients in the formula. Caffeine, synephrine, octopamine and dimethylamylamine are all known to increase heart rate, blood pressure and, in some cases, cause heart palpitations. These ingredients are not safe for dieters with a history of heart trouble, kidney disease, liver disease and other health conditions. Before taking this supplement, it is best to contact your physician, especially if you are taking prescription medications, before taking this supplement.

The LipoLean Matrix claims to contain 664,000 mg and that is impossible. There are no ingredients listed for the matrix so the dieter has no idea what makes up this portion of the supplement.

The product description for Freak N Shredded claims “fat melts away spontaneously”. That is another false claim. There are no weight loss or fat loss supplements that melt away fat without a healthy diet and exercise program.

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  • Some of the ingredients are listed online.
  • Contains caffeine – proven to boost energy and metabolism.


  • Not all ingredients are revealed.
  • Contains multiple stimulants.
  • Contains an ingredient that may cause heart palpitations.
  • The LipoLean Matrix should weigh more than one pound per dose that means the entire bottle weighs more than 60 pounds.


Freak N Shredded is a fat burning supplement that will increase energy and may increase metabolism. Some of the ingredients are listed in the product description, but only the stimulants. The remaining ingredients are hidden behind the LipoLean Matrix, but the matrix is a mystery. Dieters should not take any supplements that don’t reveal all ingredients. Some of the hidden ingredients could cause negative side effects, or worse, deadly side effects.

If you want to take a trustworthy supplement, you can choose green tea or small amounts of caffeine as long as your doctor approves of the use of stimulants. Chromium is a natural appetite suppressant that may also help.

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    lol. Can’t believe it says 664,125,000 mg… That amount of lipolean matrix would stretch around the planet 25 times. Fact.