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The George DeJohn Fat Loss program consists of two different parts: a detoxification program and a 30 Day program for weight loss. Both of these programs are backed with medical support and each program does a good job of focusing on different areas of weight loss.


The ingredients vary for each program. There was no detailed information as to what each supplement used on the diet contained. This is a red flag as no diet should be unwilling to disclose ingredients to the people who will be using them.

Product Features

The 21 Day Detoxification program uses a restriction on diet and offers supplementation to prepare your body for the 30 day weight loss program. The 30 day weight loss program offers a restriction of diet and two additional supplements which are provided by the program.

For the first ten days of the program, you are supposed to only eat organic produce and fresh fruit along with the supplements provided. For the remaining 11 days, you are to eat fruits, vegetables, and some protein.

For the 30 Day Weight Loss program, you are under diet restrictions with two additional supplements-the Trim Balance and World’s Best Protein Powder (used to make shakes.) Ingredients in these supplements will do a good job at promoting overall health but very little will actually help you lose weight from what is known about the supplements. The World’s Best Protein Powder is an natural whey powder meant to build lean muscle mass.

In addition to all of this, there is an exercise plan that has online support and help. These programs retail for $270 and $155, plus $13 shipping and handling, respectively.

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  • Supported by medical staff.


  • Very expensive program.
  • No satisfaction guarantees make these purchases really risky.
  • No full disclosure of ingredients.


George DeJohn’s Fat Loss program does an excellent job of addressing weight loss and exercising. There are several good things about these programs, but there are several bad things too. The professional website and medical support are pluses, but, the lack of a full ingredient list, the expense and the lack of a guarantee are definite bad signs. When you are looking for a diet or weight loss supplement, make sure you find something that has medical support, a full ingredient list, and something you can afford. Combine a proven weight loss supplement with a healthy exercise program and diet which includes plenty of water and you will be able to lose weight with ease.

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    Willie Stubblefield

    Can water be used instead of milk for the shakes.


  • 2

    I lost 80 pounds in less that 6 months with George’s programs. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is motivated to lose weight. Well worth the money.


  • 3

    We have a guarantee now and all ingredients have been listed for a several years. it was just hard to find on the old site.
    Thanks for the review.


  • 4

    George is the best, great advice with his years of experience.


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