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Giant Sports is a sports nutrition company specializing in protein powders and metabolism boosting supplements. The company has been in operation for decades with the motto of making products better than the competition. One thing noticeable about Giant Sports is the inclusion of the medical advisory board. This team of medical professionals has more than 75 years experience in the health field. Each product is approved by the medical board prior to marketing the product.

All of the products from Giant Sports are available on the website or third-party ecommerce site around the world. The product line is relatively inexpensive and is sold with a no questions asked money-back guarantee.

List of Ingredients


  • Sports nutrition company specializing in dietary supplements.

Product Features

We found two products available for purchase on the Giant Sports website. The company sells protein powder and Dexamine, a stimulant pill. Each of the products is available on the website as well as on third-party ecommerce sites. We noticed the price was in-line with the expectations of the budget-conscience dieter. The products cost approximately $23 for the protein and $40 for Dexamine.

We took a closer look at the medical advisory board, considering this is not a typical feature for a supplement company. Each of the licensed physicians is personally involved with the testing of Giant Sports supplements. We would have liked to see the clinical trials or a minimum of a link so dieters would review.

When we looked though the website, we noticed the ingredient listing available. The protein consisted of a protein blend and essential amino acids. Dexamine is a different story. The product is laced with stimulants, including caffeine, green tea and Advantra Z. If the incorrect dosage is taken, a dieter’s heart rate could rise to a potentially dangerous level.

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  • The ingredient listing is available on the website.
  • The products are reviewed by a medical board.
  • The products are relatively inexpensive.


  • The products contain a potentially dangerous amount of stimulants.
  • The products are potentially not safe for dieters sensitive to caffeine.
  • There is no guarantee of weight loss.
  • Although the products are reviewed by physicians, there is no links to clinical trials.


We feel as if Giant Sports is heading in the right direction. Instead of selling products similar to others on the market, simply stick with one or two and make them great. The protein powder has proven weight loss ingredients, without the harmful stimulants. The dietary supplement is a different story. We feel as if the medical advisory board did not due the average dieter justice by not addressing the potential dangers of the hardcore thermogenic.

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