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Leptopril (acute metabolic regulator) is a diet pill that aims to reduce the weight of those “significantly overweight.” This basically means dieters who’re at least 20 pounds overweight. Leptopril is said to contain “powerful stimulates,” which supposedly supply the user with ample energy and reduce the occurrence of diet fatigue. As opposed to many other diet supplements and programs, Leptopril is not geared toward individuals that are merely attempting to drop a few pounds. This diet medication contains a very “powerful anorectic agent.”

Leptopril is a diet supplement developed for men and women alike. As with any diet pill or medication, your doctor should be consulted prior to taking Leptopril. This supplement in particular endeavors to address your body weight issues primarily within the two-hour period after a meal. Unlike many other diet drugs, Leptopril is claimed to “keep sugar out of the dieter’s bloodstream.” This process is said to prevent the storage of fat in the body. In addition, the energy Leptopril provides is said to assist the dieter in burning more calories, hence losing excess body weight. This diet supplement is directed to be taken twice daily with meals. The user consumes two pills with eight ounces of water. While Leptopril is not commonly prescribed with a fitness regimen, dieters are instructed to eat healthy while taking Leptopril. Similar to most diet regimens and programs, the results of Leptopril are said to vary from person to person since everyone has a different metabolic rate.

List of Ingredients

Not given.

Product Features

Leptopril is an acute metabolic regulator that is taken two times each day with meals and eight ounces of water. The stated purpose of Leptopril is to prevent sugar from entering the dieter’s bloodstream, which supposedly hinders fat production and storage. Leptopril sells for $74.99, which is a one-month supply. It’s only intended to be taken by individuals who’re at least 20 pounds overweight and having difficulties dropping the excess fat. Leptopril is said to boost energy levels. burn more calories, and decrease unwanted fatigue.

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  • Leptopril is for sale via the official website, which makes it convenient to purchase.
  • Leptopril appears to be available without a prescription.
  • Leptopril comes in a simple pill form.
  • Leptopril is suited for men and women.


  • The official Leptopril website lacks substantial information on the product’s ingredients.
  • Leptopril may prove somewhat pricey for some dieters since is runs $74.99 for a one-month supply.
  • Leptopril is only suited for dieters who’re at least 20 pounds overweight.
  • Some individuals may have a negative reaction to certain ingredients in Leptopril.
  • People that suffer from health afflictions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart trouble and hypertension should not take Leptopril.
  • There appears to be minimal clinical research offered that supports Leptopril as an effective diet drug.
  • Leptopril does not offer a money-back guarantee.


As anyone can see, there are countless options at your disposal when it comes to diet supplements and programs. While Leptopril is one diet pill that’s geared toward “significantly overweight” individuals, you should certainly consult a physician prior to taking Leptopril or any diet drug. On the bright side, Leptopril comes in a convenient pill form, however, some concerns may arise regarding the official website. If Leptopril came with a money-back guarantee or the official website offered an ingredient list, the product might be easier to market.

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  • 1

    I have been taking Leptopril since Feb 22, 2014 and I have not lost a pound not even a 1/4 of a pound, I am very unhappy with the results. My bottle is almost gone.


  • 2

    can you taken leotopril if you have type 2 diabetes


  • 3

    I have been taking leptopril for about one week and I am gaining weight?? Go figure !


  • 4

    alguien con alta resion ha tomado leptopril? has tenido efectos secundarios? cuales? por favor dejame saber para ver si las compro o no…Gracias!

    has anyone with high blood pressure ever taken this pill? If so how did your body react? Please tell me…Thanks!!


    Your Name

    So far nothing changed, been taking it for 1 month and lost nothing.


  • 5
    lorea hebble

    i dont think many doctors
    know about this product. i
    have taken some of itbut
    think i got afraid because
    of my age of 87. can you
    bring me up to date on this? thanks Lorea hebble


  • 6

    Will by breast and muscle size be reduced as well while taking these diet pills?


  • 7

    has anyone with high blood pressure ever taken this pill? If so how did your body react? I have highblood pressure, but I also work out intensly 3 times a week, but I need to shed 80 pounds to enlist into the USMC! And my doctor(a while ago, I don’t have health insurance now) said that my blood pressure will go down once i reach a reasonable weight. Please help!

    I’m 18, and female, and I weigh 200 lbs. Thanks in advance!


  • 8

    Hi, i have a question, how many pills do i have to take o a day and how often?



    You can start with one as it says on the bottle and if u have no abnormal signs they u can increase I’m using 2 becuz at the top on the bak of the bottle it says for maximum weight loss take 2 so I’m takin to for breakfast n dinner for 2 weeks 2 c weather. I should buy another bottle bcuz I took this 1 from my mom


  • 9

    I just bought Leptopril and I am wondering if I will be happy with these pills or if i wasted my money?



    I don’t think it is a waste of money. I have used it in the past and lost a little weight but didnt stick to it. I am starting them again and hope for the same results as my friends have had…


  • 10

    i was wondering if i could take leptopril while takeing birth control and if there are any side effects


  • 11

    i was wondering if could take leptopril while takeing birth control and if there are any side effects while takeing it



    though it is believed that diet pills may reduce the effectiveness of BCP’s, there is huge lack of documentation supporting the idea.


  • 12

    the first time i used this i lost 20 lbs in a month this time it doesnt seem to be working at all,why?


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