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The Looking Trim weight loss supplement offers several benefits, or so the manufacturers claim. These benefits include appetite suppression, decreased glucose levels, raised ability to burn fat and enhanced muscle mass for the user. The manufacturer also states that taking Looking Trim is helpful in lowering cholesterol. According to the advertisements, this type of supplement imitates some of the body’s natural hormones for a more effective weight loss product. They say that a person that is taking Looking Trim will be able to more effectively lose weight because it teaches the body how to deal with the foods that need to be processed. The creators state that not only does the product allow a person to lose weight; it is also a multi-stimulant. Looking Trim claims that the tablets can boost metabolism, increase mental production and amplify energy.

There are several places around the internet or local retail stores that supply Looking Trim. Many locations offer sales or discounts for multiple purchases. Usually, a buyer can obtain this product for around $70 a bottle. This will give you 60 capsules. The recommended dosage is 1 tablet a day.

List of Ingredients

The Looking Trim supplement has several ingredients. These include but are not limited to Bee Pollen, Lotus Root, Hoodia Gordonii, Green Tea and Piper Longum.

No full list is given.

Product Features

These ingredients are natural compounds. The manufacturers claim that Looking Trim contains other components, as well as around 70 other trace minerals.

Each ingredient is claimed to function as a dietary supplement. However, these components also help other ailments that may be present in a user’s digestive system. Piper Longum is a pain reliever and anti-histamine. Green Tea lowers blood clotting as well as improves the immune system. Bee Pollen assists in extending stamina. The manufacturers claim that each ingredient works well together to provide various benefits.

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  • All natural ingredients.
  • The components of Looking Trim are designed with to offer many health benefits, not just act as a weight loss supplement.


  • Looking Trim is loaded with stimulants. This may cause a risk in people with higher caffeine intake or raised hormone levels.
  • Reviews and testimonials from individuals could not be located.
  • The price is incredibly expensive when you consider the number of tablets that come in a bottle.
  • With the amount of stimulants as well as diverse ingredients, individuals with certain health problems may be at risk when taking this product.
  • In Looking Trim’s advertisements, it does not say that these tablets should be taken along with a healthy diet and exercise regiment.


The ingredients in Looking Trim seem to work well in theory. An individual may be able to gain energy and lose weight as the manufacturers claim. However, with the high concentration of stimulants in this formula, the product may be fairly dangerous. A person with already-present health risks should contact a doctor before beginning use of the Looking Trim supplement. A healthy diet and exercise routine is vital for a person to loose weight as well as feel fantastic. With no reviews or testimonials from individuals that have tried Looking Trim, it is difficult to say if this product works as described.

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