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VPX Meltdown is a “kitchen sink” type of weight loss aid, meaning that it does not focus on one theory of weight loss but mixes several ingredients with different effects. VPX Meltdown is marketed to men but would work equally as well on women.

According to VPX Meltdown’s marketing, it will increase mental clarity, and burn fat at an unprecedented rate. VPX uses ingredients meant to increase metabolism, burn fat, and suppress cravings all in the same product. We’ll have a closer look at the ingredients in VPX Meltdown below to see if it is likely to be able to deliver on those promises.

We were unable to locate an official website for VPX Meltdown which concerns us. The highest-rated weight loss aids produce dedicated websites that thoroughly explain the product. We will be relying on descriptions drafted by third party online retailers. We did not find any indication of a manufacturer’s money-back guarantee or product samples available before purchase. VPX Meltdown retails for around $37 for 40 pills. At the suggestion ingestion rate of 1-2 pills 2-3 times per day, a bottle would last 6-20 days which makes the monthly cost quite expensive compared with competitive products.


According to several third part retailers, the ingredients in VPX Meltdown are Caffeine Anhydrous, M-TTA (Methyl Tetradecythioaetic Acid), Yerba Mate Extract, 3′-5′-cAMP (3′-5′-Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate), Methyl-Synephrine HCI, R-beta-Methylphenylethylamine, N-Methyl-beta-Phenylethylamine, 11-Hydroxy Yohimbine, Yohimbine HCI, alpha-Yohimbine, and Methyl-Hordenine HCI.

Product Features

VPX Meltdown claims that it has developed some of the ingredients in its own laboratories and that this is why the product is so effective. However, without clinical testing being written up in a respected and peer-reviewed journal, there is no way to confirm those claims. We do like to see that thermogenesis is one of the weight loss methods targeted by VPX Meltdown. Thermogenesis is a process in the body that generates heat, increases metabolism, and breaks down adipose (fat) tissue. Caffeine is a common thermogenic ingredient in weight loss products and it is in VPX Meltdown along with Yerba Mate, a rainforest plant that contains a gentler form of caffeine.

VPX Meltdown also contains methyl-synephrine, a chemical cousin to the now-banned ingredient, ephedra, a powerful appetite suppressant. None of the other ingredients in VPX Meltdown peak our interest as many are common weight loss aid ingredients.

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  • Contains proven thermogenic ingredients.
  • Widely available from online retailers.


  • No official web presence.
  • No money-back guarantee.
  • No links to clinical trials supporting the effectiveness of the product or its ingredients.
  • May cause nausea. (See reader comments.)


We find VPX Meltdown to be a middle-of-the-pack weight loss aid. We would have been more impressed if it had contained green tea extract along with the caffeine as both work together synergistically. Keep in mind that if you do choose to try this product, you may not be able to get your money back if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

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  • 1

    Back in July 2014, I decided to try the meltdown 2. it was stronger and lived up to its expectations. however I started developing hives then in December 2014 my throat almost closed. the thing that saved my life was the benadryl I took. then march 3rd 2015 it happen again. so I was wondering what caused this everything traces back to the meltdown 2. so I wouldn’t trust this product after its been discontinued. Hydroxycut is more safer.


  • 2

    I’ve been taking this for a week. I like it. However, it’s giving me the most unbearable heartburn ever. Everything I eat burns when it goes down. This side effect has been sudden and quite bothersome…to the point that I won’t be taking it anymore.


  • 3

    Review based on my physical body type. I am super fit, athlete, 36, amateur body builder, but lean alreay 6’1″ 182lbs. Not necessarily looking to lose weight, but drop body fat from ~10% down to under 5%, while maintaining weight and putting on lean mass. This product is more designed for that, for athletes or folks already in decent shape looking to tone up and lean out while maintaining most lean mass. It is not a great weight loss or meta fat loss product. I take 5 – 6 pills a day, 3 immediately upon waking and then 1 prior to my first workout and another after my second workout (before 5th meal). The key here is knowing how to eat right (how many times a day) being disciplined on when you intake your proteins, fats and carbs… and WORKING OUT HARD. This is not a novice fat loss product, but a product designed for people in a regimented fitness routine who eat right and are disciplined. If you use it right and balance these things it works great, but also take other appropriate supplements (vitamins, fish oils, for men (creatine, protein, tribulus or other testosterone/hormone support)). The bottom line is educate yourself and manage your lifestyle. Overall, I like this product. Price wise it is right and is available for $17.99 at Wal-mart for 90 pills. I have no side effects other than high energy and fast heart rate prior to exercise in the morning, but once I train it normalizes. I consume at least 6,000 calories a day in 6 meals consisting of lean protein (chicken or fish) simple fats and simple and complex carbs in the right ratios at the right times. It is important to incorporate both strength movements (lifting!) and cardio and separate them into individual workout sessions. Get a trainer if you do not know how to workout for your body type or you are wasting your time and money with this product. If you are obese… THIS IS NOT THE PRODUCT FOR YOU!.

    This product does not suppress my appetite. I eat like a horse as I would actually like to gain weight while taking it, all be it lean muscle only. I maintain my weight, but drop body fat % with this product. Also important to note that I run at least 25 miles a week and do cardio other than running as well (bike, complex eliptical, krav maga) and I also power lift.

    Remember the key to weight loss and fitness is not a pill you take! IT IS NUTRITION, PROPER REST and then exercise in that order.

    Don’t fool your self. Be encouraged, train like you mean it and change your lifestyle then you can accomplish any goal.


  • 4

    I’m a woman in the military and talked to my corpsman friend (a DOC in the Navy) who’s stationed with the PT monsters (aka MARINES) and he turned me on to this product. I’m not overweight, but i did want to lose some body fat. I maybe lost about 5 lbs, but since my goal wasn’t overall weight loss I’m not spazzing.
    Within the first month I DID lose an overall of 2 inches around my waist, hips and thighs. I do cardio 3-4x a week (1 long day & the rest are sprints) and I mix up my weight and cardio with tabata (using weights) drills on the non cardio days. I don’t do heavy weights but enough to tone up and get a good burn on. To be clear, I work out 6 days a week breaking up cardio days with tabata/weights.
    As for dosing, I take one first thing in the morning and then another at lunch, and maybe a third if I know I’m going to be up later than 10pm. I do not get the jitters (and i’ve taken everything from Hydroxy to Ripped Fuel to Roxy Lean – which all make me hate life).
    I’m taking a 2 week break from it now but have another bottle ready to go in a couple days…giddy up!



    sorry, just read my post…it’s a total of 2″ off ALL areas i measured…not total combined…


  • 5

    my husband uses it and swears by it! their website is easy to find, not sure why it seems hard for some. just look up vpx meltdown or vpx sports.


  • 6

    can you take vpx meltdown pills if you are 15 pounds overweight and if you do what will happen.



    Nothing will happen, other than loosing those unwanted fat, if it works for you. The disclaimer is just that; a disclaimer. It is designed to minimise any legal liabilities, since you did not follow the label if it causes any adverse reactions (especially if you’re 15lbs overweight, and have more to loose than a few miserable pounds). With that said, VPX Meltdown adverse reactions have so far been minimal since its launch 3 years ago.


  • 7

    I have been using this product for only 3 days and have lost 2 pounds so I am excited to see what a full week will give me. I have been taking 3 pills a day (but not all at the same time). I need to lose 40 pounds and am hoping that this will help me. I am used to caffeine so I have not been sick to my stomach, jittery or dizzy…but I have noticed that my energy level is through the roof. I would recommend this product.


  • 8

    The product does work, it did make me feel nausiace and you have to be carefull with taking it. If people have a reaction to energy drinks then this product is not for you since it elevates your heart rate. It’s also best to take one or two at first just to see how it will affect you. I was taking three.
    Without exercising, but on a fair diet I lost roughly 25 to 30 lbs.
    I ran out of the pills and haven’t bought any more cause I wanted to see how I could hold up by myself. I haven’t gained any weight but haven’t lost any, still want to lose about 15 lbs so will be buying the bottle again.
    It does refrain your eating habits, I found myself not eating much during the day.


  • 9

    I took meltdown for a little over a month and droped 20 pounds with the help of diet and work outs


  • 10

    The pills make me dizzy. Sometimes I will feel like I need a nap 30mins after taking them also. They do help you sweat a lot,but after cardio I felt like throwing up. This has been going on for a week and a half now. I’ve lost 3 pounds,could just be water wieght. I started with 1 pill once daily,now I take 2 pills once daily. I think if I were to take more I would pass out. You all should try this because most thermos will not make you dizzy,im just one of those few who do get dizzy from thermos. If you have experience with thermos and you have gotten dizzy in the past then do not buy.



    I’ve been taking them for a wk. and was fine when at work since I was moving/walking around, but this weekend because I’m sitting more, I’m feeling dizzy. As for the feeling like throwing up, I also found out from my son and his friend, who recommended it, you have to drink ALOT of water when you take a dose- I wasn’t, so felt sick to my stomach- now I drink a bottle of water during a 1 hr. period of time, right after taking it- cured the issue!


  • 11

    when is the best time to take this? 3x per day or all 3 at once



    Do not take all three at once. One every six hours is good. Even if you can’t fit in three. Just go with two at first.


  • 12

    im seventeen years old and im in shape, lift a lot, and i play basketball for my highschool but im looking to drop weight because although i have a lot of muscle im a little chubby. what are the advantages and disadvantages of taking meltdown? or is there something that i can take that would be better?


  • 13

    Has anyone used the Coutour Belt? Does it work?



    The contour belt DOES work your abs. HOWEVER, you have to want to sit with it on your stomach from 45-60 minutes a day. ALSO, this only helps firm your muscles, and diet is really the only way to get rid of the flab, so unless you incorperate a healthy diet regimen, you will have firm ab muscles under the flab instead of untoned muscles under flab.
    Plus, to really get decent results, you need to turn the intensity up pretty high, and it IS jarring, even when you think you are use to it. One last thing, the pads need to be replaced after about 30-40 uses.


  • 14

    If you visit it has FAQ’s and other info on this product…It is the official online product page for this product and you can also see transformation photos and testimonies… I just purchased my first bottle and will see how this product work for myself..I have tried many other products over the years since the ban of ephedra and we will see if this product lives up to its claim. Just remember that there is a role that we must play in this and it is called exercise and diet….the pill will not do much on it’s own, although I have read some reviews that make that claim, but everyone is different…..Good Luck


  • 15

    I am looking for a fat burner and was impressed by the write-up about Meltdown. I want to make sure before buying it that it is safe and would love to hear more feedback/comments.



    This fat burner is great. I’ve been using it a week now. I started with one capsule the first week and up my dosage to two capsule the sencond week. I saw a difference in my mid area after one week of usage. But thats with going to the gym three times a week and eating healthy.



    hi ive been on meltdown 6 for the past 2 1/2 weekd i lost 6 pouds the first week ,i walk 2 miles a day and nothing since ,not a good product for me..i hope you were more succesful


  • 16
    Shakela McGee

    I just finished my first bottle of meltdown and I lost 9lbs but along with diet and some exercise. I recommend to just start with one and see how it agrees with your stomach. It made me feel nausious when I took it but went away within ten to tweenty minutes.



    I had the same problem with nausea and found out it was because I was just taking a few sips of water, to swallow the pill, and that’s it- now I drink the whole bottle, within an hr. after taking it, and it cured the issue!
    Hope that helps!


  • 17

    The bottle sold for the price listed at the top has 120 pills, 40 servings. Not 40 pills. Also, the bottle reads (as i’m looking at it right now): “Never exceed 3 total capsules daily or in a single dose.” Making it over a month’s supply. The monthly price is quite average compared to other fat burners.


  • 18

    Actually, there are links to studies that support this product. I’m not sure about the official online product page, but has a very long and detailed description of the product.

    Re: Green tea – sort of a ‘meh’ ingredient as far as I’m concerned.

    I’ve just started Meltdown and am using it because it creates a less fragile energy with zero jitters – even though it has caffeine, methyl-synephrine, and yohimbe.



    Very stable energy. Careful when doing extensive cardio tho, as on some stomaches the three types of Yohimbine can cause problems with nausia.



    Thanks for the heads up!


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