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You do not have to look too hard for a weight loss product or supplement formula nowadays. Even if you cannot find products locally in stores, there are plenty for sale online. It just depends on what your weight loss goals are, and what type of supplement you are interested in. In this review, we are going to take a good look at Nashua Nutrition. This is a company/business that is located in Nashua New Hampshire. It was founded by one Glenda Godshall, back in 2001. According to her, the primary goal of Nashua Nutrition is to assist people with reaching their desired weight, and maintaining it permanently.

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Product Features

Nashua Nutrition is a well-rounded company that focuses on anything from proper nutrition, to weight loss counseling, to behavioral motivation, to physical fitness, to obesity, to exercising. The official website carries a number of brand names. Some of these are Proteinex, ProtiDiet, Syntrax, Health Direct, Bariatric Advantage, Chef Jay’s, Herbal Balance, Ostrim, Snackergy, and QuickTrim. Each brand offers different products and approaches to weight reduction. There are also various categories to select from on the official Nashua Nutrition website. Some of these are Books & Videos, Vitamins & Minerals, Meal Replacements, Breakfast Items, Cleansing & Detox, Joint Health, Protein Bars, Fiber Items, and Smoothies.

Clearly Nashua Nutrition is a website/company that endeavors to appeal to all dieters of all ages and sizes. However, there is no specific product, program, or supplement formula recommended on this website. There are no before and after photos posted on the main website either. Although prices and complete ingredient lists are provided for the products sold through Nashua Nutrition, no customer testimonials are presented.

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  • There is a vast array of diet products offered on this website.
  • Complete ingredient lists are provided for the supplements offered.
  • Various approaches to weight loss are encouraged.


  • There are no customer testimonials presented on the main website.
  • No before and after photos are posted for review.
  • Dieters may get confused about what diet product, book or system to try.
  • A 100-percent satisfaction guarantee is not mention.
  • No clinical research is provided for each product.


Overall, Nashua Nutrition is basically just a website that markets all types of diet products, books, programs, supplements, and shake formulas. This way, regardless of who visits the website, there is likely to be something that interests them. The key here is to appeal to all dieters. However, there is really no focus on one successful weight loss product, which may make it difficult for people to pinpoint the right one. Also, there are no before and after photos, or customer testimonials supporting the products offered through this website.

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