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Nautilus Plus is a gym franchise based in Canada. The official website is offered in both French and English. There are various membership levels with special pricing for members under the age of 25 and under the age of 16. Members can choose to join for several weeks, several months or a year to save money on the membership. There are no Nautilus Plus gyms in the United States, though the membership card does support use of all Nautilus Plus gyms across Canada.

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Franchise gym in Canada.

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Nautilus Plus gyms offer one on one support with nutritionists and personal trainers. There are fitness and nutrition programs available through the gyms as well as a long list of equipment available at all locations. According to the claim on the official website, the aim of the Nautilus Plus gyms is to improve how people in the area eat and exercise. Improving the health of the population is important.

The official website does offer a list of all available locations and the amenities at each location. A schedule of classes is listed online for those who want to plan attendance at the gym for a given class. Some of the available classes may include Step Aerobics, Cardio Dance, Circuit Training and Spinning. The classes, equipment and areas available in each gym will differ based on the location, though most will look and feel the same as they are all part of the Nautilus Plus family.

Despite the great things Nautilus Plus offers, the gyms are only located in Canada. United States citizens will not be able to gain access to any of the locations or take part in nutritional programs. Nautilus Plus does seem to be a bit more focused on the nutritional aspect of weight loss which is different than many gyms in the United States. Memberships cost as little as $1.25 per day.

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  • The cost of membership is lower than many other gym memberships.
  • Nautilus Plus offers nutritional guidance from trained nutritionists.


  • There are no locations in the United States.
  • Dieters must follow the instructions of the nutritionist in order to lose weight.
  • There are no pictures of the gym equipment or setup of the gym.
  • Testimonials are not available on the website.


Nutrition is just as important and exercise for weight loss and that is a focus of Nautilus Plus gyms. The fact that all locations are currently in Canada leaves the dieter in the United States out of the loop. There are gyms available in the United States that offer nutritional support and weight loss supplements that may increase metabolism enough to improve weight loss. All gyms need to be researched before joining to see if nutritional services are available.

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