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Relacore Extra Review - Does This Belly Fat Pill Work? Are ingredients and side effects deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 2.6 / 5.0

relacore-extra-product-imageWe’ve heard people talk about Relacore Extra. This “belly fat pill” is supposed to shrink your belly and your stress level at the same time. We wanted to “dive deep” into this supplement, so we examined ingredients, side effects, clinical research and customer-service quality. Plus we read hundreds of user comments and reviews from around the web. We then summarized and condensed to give you the info you need.

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What You Need to Know

Relacore Extra is a diet pill containing magnolia bark, B vitamins, passionflower, jujube, perilla and panax ginseng. You take Relacore Extra once a day. The bottle contains 72 capsules. At three capsules at a time, you only get 24 servings per bottle.

We could not find any information on The Carter-Reed Company – in regards to when the company was established or when Relacore Extra was introduced. The company does use natural ingredients, always a good choice. You can purchase Relacore Extra is stores and the official website also offers the product. The Carter-Reed Company has a good BBB rating and some customers seem to like the results.

No Weight Loss Ingredients – Red Flag

Relacore Extra does not contain any ingredients that support weight loss. “If you take Relacore Extra to fight stress, you may like the results. If you want to lose belly fat – that’s another store,” according to our Research Editor. “Relacore Extra doesn’t contain any weight loss ingredients. The ‘belly fat pill’ doesn’t look like it will help the dieter lose any belly fat.”

“Took for 2 months with NO affect. Asked my doctor to look at the ingredients and told me that Relacore has NO value for losing weight or belly fat. Waste of money,” says a customer who’d tried Relacore Extra.

“I have taken 72 pills 3 times a day til, [they’re] all gone. I did not [lose] 1 pound…I’m very dissatisfied,” says another dieter.

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Side Effects – A Serious Consideration

Some dieters seem unhappy with the side effects they experienced while taking Relacore Extra. In fact, we caught wind of some pretty concerning side effects. “Relacore worked great for insomnia and stress. However, I noticed that my tummy was getting fat. I was always bloated. At times, I was nauseous and dizzy,” claims a dieter who tried Relacore Extra for weight loss.

“I bought this product with the intention of weight loss and instead I have gained weight 3.5 lbs in a week, contracted moderate acne, and noticed a substantial amount of hair loss,” claims another dieter. “First day I felt great so relaxed. High if ya will. Second so nauseating and so bloated like [I] was going to pop,” a customer reports.

Of course, these side effects might be rare. But, in our research, we found if there’s evidence of troublesome side effects, your chances of taking the supplement for the long term are low. If Relacore Extra does cause in fact cause bloating and nausea, we are concerned for dieters.

According to Dr. Pamela Peek, Body for Life for Women author, “Even if you usually eat well and exercise, chronic high stress can prevent you from losing weight – or even add pounds.” If you must try Relacore Extra, this is important to know.

The Science

The Relacore Extra website calls the supplement a “feel good pill” that reduces “belly fat”. No scientific proof is offered to support these claims and we were unable to find a single research study that associates the ingredients in Relacore Extra with weight loss. At DietSpotlight, research and clinical support are important for all weight-loss supplements. If you cannot find this critical information, we throw up the red flag.

The Bottom Line

Initially, we were interested in Relacore Extra if only for the amazing product claims. We liked the positive comments from some consumers and the price is within reason, but there are no clinical studies to back up the weight-loss claims. Reports of negative side effects like bloating and nausea are a concern and we’ve no idea how long the company has been in business.

If you want to shed those extra pounds, we believe you should try a supplement that helps support weight loss with clinically tested ingredients.

Among the best products we’ve seen in 2015 is one called Leptigen. Its formula is a proprietary blend of four ingredients, which have been shown in published clinical research to help accelerate fat loss and boost metabolism. We can’t find any talk of harmful side effects and comments around the web indicate people are seeing great results.

Also, the makers of Leptigen are so confident in their product they’re offering a Special Trial Offer, which is a good sign.

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What You Should Know

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Extra Fat in the body is caused by stress and the cortisol that circulates in the body, according to the manufacturers of Relacore. Relacore Extra is manufactured by the Carter-Reed Company. Nice to see the company has a good standing with the BBB. They stress the point that being overweight is not only due to lack of exercise or due to too much eating. It is also because of the stress and unsteady blood sugar in the body. Relacore is a unique product that promises weight loss to its users by controlling the cortisols level in the body. We choose this product to review because of its different approach in eliminating fats.

List of Ingredients

Magnolia bark, amino acids, B vitamins, magnesium, vitamin C, biotin, calcium, Passion flower, Poria, Jujub, Pinella, Perilla, Panax Ginseng, Niacinamide, and Phosphotidylserine

Product Features

The main ingredient of Relacore is Magnolia bark which is useful for digestive problems, diarrhea and bloating. Relacore acts as an anxiety reliever, which reduces the chance of cortisol production on our body. Unfortunately, the FDA is unsettled with the ingredients. Too much cortisol in the body often leads to weight gain.

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  • Most of the ingredients, especially Magnolia bark is popularly used for weight loss functions.
  • Relacore claims to be stimulant-free, so it offers a natural solution in reducing weight.
  • Other benefits that they advertise are mood improvement, increased energy levels, and decreased anxiety.
  • A bigger chance of success of losing weight because of minimized stress.


  • A lot of people said that it does not really help in losing weight.
  • It does improve the mood because of the stress reducing components.


Relacore Extra is typically a stress reliever. This pill is not necessarily known as a weight loss supplement or should be taken seriously as one. Those who may take this pill my feel a bit relaxed but not necessarily experience any type of weight loss which is the whole purpose of this supplement. Relacore goes into a bit more detail on its official site. I wouldn't categorize this product to be placed in the weight loss section of any GNC but more so in the over the counter section that deals with pills that relax the muscles from tension and stress. After researching this product, I just couldn't find out how exactly this pill works to help you to shed some pounds. There is nothing out in the market that complements this pill. Its weight reducing function is not yet proven and guaranteed by any actual person. It makes me question the seriousness of the functions of this supplement as well as the marketing of it. If you are looking for a stress reliever, this is probably a good choice but when it comes to weight reduction, I am just not convinced.
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27 User Reviews About Relacore Extra

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  • 1

    This makes me more hungry than usual. My belly fat increased and I look worse than before. Also, these 3 daily pills give me a bad taste in my mouth and the taste stays there for HOURS….you can taste it in your throat every time you burp. Disgusting strong vitamins taste. This also makes you urinate neon yellow. This isn’t worth it guys.


  • 2

    I was wondering about taking these pills, I need to know the side affects if possible? I;M ON A Depression pill Bupropion HCL XL 300MG, I WAS WONDERING if I should be taking these, my head feels like a little numb, and I HAVE BEEN GETTING NOSE BLEEDING, I don’t need to loose that much weight, just like 10-lbs, or just tone my body, Please let me know if this is safe to use, I’m going on Week 2, and I really don’t know if I should take these? If I shouldn’t be taking these, I would like my money Refunded. I haven’t heard that much about these Pills, and I don’t need any Blood Clots, I’m not Over weight, I just have to tone my body basically, I had called about something on the Jillian DIET, and they told me about these, and I explain to her about my situation and the girl told me about these Pills, I don’t want to take something that their is not much Feedback about, I would like someone to get back with me, Please Respond back to my Email, and if I should send these back, and the information on how to go about getting Refunded. Thankyou, Denise Mercer



    Um, did you ever think to ask your doctor??????????? Don’t ever take any kind of medication when you are already on an anti-depressant, ask your doctor!


  • 3
    Your Name

    on relacore extra and head hurts can i take extra strank tylinal


    Your Name



  • 4

    I wood like to know if I can lose weight with this pills. And I do have CHF


  • 5

    Can a 57 years old woman take this pill ? Also what are the side effects ? Please let me know thanks .


  • 6

    Well I’ve taken this for almost 3weeks and so far I just had help with energy and yes I workout but I actually gained lmao. Not giving up though to tell you the truth. I must be doing something wrong. Don’t make me weak and it doesn’t get me achy.


  • 7

    Took for 2 months with NO affect. Asked my doctor to look at ingredients and told me that Relacore has NO value for losing weight or belly fat! Waste of money



    I take relacore and love it….takes away my anxiety and desire to eat emotionaly…so I make better food choices and lost desire for junk food!


  • 8
    betsy mathews

    I swear by Relacore. I’ve read numerous reviews and obviously they’ve never used this product! It’s chocked full of vitamins and natural ingredients, hence mood enhancer! It’s the best product on the market for loosing weight naturally!!!


    Your Name

    I totally agree…great product!


  • 9
    Judith Adams

    I just brought Relacore Extra yesterday. Took two pills and things went good but today I took one and my heart feels like jello! Guess I lost my money again!


    Your Name

    You have to take 3 in one with a lot of water follow the instructions, its work.Good luck.


  • 10

    I used relecore before and it did help with the stress levels, mood, energy and I did loose some belly fat. So, this time I decided to try the Relecore Extra because I went through some hard times that caused lots of stress and anxiety. I have noticed the increase in belly fat and it seems that everything i do is not helping. So, I’m going to try the relecore Extra along with continuing to exercise using Hip hop Abs with Shawn T. and see how things go.


    Your Name

    Have you lost any weight


  • 11
    sally queen

    I have a bottle of relacore extra but the date on the bottle is april 2013 are they still good to take


  • 12

    My back problems which I have had for years have vanished! My mood is better and I’m much less anxious.
    It hasn’t helped losing weight but the other benefits are unbelievable!


  • 13

    Years Ago, I have used the regular Relacore combine with the slim quick packet you put in a 16.9 oz water bottle and it worked very well. I’d lost about 30 pounds before I found out I was pregnant with my second child and I had to stop taking them. But now three years later I have left over baby fat and it looks like what ever I do it is. not going know where so I am looking forward to trying this product without the slim quick packets.



    I tried relacore about 7 years ago and I lost about 40 lbs. Then 2 years later I stopped smoking and gained 20 lbs back. I decided to go back to relacore but it didn’t work the second time. I am very disappointed!!!! I don’t understand why it’s not working now. I’ll be waiting to see how things turn out for you the second time around.


  • 14
    Agnes Ojong

    Very effective, I used the package twice and lost a lot of weight. I am impressed.


  • 15
    sarita benton

    I just bought relacore extra 4 days ago and so far i can feel the difference in the stress level. I was hoping for more of a weight loss also.


  • 16
    Marilyn Samuels

    Why are the ingredients listed in Relacore Extra different. I found a huge discrepancy between two Carter-Reed internet site listing. Most ingredients did not match and Relacortin was found only in one. Also, completely different ingredients are listed in Basic Research Relacore Extra.


    Your Name

    I have taken 72 pills 3 times a day til, there all gone I did not loose 1 pound my name is Curtis kern 172 mounce rd Mitchell, im very dis satisfied.


    Your Name

    Wow, I’m sorry to hear that Curtis Kern. I just bought Relacore Extra about an hour ago. A family friend assured me that it really works as a fat burner.



    I was referred too these pills I just want too lose my belly fatt hope it’s work and not a waste of money


    I been using for a month and gain a pound very disappointed did not work for me :( waist of money

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