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Relacore is a diet pill that aims to assist users with losing weight. This product is also known as the “belly fat pill.” The reason for this is that Relacore supposedly addresses the dieter’s belly specifically. Relacore is claimed to improve mood while reducing stress. This diet supplement is intended to be taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular fitness regimen, if the user intends to decrease excess belly fat. The official Relacore website states that most individuals who take Relacore see stress relief and mood improvement within a few days.

In short, the Relacore website discusses the correlation between weight gain in the stomach region and stress. Therefore this diet supplement aims to minimize stress levels in order to reduce “belly fat” (cortisol). Relacore is claimed to contain all-natural ingredients, but apparently should not be taken by women who are pregnant. This diet pill does not specify any particular active ingredients, which may address stress relief or cortisol. Relacore is to be taken daily, but there is also a nighttime version of Relacore called Relacore PM, which is taken immediately before bedtime. A single bottle of Relacore contains 90 pills and costs $49.95 via the official website, while a single container of Relacore PM sells for $29.99 and contains 60 pills. The Relacore website claims that this product is free of all stimulants.

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Product Features

Relacore is basically a diet pill that is geared toward women specifically to address “belly fat” issues. This drug is claimed to be all-natural and aims to improve the user’s mood, while reducing stress levels. Relacore does not contain any specific key ingredients. This diet supplement is intended to be taken daily with a healthy diet and regular exercise in order to assist with the reduction of belly fat. A 90-count container of Relacore sells on the official website for $49.95. Relacore is available without a prescription.

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  • Relacore can be purchased conveniently through the official website.
  • Relacore comes in a simple pill form.
  • Relacore is stated to contain only natural ingredients.
  • The official website claims that Relacore is free of any stimulants.


  • Relacore does not appear to be FDA approved.
  • No key ingredients are specified for Relacore.
  • There is no manufacturer guarantee from the makers of Relacore.
  • The official Relacore website lacks a complete ingredient list.
  • The website fails to provide free trial samples of Relacore.
  • Some individuals may be allergic to certain ingredients found in Relacore.
  • May cause nausea. (See reader comments.)
  • No money-back guarantee is offered on the official website.


The notion of a diet pill like Relacore, which is claimed to improve mood and reduce overall stress levels is intriguing. Unfortunately the official website fails to provide substantial information on the drug. With no specified active ingredient or ingredients at all for that matter, Relacore may raise a few eyebrows. Furthermore Relacore is stated to be all-natural, yet it remains a mystery what is actually in the product. On the bright side Relacore is stimulant free, but as a dieter it’s wise to consult a physician prior to testing a diet supplement such as Relacore. Especially since it’s not approved by the FDA like some other diet supplements on the market today.

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45 User Reviews about Relacore

  • 1

    Ive been taking Relacore for the first time now for three days, I’ll let you know how it works


  • 2

    I was reading First for Women and there was a article saying you could take Zantrax -3 and Relacore Extra to lose belly fat and weight. I am taking Zoloft now. Does anyone know if I can still do the combo and has this worked for anyone?



    I saw the same ad. I weighed at a wopping 360lbs about a month ago. Three weeks ago I bought the Relacore Extra to start off with. I have lost 2 1/2 inches around my hips, which is the biggest part of me. I have changed my diet a little, eat less, I haven’t done much exercise, but will be a member soon of a local fitness center. Relacore does work, and in another couple of weeks I will add the Zantrax 3.


    Your Name

    What about side affects


  • 3
    Help in Arkansas

    Is it safe to take Relacore with Phentermine? I have tried so many things and have discovered I HAVE to have a strong appetite control. Phentermine is the only thing I have found that does that, but I still have belly fat from 2 children and not taking good care of myself after each birth.


  • 4

    can relacore use with zantrex -3?



    I read a article a lady took both and they worked great together. Her personal trainer told her to try them.


  • 5

    Starting Relacore Extra alongside Slimquick Razor tomorrow.took the old Relacore a few years ago for mood elevation. Worked great..lost maybe two or three lbs. after a month. hoping the combo will work. Everything else I’ve tried actually has made me gain weight..for real.



    Maybe stick to a low card diet. Eat portions .



    This is terrible advice, she doesn’t want to eat portions of cards. :P

    Really, just do a quick read of what you’re about to post, this is terrible. You don’t know what Sandee eats now, why even bother typing such useless stuff (what do you mean, low carb? of course she’s going to eat ‘portions’ do you mean small ones? How small? of what?) and not even check that what you’re typing makes sense.


  • 6

    I want to try this but i dont want to waste the money on something that might not hel me seeing as i have tried almost everything. i had my son 2 years ago and i am suck with pouch and love handels that i hate most dearly. i also have a hormonal inbalence so i am on medication for that. i want to know that this is going to curve my hunger and help me lose my belly pouch. any sugesttions of what i can do??


  • 7

    so is this safe to take with “other” diet pills?


  • 8
    Sabrina Eubanks

    I love this product!!!!! I have lost 50 pounds in three months without exercising. It has helped me in so many ways!


  • 9

    Are u still taking relacore with sertraline? Did u have any side effects?
    ‘I am also taking sertraline and was thinking about taking relacore but I am a little nervous it will interfere with my antidepressant.


  • 10

    I have been on Relacore for about a month and I am sorry to say that I don’t feel any different nor have I lost any weight…same appetite as before, same belly fat. Wish I was one of the ones who have noticed a difference.


  • 11
    tamika S

    Relacore is the best i love it i started gaining weight in my stomach area so i said i would try it, it helped me with stomach fat ,sweets that i love , less of attitude during period but of course a person needs to excercise i am mad that i can not find it stores in michigan i prefer the regular the extra strenghth did not work for me the regular is just right please help me find i have tried and i dont want to order online i like being in-store please i stay in deroit michigan it WORKS I WAS IN GREAT SHAPE AND FELT GOOD



    I found mine at walmarts by all the other diet pill


  • 12

    Just starting Relacore todayy. excited


  • 13
    sandy friend

    i did the “old” relacore, and it was amazing how calm i felt! Did take away the urge to eat. almost felt like i was sooo calm, and also had energy, if that makes any sense! the “old” relacore contained a plant called “philodendrum” which is what i always believed to be the active ingredient. the new relacore does NOT contain that plant.i wont try the new relacore just for that reason. even the checker at walmart said she tried it, and it did nothing. needless to say, i decided that i didnt want to throw my money away on yet ANOTHER diet product that doesnt work!


  • 14

    Ah I have to disagree with MJ having a background in pharmacy. Sibutramine is the reason for the anti-anxiety as well as its effect on weight loss. The so termed appetite control centre in the brain is the hypothalamus, and the reason this drug did not garner the indication for “anti-depressant” was because in animal research, they didn’t find a significant result. Of course, that’s why a lot of potentially great drugs die in utero – animal studies, try as they might is not the same as human studies. Anyway, sibutramine works to affect the neurotransmitter reuptake – dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine…all hormones implicated in depression, biopolar disorders and so forth. And that’s why lithium and other anti-depressants often would have an effect on weight (typically weight gain). These neurotransmitters also have an impact in the area of controlling appetite and weight. I am glad this has worked so well for some people with the mood related elevations…but just fyi for people who are looking at various weight loss products – it wouldn’t hurt to look up the ingredients listed to see just how safe they are. Natural does not mean safe. A lot of nature’s remedies are now patented as medicines…when nature works, they call it medicine. But they can still have side effects, like hurting your liver over time or in the case of sibutramine – affect the heart. Just take care with your decisions, I don’t want people to end up hurting themselves like my own family member did taking weight loss products. Even those approved by FDA…sometimes drugs are recalled later – too late for people with liver damage.


  • 15

    In case anyone was interested…Sibutramine is used in combination with a reduced calorie diet and exercise to help people who are overweight, lose weight and maintain their weight loss. Sibutramine is in a class of medications called “appetite suppressants” It works by acting on appetite control centers in the brain to decrease appetite. This was never used as an anti-depressant. The new relacore still has the “anti-anxiety” ingredients as always. Just not sure how well it works on controlling the appetite! I found that eating smaller meals helped control my appetite after about 4-5 days. I have yet to be able to eat a whole plate of anything anymore, which is great since most portions are way to big these days anyway.


  • 16

    After further research and a few useless Relacore Xtra Bottles, I have found out that perhaps (this is all very hush hush) the original Relacore contained and antidepressant and an obesity drug Sibutramine and as Sibutramine was taken off the market, so was original Relacore, practically at the same time.


  • 17

    how long will it take to start losing weight with relacore xtra and for mood and energy to get better i have depression and anxiety


    tamika S

    take it, it makes a person feel calm relaxed without anxiety sometimes i have panic attacks small ones (to myself) too much worry relacore helped me and my cousin


  • 18
    olumoroti abiola

    mocahy and: is relacore for
    women only?


    Sabrina Eubanks

    No. My husband took it before he went into the Army and lost about 25 pounds.


  • 19

    I am currently taking Effexor and Abilify. Will Relacore cause any side effects?



    I was on that effexor when I was pregnet and i think it is the worst for poeple that are moody but i dont think it will hurt you to try relacore


  • 20
    debra deloch

    did you have a recall on this product relacore mfs 12635-12bl9-71???


  • 21
    Sandra Q

    My grandson was over today & we were talking supplements. He mentioned Relacore & said it helped his mood.

    Oddly enough, I was shopping at Big Lots tonight & they had boxes of it for $9.00.

    I bought one and will try it -don’t think my mood needs elevating but sure would like to lose the belly fat!

    If you’re near a Big Lots see if they are carrying it. I would not have paid $49 nor $29 for it so I was happy to see it for $9!



    lol wow odd. i just found it at biglots too hehe…what a deal hey..9bucks…what a dteal woohooo im tryin it now..hope i like it.


  • 22
    Joyce Hardisty

    Can relacore be taken with antidepressant medication such as Cymbalta?



    be careful with cymbalta I had the worst side affects when I was taking cymbalta. After 4 months of taking it I thought it was great then all the sudden I began sleep walking. It was so scary so I stopped taking cymbalta and now all I take is relacore and I feel great!!!


  • 23
    Krickett Walker

    Can someone who has diverticulitis take this pill?



    YES. If anything it might help it.


  • 24

    I am so disappointed that Relecore is not in retail stores anymore. I am bi-polar and when using this product I felt normal, better than the synthetic mood stabilizers that the drug companies and doctors push on us. I have rode the anti-depressant roller coaster! Relecore also helped me loose 150lbs over a two year period. Please Put Relecore back on the shelves. There are many of us that like it and need it. It should be our choice to buy it.



    HI Rosanna….you can purchase Relacore at walmart. That’s where I get it all the time. You use to be able to get a double pack at Sam’s which was $10 cheaper than walmart but they don’t have that anymore…bummer!



    Also you can find it at Target and Wallgreens.



    I found Relacore yesterday at Big Lots for $9 for a bottle of 72 capsules!



    Hi Rosanna,
    I am also Bipolar, but I used this prodect way before I was diagnosed, it was the old Relacore, they don’t make it anymore. I lost a lot of weight, felt awesome on it. Then they stopped making it and started making Relacore Xtra, it didn’t work as well and I spiraled slowly into depression. I thought medical help, was put on antidepressants, then diagnosed Bipolar and put on Lithium. During the time on Lithium I gained more weight than ever in my lifetime. I was at 208lbs, I luckily ended up going off Lithium and “breaking up” with the crazy med prescribing maniac that was my doctor. I went on True Hope’s Empower Plus, it has similar effects than the old Relacore, but stronger and longer lasting, but I want to lose weight faster, like I did on Relacore (when I lost the weight the first time without much effort), I am now at 198lbs on Empower Plus and I am looking to add Relacore PM for slow weight loss (I am very patient at this point, I don’t need fast results). Have you tried Relacore PM, by any chance, does it work similar to the original Relacore?


  • 25

    I just started relacore, about 3days ago, i’ll give it a couple more days to see if i had lost any belly fat or weight,


  • 26

    What are the long term effects of taking a pill like relacore over a period of time.


  • 27
    sue mellor

    I LOVE Relacore — it doesn’t do a thing for my belly fat, but it is a great mood-enhancer, without the disturbing “ups and downs”. I take it in conjunction with a mild antidepressant (Sertraline) and it is just the right combination. Sertraline helps with the depression, but leaves me flat; adding Relacore makes me uplifted and helps me take pleasure in what I’m doing. Now, to my question: I can no longer find the regular Relacore in any of the pharmacies here –only the Extra Strength Relacore. Where can I find the regular one?



    I found regular Relacore at Walmart today.



    Can anyone tell me the ingredients in Relacor??? All of these positive post…….are those of the makers and advocates of this product!!!! Loose weight the old fashion way.. Eat smart and move your behind!!!!! Such a scam!!!!!