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When a person decides to lose weight, several factors come into mind. Mainly, the type of exercise program needed to produce the most weight loss. Additional factors to consider include proper diet and supplementation. Weight loss is not an easy task and the process to achieve your goals should not be taken lightly either. Several manufactures create products designed to skip the hard work needed to reach weight loss goals.

One such product is Sauna Pants. This product, available on the official website for $40, is an As Seen on TV product that uses temperature control to produce heat in the lower half of the body. The result is water loss and subsequently weight loss. With no scientific research, clinical trial or even online testimonials, we will take a closer look at this product to see if it is a viable weight loss solution.

List of Ingredients

A one size fits most pair of shorts that is temperature controlled, designed to produce sweat and subsequently shed water weight.

Product Features

Sauna Pants are not a new concept in terms of thermal clothing. The only difference between this product and traditional thermal clothing is the product has a temperature gauge. Users put on the product, turn the temperature control to the desired intensity and the “trouble spots” begin to sweat. The result is weight loss, albeit minimal.

What the manufactures do not explain is that water loss will reduce weight, but the water lost will replenish when the dieter consumes liquid. Furthermore, the thermal clothing is not clinically tested, so there are no posted potential side effects of the temperature increases on the reproductive areas of males and females.

We did find the product available on the official website for $40. Unfortunately, the product does not offer any information concerning diet, supplementation of exercise needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • Sauna pants are portable and compact.
  • One size fits most.
  • Relatively inexpensive.


  • Wearing the product is time consuming.
  • Not designed to fit under clothing.
  • The product is not clinically tested.
  • Only a small amount of weight is lost when using Sauna pants.


With the advent of heated wraps and weight loss clothing, the makers of Sauna Pants attempted to create similar success. Unfortunately, the product falls into the same category as the rest, an overpriced piece of apparel that will not assist with reaching weight loss goals. The theory behind the product is the dieter losses weight through the generated heat of the product. Indeed, the dieter will lose weight through water loss, but will gain the weight back during a rehydration session. When water is removed from the abdomen, hips, thighs and back, the appearance of weight loss is there, but the real weight loss is not.

The product does not provide clinical trials, scientific research or customer testimonials. The only guarantee is a money back guarantee. A dieter looking to reduce weight and improve overall health and wellbeing needs more than just an empty promise.

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  • 1

    Today was the first day of usage, i plan to use, them occasionally for atleast two weeks before I actually expect any results. I’ll post later…


  • 2

    I had purchased the sauna pants through the mail. When it did work, it would burn my skin really bad. But then, it just stopped woring all togther. What a joke. I would not recommend sauna Pants.


  • 3

    how can I get this pants ?? it is suit for 40 cm ?? thats is my pants size ..


  • 4

    they just caused my house to burn down



    @Mmandi, are you saying you left them plugged up and powered on, and your electrical outlet caused a fire????? Explain what your post is saying. I just purchased a pair. After I used them i, unplugged them, disinfected them, and laid them to air dry….


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