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In order to lose weight quickly and easily many people, both professional athletes and average people alike, have tried sauna suits. A sauna suit is intended to work the same way as a real sauna works. When the body temperature is elevated, the body is said to react in two ways. First the body cools itself down by sweating and second the elevated temperature results in a raised metabolism and calorie burning. Additionally the sweating process is said to rid the body of dangerous toxins. This is how these suits work in theory, however, there may certainly be serious health risks associated with altering your body’s temperature too quickly, and losing too much body water too quickly can result in dehydration and fatigue.

Sauna suits are typically made of plastic, nylon or rubber.


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One obvious benefit of using a sauna suit is that you see immediate results. Sauna suits can help you to lose water weight quickly, however, we do not recommend this since the weight will return once liquids are consumed. Typically, athletes looking to weigh in would use a device like the sauna suit, but not individuals looking to actually shed pounds.

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  • Sauna suits are available in many sizes.
  • Used to promote sweating and calorie burning.


  • Sauna suits have a tendency to stick to the skin and may become uncomfortable.
  • Water weight lost while wearing a sauna suit will return once liquids are consumed.
  • There is no evidence that suggests that wearing a sauna suit will increase the rate at which the body metabolizes fat or that wearing a sauna suit will have a long term effect on reducing body fat.


Sauna suits have been used for many years by professional athletes and exercise enthusiasts alike and may produce short term benefits such as ridding the body of dangerous toxins. The loss of water weight is usually temporary and once drinking liquids are resumed, the weight returns. The excessive use of sauna suits may result in dehydration, heat stroke, dizziness, weakness, muscle cramps and fainting. There is no evidence that suggests that wearing a sauna suit will increase the rate at which the body metabolizes body fat or that consumers can expect long term benefits from continued use. Sauna suits have a tendency to stick to the skin once sweating begins and may become uncomfortable for some individuals. Sauna suits are widely available and are offered through many online retail stores. Many local department stores and gyms may offer sauna suits as well. Most sauna suits are relatively inexpensive and are affordable for the average consumer.

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  • 1

    Sauna suit is awesome. I only have used it for 2 days. I wore it while doing some dance exercises and I sweat a lot. It felt like I have secreted a large amount of toxins from my body. I felt replenished. I wojld try to wear it while jogging.


  • 2

    Sauana is too hot . it makes brain hot . eeeeechhhhhhhh! And head ache again.


  • 3

    Where do you find a good quality sauna suit that doesn’t tear after 2nd or 3rd use?



    Ray title boxing sauna suit is great


  • 4
    swati sharma

    my weight around 76kg, waist”37′inch,hips 45′ i want to know if i use slimm ing suit what is the result of using it. how much difference i found in body.plz reply asa possible. thanks


  • 5

    I want to wea the sauna suit to help me tone and tighten up. I want to get rid of that extra fat on the love handles, back, arms etc… I will still drink my Gatorade and eat healthy so I am not looking for no overnight fix but to help me tone up by getting rid of those dents. Will that work for me


  • 6

    Hi wnen i wear a sauna suit and do my excersise after i finish and remove the suit its like 1 kg of water going down from the suit its really nice i lost 1.5 kg per week


    Your Name

    Can we use sauna belt daily for 50 mintues


  • 7

    Caring our skin is one of the most important factor for us to live a life with confidence.
    Thus, take care of it in a special way using Sauna bath. It really makes my skin rejuvenate and my health too was so good!
    In my own experienced, not just eating the right kind of food, doing exercise can make your body healthy yet steam bath, sauna bath really helps!
    Your post also add knowledge to me, thanks for this!


  • 8

    There is a sweat wuit that you can get that has a “base layer” so that it isn’t so icky!

    It’s called “speedy fresh” technology. (I have copied this next bit from there website!) “Speedy Fresh” clothing technology has excellent moisture vapour transmission ability and dries quickly when getting wet. Therefore as you sweat the base layer transfers your sweat to the outer layer of the fabric ensuring you remain dry and comfortable as you exercise.

    This was from here:


  • 9
    Big HURT

    I lost 35lbs in 30 days by reducing my calorie intake to under 2000/day and working out atleast 3 times a week on an elliptical with my sauna suit on. I know there’s a lot of controversy about sauna suits and I even lost a friend years ago in high school that died from dehydration with a makeshift sauna suit but if done correctly I’d say it helps by leaps and bounds!


  • 10

    Sauna suits works, as long as its part of a balanced program. For example, I use it primarily to get rid of toxins, which for those of us that are overweight, its a godsend. I use it when I run, and have improved my run time length on a treadmill at 4mph from 2 minutes to 4, and then 10 minutes in a matter of a week, and can run at 6 miles/hr for 3 minutes at a time now, which for those of us that are struggling with running, knows what an improvement that is. Make sure you have plenty of hydration ready, as the first day I used it I didn’t drink much water and was dehydrated for a day, VERY bad for your health! Since then I drink about 20oz of water while I run, you should adjust this amount to your body weight and figure out what works for you, bigger/fatter you are, more water you should drink, flush out those disgusting toxin buildups in your body!!! Also, don’t use it outside if the temperature is greater than 75 degrees fahrenheit, as you’ll suffer from heat strokes. I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks now, and have gone from 315 to 287 (not making this up, wife is tracking my progress and can’t be any prouder of me), and I feel like a million bucks, and best of all, my skin is clearing up, no more painful cysts on my back or buttocks, none of the crap acne stuff worked but this did!!! One thing I did notice is that my stomach has shrunk, I don’t know if its a direct result of using the sauna suit, but I can tell you working out alone never caused that to happen. I had problems putting away a regular burrito at your local taqueria, I felt like a stuffed chicken, never again. Now I stop at half the amount I used to eat, and its really working out for me. When I do get hungry between meals I put away a banana or orange. I’ve also cut out all caffine and replaced sugars with honey, and no alcohol (it slows down your metabolism, the enemy of all that wants to lose weight!) until I reach my ideal body weight of 195. Stay strong people, you can do it!!!



    Thats awsome! so now its july 7, 2011 – how much do u weigh now?


  • 11

    Yes a suana suit works!!! I use to put the full suit on and go running in the texas heat it was very dangerous but i had to lose weight fast. I went from 156 to 120 in 2mths.



    Is there something you can just put around your waist?



    @Becca yes there are fitness belts that you can wear instead of wearing the full saund suit. im not sure what stores are around you but i have bought them from Marshalls, Walmart and most fitness stores sale them as well. You can also purchase them online.



    I bought a fitness belt from 99cents only & the suana suit at walmart for $7 and the 8bucks have made me very happy & slim :) I use it around the house while I’m cleaning Put on some music &dance away &boy is it a sweaty workout & I feel/see the differance I went from 165 to 120




    you go girl!! congrats

    how long did it take you?

  • 12

    im taking a 7 day body detox and just purchaseda sauna suit and wondering if anybody has ever did both at the same time and if its healthy.



    I hope it is because I just started to do the same thing…detox,sauna suit and treadmill day 3


  • 13

    What else did you do to loose the 30lbs in 45 days? Was it just the sauna suit…? Please share your secrets!


  • 14




    Sauna suits ARE great! It’s not about how much you lose, it’s about the fact that we are helping toxins escape by sweating and replacing with clean water. I recommend this for people who just quit smoking, drugs, etc. This suits help to remove toxins a lot faster than just what the body can do. The body eliminates toxins thru feces, urine, phlegm and sweat. Working up a really good sweat is key for taking all the bad things out of one’s body that could lead to relapse of nasty habits. I fast for 21 days in January and these suits really help me get rid of impurities that build up in my body from the environment. Sauna suits,purified water, lemon, garlic and enemas are highly important to people who need to rid their body of toxins. Not necessary for every day use.



    Yes can you share what else you did to lose the weight?



    I am very overweight and have used a sauna suit for the past two years. Because of my weight, I retain water. Without the sauna suit, i lost about 20 lbs and 2 inches around my waist. With the sauna suit and those waist things that make you sweat i lost 15 inches overall waist, hips, breasts arms and 60 pounds. I also worked out 5 days a week. Try it be smart, listen to your body. if you get tired walk out. Do a little bit at a time but it does work.


  • 15
    Lita Samrai

    I see physical, emotional, and psychological reasons for using the suit. as a women, seeing the weight go quickly is instant gratification for working out. The more I lose, the more I watch what I eat and continue to work out with my little sweat suit. I wish you the best!!!!


  • 16

    I recently bought a sauna suit. I sweated so much when i ran, however by the end of the day i ended up weighing the same as i did in the morning.


  • 17

    Actually, sauna suits do work. Your metabolism increases in order to produce sweat and induce vascular dilation in an effort to cool your body off. Yes, you do lose a lot of water weight, but you burn more calories due to the extra heat.


  • 18

    I have used the sauna suit and I guess for some it didn’t let them lose weight…I don’t care what anybody says, me and my friend HAVE lost weight by walking 4 days a week with the shirty and pants boy it really does work!!! We walk around my daughters school track like 5 times and then chill Fri;Sar;Sun…


  • 19

    i started using my sauna suit on saturday. I walk about 3miles every afternoon with it on and i feel like im going to burn up in it… but at the same time i feel happy cause i would never sweat this much if i were to do the same walk without the suit. Today is Tuesday only 3 days after using the suit and i have already lost 6 pounds! yay!



    All you do is walk? the reason I ask is because I walk six miles a day and I have used mine twice. I have not weighed yet but I will tomorrow. Wish me luck!



    So did you loose weight or not?


  • 20

    I used a sauna suit and lost a lot of weight over the course of 6months



    how much weight did you lose?


  • 21
    Blaise Collins

    These are bad, bad, bad…bad!!! Yes, they work for boxers and… well that’s it. They work for boxers to lose weight for weigh-in and the weight comes right back. No, you do not burn more calories, you just sweat a little more and risk dehydration.
    In fact, you actually burn more calories in the cold. Think about it, body cools off by sweating (no calories used). Body heats up via muscle contractions (shivers, many calories used). Please people, be smart. These things are dangerous.
    Blaise Collins, BS, CES



    Well, i used the sauna suit on a daily basis and it doesnt bother me.. i lose close to 10-15 pounds a week and gain it back on weekends.. i dont notice a difference in my body so i think its all in what the user thinks..



    Thank you I’ve been trying to find info on this. I’ve worn it twice and got off my treadmill like I had been swimming in a pool. Makes sense my dad is as skinny as a rail and he’s always freezing.


  • 22
    just me

    can you wear it all day or what i am still learning?


  • 23
    just me

    well i just started wearing the sona suit and i am drinking tons of water but i think i need to slow down on the water.


  • 24

    I love my sauna suit.


  • 25
    yuridia madrid

    I was just wondering if I would lose weight because I have read some stuff on these and they say your weight will come back is that true because if it is then what’s the piont of wearing it



    The reason why people wear them are for “weigh in’s”. Boxers (kick boxers) wear them to make it into their weight class. If you wear a sauna suit, drop the weight, weigh in less then normal then the next you fight you might have an additional 5-10lbs behind your punches. Or in my case have been in a “biggest loser” competition with my job and the final weigh in is approaching. I’ll wear the sauna suit to drop my extra water weight (which i gained from my period this week)



    are you the girl that lives at avalon in shrewsbury that we met at the gym. haha we bought out suits because you liked it so much! hahaha


  • 26

    When you work out are you supposed to wear just the sauna suit or wear the suit over workout clothes?



    just the suit, they actually fill with pools of sweat pretty quickly



    u can do whatever is more comfortable
    i wear mine under a light jacket and under workout pants
    u cant even tell



    u can do it either way i feel silly wearing it by itself so i cover in a very light jacket and pants u cant tell its not bulky or anything if u do it right