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While this diet uses the name of martial artist Bruce Lee, it is only an attempt to replicate his eating and exercise habits and was never promoted by the man himself. The diet is based on the array of fruits, vegetables, protein drinks, and supplements that Lee reportedly consumed daily to keep up his 0% body fat physique. Lee was also known to avoid refined flours and dairy. The diet’s outline was gathered from publicity regarding Lee’s diet while he was alive and also reports from those who knew him. Most people know Lee primarily as a martial artist, and that is what he gained the most fame for, but he was also a bodybuilder who was extremely health conscious. His workout routines played a pivotal role in his bodybuilding but has gained less popularity than his diet and eating habits.


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The Bruce Lee Diet encourages dieters to eat several small, healthy meals throughout the day instead of eating three large meals. It is said this is what Lee did to maintain his health. Dieters are also instructed to make smoothies out of fruits and vegetables. Carrots in particular are recommended, with advice that Lee would make up to half of his daily fruits and vegetables blends out of carrot juice. Lee himself was not a fan of dairy products but used milk in his smoothies and took calcium supplements to stay healthy. The Bruce Lee Diet also involves taking vitamin C, vitamin E, rose hip and royal jelly supplements and including ginseng and honey into daily diet. Protein drinks were another important part of Lee’s diet early in his life but he later stopped drinking them. The Bruce Lee Diet requires significant changes to your daily diet, eliminating foods that are extremely common in American diets and replacing them with healthier foods that are less common.

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  • This is mainly a lifestyle diet: you don’t need to buy any specific product to start it
  • The positive health effects of most of the supplements and foods included in this diet are well researched
  • No company or person is trying to make money off of the diet


  • It involves drastically changing eating habits
  • The supplements used can be expensive
  • There’s not a lot of variety in the foods encouraged


While truly replicating Bruce Lee would involve following his workout routines as well, this diet is a pretty straightforward though intensive healthy eating regime. It doesn’t promise any implausible changes, just claims that with healthy, conscious eating habits you will be healthier overall. The diet also doesn’t focus on weight loss as much as it focuses on overall health and energy levels.

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