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NJ Diet Review - 12 Things You Need to Know

Losing 20-40 pounds of fat in 40 days – is that possible? According to the NJ Diet, it is. This program claims to help its followers lose weight with customized supplements, genetic testing, and hormone healing using a four-component approach.

We decided to take a look at this unique program to see if it was effective. After examining the diet’s instructions, product line, cost, potential side effects, and more – we dug down deep to find out the bottom line on this diet.

NJ Diet can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is NJ Diet?

The NJ diet is a doctor-supervised weight loss program designed to help customers lose weight quickly and safely. The program includes a meal plan created based on each individual’s needs.

The company, NJDiet.com, claims customers will lose weight faster but in a healthy way. They state some lost as much as 45 pounds in 40 days – and back this claim with a money-back guarantee if your desired goals aren’t met.

Does the NJ Diet Work?

  • National Institutes of Health — “[L-Carnitine] transports long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria so they can be oxidized (“burned”) to produce energy. It also transports the toxic compounds generated out of this cellular organelle to prevent their accumulation. Given these key functions, carnitine is concentrated in tissues like skeletal and cardiac muscle that utilize fatty acids as a dietary fuel.”
  • National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health — “Asian ginseng is also promoted as a dietary supplement for a variety of other reasons—to improve physical stamina, concentration, and memory; stimulate immune function; slow the aging process; and relieve various other health problems, such as respiratory and cardiovascular disorders, depression, anxiety, and menopausal hot flashes.”
  • U.S. National Library of Medicine — “[Psyllium] absorbs liquid in the intestines, swells, and forms a bulky stool, which is easy to pass.”

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Company Information

Who Created NJ Diet?

NJ Diet was created by health professionals in New York and New Jersey. Their approach to weight loss includes taking hair and saliva samples to determine a customer’s unique needs.

With this information, medical professionals create customized meal plans and supplements they claim to help dieters lose between 20 and 40 pounds in 40 days. Its mission is to help customers with healthy weight loss while improving general wellness. The NJ Diet earned an “A” with the BBB along with 3.5 out of 5 stars.

NJ Diet Customer Testimonials

NJ Diet Product Line

The NJ Diet offers different products based upon what phase you are in.

In the first phase, users receive customized supplements based upon the hair, bloodwork, and saliva samples. The second stage involves a personalized hormone-healing diet.

The fourth phase offers the users personal caloric-based meal plans, DNA testing, eating tools, and a “bio-energetic” scan.

NJ Diet also offers another product called “truSculpt iD” which is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment; it uses monopolar radio frequency technology to reduce unwanted body fat.

NJ Diet Customer Service

If you want to contact the NJ Diet company in general, you can do so in the following ways:

  • Phone: 855-5NJ-DIET (855-565-3438)
  • Email: contact@njdiet.com

There are also multiple NJ Diet locations. Their addresses are:

White Plains, NY

777 Westchester Avenue, Suite 101
White Plains, NY 10604

West Hartford, CT

15 N Main St Suite 100
West Hartford, CT 06107

Shelton, CT

One Reservoir Corporate Centere
4 Research Drive – Suite 402
Shelton, CT 06484

Clifton, NJ

335 Broad Street
Clifton, NJ 07103

Princeton, NJ

100 Overlook Center, 2nd Floor
Princeton, NJ 08540

Astoria, NY

3010 38th Street, 2nd Floor
Astoria, NY 11102

Manhattan, NY

1501 Broadway, BTWN 43rd and 44th Street, 12th Floor
New York, New York

Staten Island, NY

1110 South Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10314

Long Island, NY

1979 Marcus Avenue, Suite 210
Lake Success, NY 11042

Other new locations for the NJ Diet company are Salt Lake City, UT, Philadelphia, PA, Jenkintown, PA, and Cherry Hill, NJ.


NJ Diet Claims

The company claims accelerated weight loss is achieved through personalized meal plans and tailored supplements.

They also claim patients involved in the program will never feel hungry because their bodies will begin burning fat for energy at a higher rate.

NJ Diet says their program is an entirely healthy and safe way to lose weight.


NJ Diet Instructions

When beginning the program, each customer submits hair and saliva samples. These are used with NJ Diet’s “bioenergetic balancing scans” to create customized supplements.

The scans are used to look for imbalances in 2,000 biomarkers. Based on the information gathered during these scans, medical personnel creates natural supplements intended to balance hormones. They also claim they rid the body of viruses, toxins, bacteria, and metals.

In the second component of the diet, you are on a “hormone healing diet” for 40 days under an NJ Diet specialist’s supervision. Then, you visit one of the offices – or schedule an online appointment – to ensure you don’t gain weight.

In the fourth and last component, the NJ Diet keeps striving to prevent weight gain. In this phase, you get a personalized calorie count, 10 eating tools, DNA testing, and a bioenergetic scan.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much more information about how these tools, health info, or scans are used or performed.

Does It Work?

Does the NJ Diet Work?

The combination of low-calorie diet plans and natural hormone healing means patients aren’t hungry, the company claims.

They assert the patient’s body burns between 2,000-7,000 calories for energy with this diet. Apparently, the diet’s supplements lead to intense fat burning.

They believe long-term weight loss will not happen until the hormones are balanced. According to their logic, fat naturally stores toxins in the body, making it important to the NJ Diet.

Weight Loss

NJ Diet and Weight Loss

Some research suggests many conflicting and insufficient reports of natural supplements’ effectiveness and weight loss in an obese subject.

Chromium is a trendy supplement, but the effects of long-term use are unknown. However, ingredients like ginseng have been shown to have a slight effect on appetite and weight, according to The Journal of Ginseng Research.

Other ingredients such as L-carnitine, ginseng, psyllium, St. John’s wort, glucomannan, hydroxycitric acid, and green tea may produce limited weight loss results. Still, again, the safety of long-term use is unknown.

The only exception was glucomannan. The study also stated any side effects from natural supplements were minor gastrointestinal problems. Researchers concluded that including natural supplements in a weight loss plan is unlikely to produce significant weight loss and potentially harmful.

Side Effects

NJ Diet Side Effects

The company asserts its supplements are all-natural and produce no side effects. They claim the only side effect is weight loss due to the use of supplements.

However, it can be tricky messing with hormones and specific supplements. It is important to consult a physician – outside of the ones provided by NJ Diet – to see if the supplements and diet changes are healthy for you.


Cost and Where to Buy

How much does the NJ diet cost? The cost for the initial consultation and evaluation is between $30-$99. The fee varies, though, as the company frequently runs promotional offers.

For the initial fees, the customer receives a consultation and an overview of how the program operates. They will also conduct some initial tests to develop customized products.

If the customer decides to pursue the program, the costs vary between $1,500-$2,100 during the initial 40 days. Customers can register for the program and initial consultation through their website. Other costs will incur as well, like those for groceries.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons


  • Tailored meal plans
  • Specific DNA testing
  • Oversight of medical professionals


  • Physical locations primarily in NY and NJ
  • Costly program
  • Little information on the website
  • Limited consultation times available
What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“I lost 33 pounds in 40 days. That was over a year ago. I recently regained 8 pounds on a long vacation but I am back on track to lose that weight gain. The diet works, and the Dr does get back to you when you need him. But people need to know that this is a very strict, very rigid, extremely low calorie diet. I’m not sure how I was able to stick with it, but my hunch is that something in the supplements was an appetite suppressant. That’s fine with me. My weight, cholesterol, triglycerides, and A1C all dropped way down. Overall it was a good experience.”

“NJ Diet fat loss program is the best diet plan I’ve ever taken up. I honestly tried so many different diets and not one has helped me as much as NJ Diet.”

“NJ Diet is helping me live again! Step 1, change of attitude, I can do it! I am losing weight daily, exercising, have new energy levels, and feel more confident with every step. Even my husband came with me and is doing the program! He has lost 30 lbs and I’ve lost 20 lbs!”

NJ Diet Ingredients
Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on NJ Diet Results

NJ Diet is certainly a unique program. We like their scientific approach to weight-loss – using extensive testing and scans to create meal plans. Still, their expensive cost, limited locations, and few consultation availabilities, and little website information make us worry.

You want a weight-loss program with personalized meal plans at an affordable price, preferably one backed by clinical studies.

One of the best programs we have seen is one called Noom. This program works to individualize your weight-loss guidance by providing personalized meal plans, human coaches, fitness tracking tools, extensive food logging, and more.

Right now, all Dietspotlight readers can get free trial offer of Noom. It’s only available for a limited time, though, so make sure to take advantage while there is still time.

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NJ Diet Review
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NJ Diet

How much weight can you lose on the NJ Diet?

On the NJ Diet you are supposed to lose up to 40 pounds in 40 days.

What are the four components of the NJ Diet?

The special “four-component approach” of the NJ Diet includes:

  • Medical testing and scans are used to customize supplements.
  • Hormone-healing diet.
  • Visit the doctor every 10 to 14 days for checkups.
  • Weight maintenance.
How do I contact NJ Diet customer service?

Call 1-855-565-3438 to contact NJ Diet customer service.

How much does the NJ Diet cost?

The initial evaluation for the NJ Diet is typically $99. Registering on the official website reduces the evaluation cost to $27.

How do I register for the NJ Diet?

You can choose to call, register on the official website or visit an NJ Diet location to register.

3 NJ Diet Reviews

  • Liquid drops
    Jeffrey Good (Verified Purchase)

    What are the liquid drops you place under your tongue twice a day comprised of? Is it an appetite suppressant? Vitamins? Not sure.

  • Don’t waste your $$
    J. Dell (Verified Purchase)

    after consulting with NJ diet, and remitting a deposit it became clear I would be unable, for medical reasons, to comply with the rigidity of this program. I requested a refund. I further advised NJDiet not to charge anything further to my credit cards. They refused to refund the deposit remitted, and furthermore charged what they claim to be the remaining balance to my credit card. The dispute was probably filed with my credit card company, and remains on going. despite these facts, the company further refuses to refund any other portions of my monies claiming I need to pay in full before they can make a refund. Unfortunately legal counsel has been retained to resolve this matter. NJDiet is dishonest in its business dealings. I would’ve given it zero stars but needed to post at least one store to post a review.

    • Angie

      Thanks for your review. Integrity is very important in business dealings. I was considering giving NJ Diet a try, but knowing what you are going through, makes me think twice. Don’t pay them in full, because if they won’t refund your small deposit, what would make you think that once they’re paid in full, they’d give you a refund? Good luck in your quest for reimbusement! And thank you for giving consumers a heads-up on this company’s unethical practices! I rely on reviews. If it happens to one person, it’ll happen to others!

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