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The Hay Diet is named for Dr. William Hay. After having trouble running to a train, Hay realized his overweight body as causing stress on his heart. The doctor tried to lose weight naturally with exercise and a reduced calorie diet, but nothing worked. Finally, using Pavlovian research, Hay created a diet based on how the body digests food. Acidic foods were separated from alkaline foods, creating easier digestion and weight loss. The original Hay Diet included a daily enema, but that practice has since stopped.

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List of foods in the categories alkaline, acidic and neutral.

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The discussion with Pavlov sparked the creation of the Hay Diet. When dogs ate carbohydrates they digested within four hours. The same occurred when dogs ate carbohydrates. When the two were eaten at the same time, however, digestion took 13 hours to complete. The slowing of the digestive system allow the intestines more time to absorb calories and store fat leading to weight gain.

The weight loss plan and daily enema, lead Hay to 50 pounds of weight loss in less than four months. A surgeon by trade, Hay gave up his practice and promoted his new diet. The Hay Diet was used to treat various illnesses and conditions, including mental health issues.

Over the years, the Hay Diet changed a bit with new food categories and elimination of the daily enema. However, many dieters and experts still claim the health benefits of food combining for improved weight loss and health. Risks associated with the Hay Diet include restricted vitamins and nutrients and lack of specific serving sizes. Eating 10 pounds of broccoli at one meal may still cause weight gain.

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  • Information on the Hay Diet is free.
  • Dr. Hay lost 50 pounds in three months.
  • Eating a healthy menu will lead to weight loss.
  • The diet is fiber rich.
  • May cure constipation.
  • May reduce painful indigestion.


  • Some food groups are only allowed once per day.
  • No serving sizes for food.


The Hay Diet, minus the daily enema, may be a healthy choice for weight loss if done properly. Combining foods may speed up digestion and thus increase weight loss. However, dieters need to ensure they are consuming enough healthy fruits, vegetables and protein to maintain health while following the Hay Diet. Though exercise was not a part of the Hay Diet plan, originally, dieters today need to move more while eating less. Reduced caloric intake can lead to fatigue, so dieters need to ensure they are eating enough calories during meals and snack. This diet is very strict and may be hard to follow leading to hunger and rebound weight gain.

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