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The Optimal You is a virtual diet, workout and fitness solution for people who are tired of reading useless information from people who have no business calling themselves professionals, according to our dissection of the program description. There is a huge focus on the training and education behind the program and a long list of free resources and articles on how to accomplish your goals. The authors of the program do have substantial education, certification and experience. They even live the part of the fit male, but is the program really free and is it worth your time?

List of Ingredients


  • Virtual personal training and nutrition guidance.

Product Features

Much of the information we read on The Optimal You was completely free, but anyone could have written the articles this duo has posted online. We also noticed a store and a cart on the page, so there is something being purchased behind the scenes. We immediately noticed two programs for sale on the side bar of the website – The Optimal Beach Body Program and The Optimal Contest Prep. When we clicked on the program names the price listed was $0, so these two programs are free. In search of something the duo was selling, we clicked on the store and found a third free program – The Optimal Mass Gain Program, but we also noticed a program tailored to the specific needs of individual buyers. That program sells for $199 – the money behind the website.

None of the programs were available for download on the day we visited the site. There was some error in the payment gateway that must be resolved from the website side of the business, not the consumer side. Therefore, we are not even sure these three free downloads exist. We did find some interesting free music you could use to workout, but those tracks were not available for download.

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  • The Optimal You offers three free programs.


  • Personal online training costs $199.
  • None of the programs claim weight loss.
  • The duo appears to focus on muscle growth rather than weight loss.
  • We could not download any of the free programs.


The Optimal You may be an excellent source of information and articles on muscle growth, but without having the free programs in hand it is hard to decide if all that education and experience equates to a better program. We suggest checking the website out if you want to read about proper nutrition and muscle building techniques, but if you are looking to lose weight this may not be the program for you.

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