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Thermbuterol, produced by Southern Pharmeceuticals, is a thermogenic fat burner. According to product marketing, Thermbuterol works with your body’s own natural functions to facilitate weight loss. In addition to speeding up weight loss, it supposedly builds muscle mass. Guggulstrone, apparently a naturally based substance, is the primary ingredient of Thermbuterol. According to the company, it burns fat, repairs muscle damage, and cuts down on bad blood cholesterol.

Consumer reviews for this supplement are mixed. Some reviewers felt the product produced caffeine jitters and no real results. Others claim it produced unique weight loss and leanness. Those interested will want to look into the product personally and decide for themselves.

List of Ingredients

Thermbuterol contains the following: Sida Cordifolia, Synephrine, Guarana, Caffeine, Guggulstrone, L-Carnitine, White Willow Bark. One source suggests the product used to contain Ephedra but is now Ephedra-free. Some of these ingredients have not been adequately researched and may be harmful.

Product Features

One online source lists a 90 capsule bottle of Thermbuterol as $39.95. However, the same source provides it at the reduced price of $23.91.

Some of the main ingredients of the supplement include guarana, caffeine, and guggulstrone. All three ingredients speed up the metabolism. In addition, guggulstrone repairs muscles after exercise and caffeine provides an energy boost. However, many health professionals feel caffeine is a harmful additive in weight loss aids.

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  • Thermbuterol is a thermogenic fat burner, meaning it speeds up metabolism.
  • The product retails for a fairly inexpensive price.
  • Supposedly, all the ingredients work together to create an unique result.
  • Product marketing claims it repairs muscle damage done during exercising.


  • Thermbuterol contains caffeine, apparently a harmful ingredient in weight loss aids.
  • The company makes unrealistic claims about their product.
  • Possible side effects include rapid heartbeat, dizziness, headache, shortness of breath, nervousness, sleeplessness, loss of appetite or nausea.
  • No diet bill can replace the need for proper exercise and a regular, healthful diet.
  • Information on the maker of Thermbuterol, Southern Pharmeceuticals, is difficult to find. In fact, all details come from secondary sources and not an official website.
  • The product has not before and after photos of those who have used it with success.
  • Apparently, it does not come with a money back guarantee.


Many dieters may find Thermbuterol and its fat burning and muscle building attributes appealing. However, the product also comes with unrealistic claims and a long list of side effects. Although all similar products are subject to similar marketing claims and can cause harm, finding the most realistic and least dangerous supplement is imperative to maintaining your health while losing weight. Thermbuterol may provide safe and adequate results, but no one should take it without doing more research first.

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  • 1

    This stuff is for hardcore athletes or something. I can totally see how it can make you lose weight but it wasn’t for me. It made me feel amazing WHILE I was working out but once I continued on with my normal day of being a work from home mother and wife I felt as if I had THE WORST FLU ever if you know what I mean. I had a lot of the side effects the other people did but thank the Lord I kept it together and didn’t have to run to the ER. Back to the old fashion way working out and eating right, oh well!


  • 2

    Its a good product but you have to be smart about how u take it. I dont know where these other people r gettin there product but mine is Thembuterol HD..white bottle w black letters. It clearly states take with meal. Take 1 for the first week to c how your body will handle it and then go w 2. Take 1 w breakfast & 1 with lunch. You have to exercise you cant just take it and expect it to work. Ur a dumbass if thats wat u think. I use it n my cuttin phase. Make sure u drink alot of water and dont flip out when u start shitting alot. Its flushing ur system out to get rid of the fats n ur body and n wat u eat.


  • 3

    This stuff should be illegal! I got a free sample and took it at 7am, on an empty stomach as directed. By 8 I was HIGH, decided I should try to eat something. Made eggs and couldn’t even lift the fork to my mouth I was shaking so bad. Took one bite and ran to the bathroom to vomit and had diarreah. The room was spinning, I couldn’t stand up. Crawled to my bed to lay down, and it progessively got worse over the next hour. My hands and feet went numb, I was seeing black and bright flashes, my hearing was going in and out. I almost called the paramedics. It took everything I had in me to keep my composure and have someone give me a ride to the ER. I couldn’t walk in, had to be wheeled in. They has to flush it out of my system and 2 days later and I’m still a bit sick. The hospital said they see a lot of this, they said the label doesn’t even show the amounts of the infredients, which is a big no-no. I’m 28 years old and active, and this stuff almost killed me. PLEASE PLEASE do not take this. If you insist on trying it anyways, please do not ignore the symptoms, if you start feeling sick just go to the hospital right away. Chances are, if you’re reading this it’s because you already took it, and you feel sick. I was embarrassed to go to the ER but I think if I didn’t, I may have died, honestly.


  • 4

    Please read this review and do not take what I say lightly. I took the recommended dose, felt really good energy the first two hours then the horror began. I was at the grocery store when I began to see bright flashes, as I went to the check out line I could not even talk was so jittery. I walked home drenched in sweat and began to eat and drink loads of food and water. I had the absolute worst shakes, twitches and abnormal breathing. It has been 8 hours and I do not feel good although better still not nornmal. I have packed clothes and remain by the phone in case i feel any worse I am going to the ER. DO NOT PUT YOURSELF THROUGH THIS, BEWARE DANGEROUS!!!


  • 5

    DO NOT TAKE THIS PRODUCT. Took one pill on empty stomach and almost passed out. Had throat swell up as well as erratic heart rate. Took almost full day for products effects to subside. It will kill someone eventually. Health store by be me had so many complaints they now refuse to sell it. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DO NOT BUY THESE. Learn from the mistakes of others!


  • 6

    Its amazing, i tryed jack3d and all types of suppliments and i only take 1 pill in the morning then eat a small breakfast 15 minutes ltr and i hit the gym then work then hit the gym again and still have that boost , im lifting more and more focused and loosing wieght..if your taking the pill u actually have to workout you cant just take it and act normal…dumbass



    hey Brandon… hope u doing great..i have just read all the reviews.. and the last 1 is urs… hope u r ok :-)… just kidding..
    Tell me did it work?? waiting for ur rply



    Hey brandon i agree it works great but everyone’s body is different..i only take 1 a day and i take it at lunch when i eat..yes def drink alot of wife takes 2 daily.. 1 with breafast and 1 at about 2ish..i use it n my cutting phase which ive dropped 15lbs & im at wife has lost bout 8..glad ur doin better bro


  • 7

    On my second day of this product…and I really like it. I ONLY took 1..can not imagine taking more! It will make you jittery and bouncing off the walls..but you will have to make yourself eat. You will get sick if you don’t. I really believe it has helped with my “head hunger” a little too. It does make me a little nausea, but I love the appetite suppression!! I have never been very sensitive to I can tolerate this….BUT PLEASE IF YOU ARE…DO DO DO NOT TAKE THIS!!I can see where this product would put some people in the ER. If the nausea continues..I may have to return it..:( I hope not because I really like it. Just please be careful when taking this…..and NO ONE should take more then 1 a day, I dont care who you are, and how in shape you are. This product can be very dangerous.


    Your Name

    Did it work.. I mean did you burn fat..


  • 8

    I WOULD NOT recommend this product to ANYONE! my boyfriend and 2 of his friends have been working out for a while now and making great progress. they ordered more protein and thermbuterol was a sample sent with it. one friend took 2 pills this morning, his eyes became blood shot and he complained of having a “high” feeling. his skin began to turn red and started to sweat. he felt like he was going to vomit and had the jitters. the other friend had taken 3 and has the same symptoms times 2! this is not a safe product and if you are thinking of using it, talk to your pharmacist and consult your doctor before taking. And be sure to have a friend with you when taking incase something does go wrong.



    Maybe they should have followed the directions? Just sayin… I’ve been on this stuff for a week now, no negative side effects after the initial rush of the first dose the very first day.





  • 9

    THIS PRODCUT IS LIGIT. IT WILL HAVE NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS ON YOU IF YOU ARE NOT USED TO A HIGH CAFFINE INTAKE. I HAVE AT LEAST TWO CUPS OF COFFEE + TEA A DAY SO IT DIDNT BOTHER ME AT ALL. now I dont drink coffee because this has all the kick I need. FOllOW the directions on the bottle. if you are not used to caffine do not take two pills. EVER. ALL IN ALL I ENJOY THIS


  • 10

    i took the SAMPLE i got from the store and tried it on 10/22/11. an hour into it i startd feeling EXTREMLY ABNORMAL. i was shaking , i felt dizzy ,i just did not feel right . HONESTLY I THINK THIS PILL SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED! ITZ DAY 3 (I WANT 2 GIVE IT A CHANCE) & I feel that my body is getting use 2 it. I REALLY DONT RECOMMEND 2 ANY1 2 BE HONEST. IM GANA CHECK BACK IN A WEEK 2 SEE IF IM OK&HOW THINGZ HAVE BEEN SO FAR .


  • 11
    Chalyn B

    Oh my gosh. I can’t help but agree with the main consensus of this comment board. This pill should be really not sold. I got a sample before I invested in a bottle, just to see if a thermogenic was right for me. I took it early in the morning before breakfast…..and I couldn’t even make it to the gym! I pulled over on the side of the road because I thought I was going to black out while driving. I sat there for 15 minutes before I even felt comfortable to drive back home. I took it around 6:30 a.m. and it is now 4:45 p.m. and am FREEZING, shaking, nauseous, hot/cold, lightheaded and severe headache. I ran to the bathroom several times feeling that I had to puke. I threw up 3 times and felt as though my heart was going to pop out of my chest. Today has been the worst day I’ve ever had….I didn’t even feel this bad when I had the flu and strep throat 2 weeks ago!! The black pill should be called the death pill! I’m so glad I only took 1 pill…..I couldn’t imagine the feeling I have now X2!!!! OMG! Seriously, I have felt hungover or high, which ever! I have drank lots of ice cold water, have eaten more protein, but nothing has helped the way I feel. I can agree with the others who have commented that i was close to taking myself to the hospital….these are not worth jeopardizing my health over! TAKE THESE OFF THE SHELF AND DO NOT TAKE THEM!!!


  • 12
    jorge d

    Got some free samples last week .. started off with one to test the waters and it worked great sped up my metabo. Got some energy.and when I went to do cardio sweated like a champ .. I’m shocked bus some of these stories the product wasn’t that strong I’ve taken way stronger products in the past but I’m sure everyone is different always try the product starting off with one pill and drink lots of water


  • 13

    I started taking Thermbuterol on Tuesday 9/20/11 on an empty stomach like it said before breakfast, ate about 15 minutes later and 30 minutes after that my stomach started feeling irritated. 10 minutes after that, it made me throw up a couple of times. My body temperature was crazy…one minute I’m burning up sweating like I just ran 5 miles then I would be freezing. This went on all day. I took the pills at 0700. I was still getting hot/cold until 2000. I wasn’t able to go to bed until after midnight because I was up like I needed to move around. It made my skin cold and clammy, my face got red and my eyes were blood shot red and glassy looking like I was on drugs or had a major hang over (I was at work looking like this too). Today is day two: I took this pill today after eating breakfast to see if food in my stomach would help me not feel sick. I took it maybe 45 minutes after breakfast and I’m not feeling sick. But my eyes are blood shot red again, I’m cold and hot, but my fingers are ice cold like I’ve been holding ice in my hands. I’m going to take this back to GNC to get my money back. I believe if I would have been able to tolerate the effects better that it would help, but me walking around like I’m intoxicated or high is not something I want to look like. DO NOT TAKE THIS IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE TO DIET PILLS! I’ve been taking supplements for years now so I thought I could handle it but I guess this stuff is WAAAAAY too strong.


  • 14

    The first day I took this made me jittery, and nauseous. I didn’t have an appetite so i didnt eat all day. As long as you eat and drink a ton of water you will be ok. The second day i took it I felt a lot better. You get chills and tons of energy. Make sure to take it early cuz one pill will last all day. If you take it too late in the day you wont be able to sleep. I was warned about these symptoms when I purchased it at GNC. I am also taking a body toner called Censor. No side effects . I don’t recommend this product to anyone who is caffeine sensitive.


  • 15

    I’ve taken every energy pill known to mankind!! I’m 38 years old and have been working out, consistently, most of my adult life. In fact, back in the 90’s I used to take the ephedra straight up!! Now days, I thought oxyelite was the strongest stuff out there. So about 3 hours ago, I took 2 pills of Thermbuterol. This stuff has definitely got my attention!!! If you’re not used to taking a Thermogenic DO NOT TAKE THIS STUFF!! Start off with something like Hydroxycut or Xenadrine. Then perhaps you can move on to Oxyelite. Use Thermbuterol only after your body has already built a tolerance to all those other products.



    EXACTLY! Im on my 3rd day of this product. 1st day 1 pill. 2nd day 2 pills every 6. NOW 3rd day, 1 when I wake up, at lunch, then before I go to sleep. IT IS AMAZING! I have never felt a product like this before. Well, I should take that back. I have taken other products SIMILAR to this, but WE CANT OBVIOUSLY say the proper names of them on the internet cause of new laws from the FDA an other bullshit. LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!!


  • 16

    This stuff is awful. I’m a healthy woman and have taken the old version of this stuff, but I took one pill this morning and almost blacked out in the driveway before heading to the gym. I began vomiting and had violent shakes. I was sweating profusely and had the chills. I could hardly even move from my bathroom to the bed. I still feel awful, but less weakness and nausea. Wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone. Thank goodness I didn’t end up in the ER.


  • 17

    I’m 37 yrs old, 6′ 2″ and 220lbs. I’ve taken any and every kind of diet supplement over the past 15 yrs and I stay in the gym weekly. I took one of these black pills yesterday morning and for the next 3 hrs I thought I was going to have a stroke. It took about 10 hrs for all side effects listed on your bottle to wear off. I can’t believe this crap is on the shelf for the consumer. You guys better have some good lawyers when your product causes someone’s heart to stop.


  • 18

    I’m a faitful Thermbuterol user to date. I recommend that if you try this product that you take it 30 minutes prior to workingout and after you eat a light breakfast. I take it after I eat a bowl of oatmeal. Great Stuff, I recommend for the serious and active person. Not to just take and sit around and do nothing or you will end up in the ER… If you want to lose weight it’s not going to happen with “JUST” a pill. You need to workout or do some type of cardio excercise and eat a healthy diet.


  • 19

    Tried it for the first time today and i feel great. took it about 9:00 am them had breakfast and worked out for 3 hours and i feel amazing and no side effects. The GNC guy suggested i start with 1 pill early in the morning and see how i feel and make sure to take it 30 minutes before breakfast. I drank a lot of water. my goal is to lose 100 pounds i will you guys how its going. Goodluck to everyone


  • 20

    I tried the first time and got jittery but that went away and I had plenty of energy. I found out not to take at 2:30 pm and expect to sleep that night. Woke up with about 3.5 hrs of sleep and I felt like a million dollars. I recommend this product for those who want to see good results. It also goes very nice about 6 hrs into it and have a crown and coke.


  • 21

    I tryed Thermbuterol for the first time this morning, since then i went to work, and within 1hr the paramedics had to be called. I was on the floor shaking, freezing, vomiting, no control of myself. weak, it has been 7 hrs now and i feel maybe 75% better, enough to sit up and trype this. I have taken many many types of diet pills, energy drinks to pill, but i never had anything like this , kick my ass this bad, just hoping to feel normanl by tomorrow. please stay away from it, it isn’t worth it.



    yes it is very strong stuff wouldnt recommend it just to anyone.had the shakes and cold sweats. runny noise.hands shaking. heart racing. took it around 1:40 ans now its 7:27 still feel hot and some light shakeiness


  • 22
    javier pacheco

    the best i ever taken stronger than ephedra and clen i know soon it will be taken off the market very powerfull good stuff you got to be in top shape to use it,lots of cardio,big boy leauge


  • 23

    My firt time, I took two capsules.It made me nauseas, chills and a headache. My daughter took one, which gave her the shakes, an upset stomach and was unable to work. I had to drive her home. This second time, i took only one pill. Within in 1 hour, I had the shakes, freezing cold and a headache. After an hour, I ate breakfast, that helped. Two friends tried it and will not take it again. I am used to a high level of stimulants, but I am not getting energy from this, just a sick feeling and the chitters. I will try it once more. I let you know.


  • 24
    tony munoz

    I’m not sure what u guys are talking about I think this product thermbuterol hardcore works amazing. I’m a light weight amateur bodybuilder and I love the results I’m seeing. Yes the first pill give u a wired sensation so me and my training partners recommend half a pill once a day for seven days then do to a full pill. I have increased appetite but and not gaining weight. My bmi has gone down to six percent and I don’t feel like I have an energy hi. I’m up to two pills a day and I recommend stacking this with other supplements such as glutamine. It does make you pee a lot so drink excessive amounts of water. Great product right here.


  • 25
    joe b.

    The stuff(thermbuterol hardcore) is strong. Take w/ extreme caution. 1st timers, don’t even think about it. One capsule last all day. I take one at 6am, and it last all day. I always eat(slice of bread w/ peanutbutter) before I take the it. If tooken on a empty stomach, prepare for a feeling I can not describe. It is truely a thermogenic pill. Only been taking it a few days now. Will return in a couple of weeks w/ results.


  • 26
    Jody Erichsen

    What Web sight do i go to to order Thermbuterol Hardcore


  • 27



  • 28

    Use with EXTREME caution! I took one pill and suffered a multitude of symptoms such as seeing black spots, slight dizziness, consistent tingling in hands and fingers. & smelling rancid odors. The last syptoms was getting the chills but that may have to due with the fact it is a thermogenic which raises your temp so just about everything will feel cooler than normal anyway.

    Never take 2 capsules the first use or you may not be here to heed my warning


  • 29

    “Proceed with Caution” I purchased a bottle of the Thermbuterol Hardcore. I took (1) capsule on and empty stomach as directed at 6pm. For the first 2 hours I felt nothing. Then the first symptom I had was the smell of something dead? Like a mouse in the room. So much so that I went looking for it. Then my nose begin to run nonstop. My saliva also started to over react a I needed a waist can to spit in to help me keep up. Then came the 1 to 2 hour shakes and sweats. The whole time my face, hands and feet turned a pale gray and I was freezing. The shakes and sweat stopped but I remained freezing. I could not keep my balance and my legs did not want to work. When I tried to read the warnings on the bottle again, My eyes could not focus to read and I had huge back floaters in my vision. My heart rate slowed to 52 beats per minute but was hitting extremely hard. My blood pressure was very high. I lay on the bed and attempted to wait it out. It is now 12am. 6 hrs have passed since first taking the pill. The bottoms of my feet begin to cramp badly and then they go numb. I cant stand on my own because my legs are shaking violently and are week. My hands and arms go numb next. I was helped to the bathroom where i tried to urinate but could not for awhile. When I finally did it was a thick honey/jello consistent substance. It is 1:15am and I decide it is time for the Emergency Room. I spent the night in the ER getting meds to counter my symptoms and heart palpitations. I believe I had some kind of allergic reaction to the Thermabuterol. And this is meant to serve only as a “proceed with caution” “TAKE ONE CAPSULE FIRST” To see how your own body will react. If I would have taken two of them to start. I may not be here typing this review of my experience. Just be cautious



    I as well had alll those symptoms and when my throat started swelling closed I knew it was time for the er. I got advice from the people at the store and after reading this I have no idea why they would recommend this for me. Got a steroid shot and some benydrill* my throat swelling went away and now I’m just traumatized.


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