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Thermo X Fat Burner is a weight loss supplement from MN Development. There is a dedicated website for the fat burner, but the website offers very little information on the formula. One thing we noticed immediately was the lack of ingredients in the product description. We have no idea, from the official website, what is in the formula and neither does the dieter. However, the company is quick to ask the dieter to purchase the supplement using Paypal for $35. There is no reason why a dieter should purchase a fat burner without first understanding what ingredients are used in the formula.

List of Ingredients


  • No ingredients are listed online.

Product Features

We attempted to contact the MN Development company regarding the ingredients in Thermo X Fat Burner. The company never contacted us back, so we assume the ingredient list is something the company wants to keep for itself. From the product description we cannot assume any ingredients. There is no reference to stimulation or appetite suppression, which makes it hard to review the supplement. The only reference to the ingredients in the formula is a statement about the supplement being ephedra-free and vegetarian. That tells us very little. We visited the MN Development Facebook page to attempt to learn more about the product. We found a link to a nutrition website that supposedly sells MN Development products, but there is no listing on the website for MN Development. It looks like the company did not start until June 2011, which could account for the lack of testimonials and reviews for products, but it does not account for the lack of customer service response or lack of an ingredient list on the official website.

Most fat burners will contain a source of stimulation and an appetite suppressant. The source of stimulation may include caffeine, guarana, synephrine, yerba mate or kola nut. Each of these ingredients boosts heart rate, but only caffeine is proven to boost metabolism. There is also the chance that green tea is in the formula, but that is only a guess. As for an appetite suppressant. The company may choose hoodia or chromium, two of the most common.

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  • There is an official website for MN Development.
  • The company offers some information and two testimonials on the official website.
  • MN Development is available on Facebook.


  • Customer service did not respond to our request for an ingredient list.
  • There is no ingredient list or reference to any ingredients on the official website.
  • There is no ingredient list on the Facebook page.


We’d love to give Thermo X Fat Burner a fair shake, but the company is clearly lacking in the information department. Before a new company can run with the big dogs, they need to learn the rules of the trade. Weight loss supplement companies need to provide an ingredient list. There are dangerous drug interactions with some herbal supplement ingredients and dieters cannot find out if the supplement contains any potentially dangerous ingredients if the company is not willing to share an ingredient list.

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    An individual who really wants to retain his system forever period and is enthusiastic about reducing weight eat healthy food and must also follow a fitness regime. Recall there is no rapid way. You need to keep focused and motivated. Calorie-rich food and you have to keep from harmful.


  • 2
    corey griffin

    I have tried this product from the states for the past 5 weeks its very clear to me it doesn’t do anything they claim in the add. What a complete wast of money.


  • 3

    hi jordan, i did what you did . i was charged $135 for 5 of testostrong , and i got communication out of them they refunded the $135 for thermo x just waiting on the $135 for testostrong (which i recieved)


  • 4
    jordan Schmitt

    biggest scam supplement ive ever tried. let alone did it not work I was charged 160.00 for a damn trial course. I had a extra bottle of thermo factor x included for free which in fact was not free come to find out. Each bottle was 80.00 and they don’t issue refunds? I could have reached through the damn phone and smacked the manager for being so stupid. I didn’t even get additional bottles sent after I was charged, so basically your paying 160.00 for a trial since the dosing in the bottles isn’t even enough for a full month! complete garbage product along with customer service!