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Tony Little is known in the fitness world as America’s personal trainer. For more than 20 years, Tony has provided his services and offered high quality products to millions around the world. He lives by the motto, “You Can Do It”!

His products are available in more than 81 countries, especially his signature product, the Tony Little Glider. This innovative machine works all major muscle groups while virtually zero-impact. This is important because not all machines are created equal. Almost any dieter can expect a complete cardiovascular workout with the Tony Little Glider.

List of Ingredients

Zero-impact elliptical trainer.

Product Features

The Tony Little Glider is a zero-impact elliptical machine designed to work all major muscle groups while providing a cardiovascular workout. Attached features include a computer that provides feedback regarding calories burned, time, distance and speed. The product is available on the official website.

The maximum weight capacity of the Tony Little Glider is 250 lbs. This is an industry norm, but does not address the dieter outside of this weight range. A product featuring zero-impact cardiovascular exercises should allow users of increased weight the opportunity to use the machine.

The Tony Little Glider is compact and space saving. Fully extended, the machine takes up approximately 4 feet. Folded, the Tony Little Glider is a mere 18 inches tall. This allows for easy storage under a bed or in a closet.

We found the Tony Little Glider to be true value to the cost conscience dieter. The Tony Little Glider costs approximately $100 with free shipping available on the official website. The majority of elliptical trainers cost into the thousands.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Compact.
  • Lightweight.
  • Zero-impact.


  • Maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs.
  • Claims not supported by scientific research.


The Tony Little Glider impresses us. We applaud the zero-impact nature of the machine. This enables individuals with joint problems the ability to potentially exercise without pain. The attached computer allows users to keep track and follow goals they have set for themselves. There was a toss-up with the maximum weight capacity. Although the maximum weight capacity of the Tony Little Glider is 250 lbs., we found this does not represent all dieters wanting to lose weight. Similar models place the maximum weight capacity closer to 350 lbs.

The compact, space-saving design is a winner. After exercising, dieters have the ability to fold the unit and store underneath a bed or in a closet.

What we did find negative regarding the Tony Little Glider is the unsupported claims of weight loss. On the official website, there were testimonials, but no indication of scientific proof of weight loss associated with using the Tony Little Glider.

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