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There are some fitness machines sold by Tony Little that work well and help dieters achieve their weight loss goals, and then there are the ones that miss the mark. The Tony Little Stepper missed the mark. The stepper does not come attached to a frame, so the user must stand up with both feet on the Tony Little Stepper with nothing to hold onto. This could cause balance issues and a user could fall and injure them rather easily. Most of the websites we found selling the Tony Little Stepper offered it with a DVD. The product description for the unit is unique because it states that the stepper offers multiple workouts, including arm swings and core twists. Stepping is hard enough without swinging the arms and twisting the core.

List of Ingredients

Portable stepper machine by Tony Little.

Product Features

The Tony Little Stepper stands just 10 inches off the ground. There are two foot “pedals” attached to a curved frame. The user must stand on one side and then hop on the other side to mount the unit. This could cause serious injury if the unit slides or slips under foot.

The maximum user weight for the Tony Little Stepper is 250 pounds. This is much more than we expected because the construction looks like plastic on a metal frame. The unit is available from Walmart and other mage retailers for less than $50, another indication that it is not as sturdy as Tony Little would like the dieter to believe.

There is no mention of a diet plan or workout plan included with the machine, other than the DVD. If the user does not have a DVD player, we assume they just jump on and start stepping. Before purchasing this machine, it is important to check with your doctor, especially if you have joint problems or balance issues. It may be easier to mount the Tony Little Stepper by placing it next to a countertop or chair.

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  • Works lower body.
  • May increase heart rate.
  • May burn calories.
  • The unit is inexpensive.
  • Comes with a workout DVD.


  • Looks like the construction is not sturdy.
  • May be difficult to use.
  • No diet plan included.


The Tony Little Stepper needs a frame. The user must balance to step up on the unit and that could cause a slip and fall injury. People with joint problems should probably skip this product, because it could cause undue stress on joints.

Without a diet and exercise program (without the DVD), the dieter must follow a reduced calorie diet to lose weight. This machine may increase heart rate, but it works more like a weight training machine, so cardio exercise should be performed in addition to the Tony Little Stepper.

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