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What You Should Know

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When you’re trying to burn body fat it requires the fat stores to move to the mitrochondra which is what produces energy for the cells so they can burn effectively as fuel. To mobilize properly, there has to be a certain hormonal balance. As an example; low insulin, higher glucagon and keeping cortisol (a stress hormone) level low so that it’s not destructive to your muscles. Muscle in fact is the largest fat burning tissue in the entire human body so you must avoid activities that may damage muscle fibers because that will put a damper on burning excess fat. However you may alter this process by eating well, exercising daily and taking supplements.

List of Ingredients

TrueThermo is made up of many different ingredients that play different roles to help maintain this process. Guarana, which is identical to caffeine, is the main ingredient. Yerba mate is a milder herb that has natural caffeine. Caffeine tends to suppress appetite and assists in weight loss. Some research has shown that using a caffeine product before your daily workout can increase the amount of fat being broken down. L-tyrosine is an essential part of the equation because it helps your brain produce certain hormones that maintain the way your body burns fat and also affects your energy levels, cravings and general mood. It also has an effect on your fat metabolism and thyroid hormone production. The thyroid hormone is so powerful it actually controls the metabolic rate for every single cell in the human body. If this level is too low, it can cause many symptoms. Some symptoms may include; anxiety, increased cholesterol, depression and can make it very difficult to lose weight. Catechins which is one of the main antioxidants found in gree tea is also helpful in burning fat more effectively and can also lower your risk of certain cancers as well as high cholesterol. Green Tea extract can also lower your risk of obtaining diabetes because it acts like an inhibitor to the starches that minimize the absorption of fat, lowering your body’s blood sugar. Other ingredients include coleus forskohli and hydroxycitric acid.

Product Features

The product TrueThermo is comprised of a unique blend of ingredients that is designed to have an energizing effect. TrueThermo can also assist in keeping a healthy metabolism which will lead to higher levels of energy and eventually weight loss.

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  • Increases mental alertness
  • Helps burn fat


  • There is no free trial
  • There is no money back guarantee
  • There aren’t any testimonials from customers who have used this product


Although this product seems like a great way to drop a few pounds, make sure you talk with your doctor before changing your weight loss plan.

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