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What You Should Know

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EVALAR is the company that manufactures TurboSlim. The dietary supplement is a twice a day system that is marketed as a product that will help control weight and reduce weight by burning fat before it is stored on our body. The system has a TurboSlim Day and a TurboSlim Night component. The product is supposed to work by turning stored fat into energy. This is supposed to help burn the fat thereby reducing weight. The night time formula is supposed to help the dieter relax and fall to sleep. The roll appropriate sleep plays in weight loss or weight gain has been studied extensively but no results have been conclusive.

List Of Ingredients

TurboSlim Day formula has the following ingredients: Bioflavonoids of Citrus Plant, Guarana Extract, Red Seaweed Extract, Papain, Bromeline, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3 and Zinc. The TurboSlim Night formula has these following ingredients: Guarana Extract, Senna, Chitosan, Linoelic Acid, Melissa Extract, Vitamin E, B1, B2, Zinc and Chromium Picolinate.

Product Features

The diet system is packaged to be a convenient way to use two different formulas that are supposed to work in sync together. According to the manufacturer, this system can be used for up to four weeks. After the four week course the plan should be stopped. If the dieter has not reached their goal a wait period of six weeks is suggested at that time the dieter can resume use of TurboSlim for another four week period. The recommended dosing is for two day formula capsules and then one night formula capsule at the last meal of the day. Supposedly, the night formula increases metabolism and helps to burn weight while you sleep. The day formula is supposed to help with digestion and detoxify the body. These statements have not been supported by scientific information.

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  • TurboSlim capsules are easy to find available.
  • The company makes the ingredient list available online before purchasing.


  • TurboSlim does not offer a money back guarantee.
  • The company’s claims are not supported by clinical trials or other scientific research studies.


TurboSlim manufacturer’s offer a complete list of ingredients for their diet supplement formula’s. However, these ingredients are widely available in other diet supplements as well. The company does not offer a money back guarantee which other company’s often offer. The product has not undergone the scrutiny of third party independent research and has not been able to supply scientific data to support their claims.

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